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Update Canada 07-25-22

By July 24, 2022Breaking News

Update Canada 07-25-22

There has been a lot of communication happening throughout Canada this week. We are very excited about what’s about to happen throughout your country. I’ll share with you what that means today and what we’re looking at. But very excited. And we’ll also update you on some of the other activities that are happening throughout the country. So good morning, Canadian chiropractors and allied health professionals. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive Director of The Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, July 25th, 2022 for your weekly update.

So first of all, man, I am so thankful that you guys are engaging with us to the level that you are. We’ve had a number of people come to us about some of the, what I’m calling, just atrocious behavior of the colleges throughout Canada and the abuse. I’m talking to different groups throughout the country and their experiences of what they’ve been dealing with with the government and the colleges and the abusive behavior. We’re getting a lot of great information, and a lot of real ammunition, if you will. I’ve met with my legal team. We are starting to prime up all over the country to be able to start formulating strategies to deal with the colleges and reach out to them and try to fix some of these things, everything from marketing laws to some of the ways that they’re doing investigations to the types of penalties that they’re issuing and even some other rules and regulations within the colleges and the different provinces.

We’re looking at all of it. Our goal is to be able to ensure that you guys have the right to tell the story of chiropractic. You know, we are very scientific. We make sure that we support our position so that if we do get into a legal battle, we can win. But at the same time what’s been happening in Canada just needs to stop. We are going to work with the CNAC and we’re working with other organizations to make sure that we’re getting things accomplished. We can’t do that without you. We can’t do that without the information you have. Those of you that have had complaints against you, that pivotal information we have is so important. And so we look forward to continuing to move forward on that front.

Now, I will again urge you, and I know it seems like I’m a broken record, but the strategy here only works when we have a bunch of people doing a little. Our goal is that if you ever have any issue with your chiropractic college, and it isn’t because you did something dumb, we would be there to defend you. And you don’t have the fear of going bankrupt. You don’t have the fear of them or losing your license because you’re standing up against the college. We have a lot of success rates for those willing to stand up and not take this barbaric behavior that’s been happening.

And so our goal is to reduce that financial strain on you and reduce that unnecessary pressure because we have the legal team, we have the best of the best, and we’re going to stand up for our rights. Again, I want you to understand we are not pushing the colleges from a standpoint of telling them that we’re just going to go and take them over. There needs to be rules. There are things in effect to protect the public, which is their job. However, there’s been so much overreach, and they’ve just been looking for a reason to exist in certain areas or raise money, for whatever they’re raising money for, off of fines that they’re issuing to providers, and that’s going to stop. We are not going to allow that to happen anymore, but that only happens when you guys are connected, right?

We’re only asking for 33 US dollars a month and that gets you under our realm of protection. And that’s kind of your layer to be able to stand strong in your clinic, seek our advice. If you’re going to do marketing or you’re going to do things to make sure that we’re not doing anything, that’s going to put you in harm’s way but it gives you the fortitude to stand up and speak the truth of chiropractic, which is more important now than ever before in history. That’s what we’re trying to do throughout Canada, but we need you to spread the word to your colleagues and let them know we’re a viable organization.

If we haven’t proven ourselves to you yet, I don’t know what I need to do to prove to you that we’re a real organization with the work that we’ve been doing in British Columbia and other parts of the country. So now’s the time to spread these videos to your colleagues, to share with them that there’s an organization that is working with the national organization there. We’re not trying to take anyone’s place. We’re doing something no one else has the capability of doing or desire to do, to make sure that our profession is protected and we can move forward and become the number one healthcare choice in the world. That is our mission.

In BC, we’re still working very closely with our, the number of different cases, the issues that we have with the college there X-ray as well as their process of doing investigations. Those cases are moving forward. And we’re, we’re pretty optimistic of our position there. We want to do this in other provinces where there are issues. Please keep reaching out to me, share this with your colleagues, and send more people to our site

Let them know that we’re an organization worth being a part of, for those of you that are allied health. I know we have a good portion of allied health that are with us in British Columbia. We’re still doing that work there, but you know, we’re, we’re willing to help you as well. If you have similar issues with your colleges, we have no problem doing the same work. It’s not much different for our legal teams and we would love to support you guys as well. That’s where we’re at this week.

Lots of good stuff. I love the communication we’re getting. I hope that continues. And we’ll be sharing with you as we develop this because it’s going to start happening pretty quickly. Once we get done, really doing the data dump that we’re getting right now. We love you. We appreciate you staying strong and proud of who you are in your profession and know that you’ve got a support system behind you. We love you. May God bless your week. We’ll talk to you next week. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please forgive any errors.)