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Update Canada 08-08-22

By August 8, 2022Breaking News

Update Canada 08-08-22

Every day, I get new information about the craziness that’s going on in Canada. Today, I want to share with you a little bit of that and the work that we’re doing across the country to protect the rights of chiropractors and allied health professionals. I have lots of information for you today. Good morning, our Canadian chiropractors and allied health professionals. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive Director of The Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, August 8th, 2022, for your weekly update. 

As you know, we’ve been on this new campaign of going out into defending the rights of providers with the colleges, because they’re just out of control with the types of penalties and fines and the abuse that they’re putting on a lot of our providers around Canada. After all, they’ve gone largely unchecked. Well, I tell you what, man, we are now in the middle of about three or four different cases that we’re working on, and it’s blowing my mind how egregious these colleges are being with their rules with them, you know, picking and choosing to have their own agendas of things that they want to see happen.

And so they’re trying to find individual cases to be able to use as examples to set up their agenda. And it’s unacceptable. They have a protocol that they have to follow. That’s laid out within the legal structure of the college, and they’re not doing that. We’re going on a very proactive movement here. And it’s just amazing to me. First of all, thank you so much to all of you that are reaching out to us, knowing the work that we’re doing and that you have the trust in us that you do. And I’m glad that we can give you some peace of mind. A number of you, you know, are concerned financially.

Like, you can’t fight these things because you can’t afford them, or you’re concerned that they’re going to take your license. You’re just going to agree to their settlement agreement, even though it’s ridiculous because you don’t know what else to do. That’s exactly why we exist. We exist so that you don’t have to be that way. Our attorneys will look at your case. 

If they feel like it’s just, that you’re in the wrong, then we’re going to tell you how to best settle it.

But if we don’t feel that you’ve created any offense, we’re going to defend that. And that’s part of being under our wing. And we want you to understand the power that comes when we are going in against these colleges. And they know that they’re not fighting against just an individual doctor. 

There’s a very large organization that has the means, the knowledge, and the expertise to go up against them. So now is the time that we need to continue to grow our contributor base. We need to continue to grow our experience together so that we can go out and defend the rights of our people and make sure that you have the freedom to communicate as you choose.

We’re not only looking at those cases, we’re looking at some of the rules that don’t make any sense: marketing rules or prepayment rules. We know that there are a couple of colleges that have that in their crosshairs to get rid of the ability for patients to pay for blocks of care. So these are things that we want to make sure that we’re, we’re protecting your right to practice the way you choose. And, and you know, we’re not going to stop doing that. So it’s been amazing.

It’s been a very busy week. Our attorneys are reviewing a number of different cases, but please continue to reach out to us, and send this video to your colleagues. As I told you, we need to get more representation throughout Canada so that we know when we’re going against these boards, that we’re representing more than just the individuals. They understand the power. Yes, there’s an economic side to that, and that is necessary, but I’m more concerned about the representation side so that they know that we’re not just a fledgling organization, that we have thousands and thousands and thousands of people that we’re representing. And it just puts them on notice a little bit more. 

I want you to be a part of this, communicate with us, let us know what’s going on, let us know what you’re seeing and hearing, and together, we’re going to ensure that we’re protecting your rights now specifically to British Columbia. We still have a couple of things that we’re working on there. We’re still working on the X-ray issue. I should have a date for when that judicial review is going to be happening. I’ll make sure that I reach out to our attorneys this week and get that exact date for you. So you know what to expect there, but I feel like we’re in a very good position to defend why we should be able to do our X-rays as we always have.

We’re also working on the college in British Columbia, on their method of doing investigations and making sure they’re following protocols. We’re working with that as well. So good stuff is happening around Canada. I feel great, as I love learning more about what’s going on in your country and the things that you guys are dealing with, but more importantly, I love bringing you together where you don’t feel that you’re alone. I’ve had some phenomenal calls with providers and just can sense their relief, knowing that there’s somebody behind them and they’re not alone.

And that’s how I want every single one of you to feel. So please spread the word, and let people know who we are and what we’re doing. I’m going to continue to come to you with the work that we’re doing, making sure that you understand the power of what your money, what your time and your energy are going towards as it relates to our organization because we’re never going to stop fighting to make sure that your rights are protected and you can practice the way you want to practice.

So we love you. We appreciate you having an incredible week this week. We’ll be back to you next week. God bless you. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please forgive any errors.)