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Update New Zealand 07-25-22

By July 24, 2022Breaking News

Update New Zealand 07-25-22

A calm week this past week in New Zealand, but we are, however, monitoring how the government is going to respond to a lot of the open letters and the information that’s flowing in as to why they’re continuing their draconian ways. We’ll talk a little bit about that today and hope you find some helpful information in that. Good morning, New Zealand chiropractors and allied health professionals. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive Director of The Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, July 25th, 2022 for your Monday update. Again, no new complaints. We haven’t heard anything. In the cases that we are following, everything seems to be moving forward proactively. I’m not getting any complaints from our legal team. But there have been a number of open letters and information that’s being sent to New Zealand. 

With the legislature and government trying to figure out why they’re still holding onto these mandates. There are even talks about increasing things like putting mass back on your PPE-type stuff.  It’s just been an interesting time because I can’t imagine them doing that in the face of all of this rhetoric, but obviously, they’ve been doing things that we can’t believe for the entire two years that we’ve been dealing with this. But right now, as we sit today, there’s nothing new to share with you other than we are continuing to monitor and make sure that they know that there are forces that are in existence that are not just going to take what they did two years ago. 

Again, our message for you is to continue to move forward and gain strength with every week that we’re moving forward and we’re continuing to love and serve and do the work that we’re called to do rather than living in fear and letting them dictate how we should or shouldn’t live. There’s not a lot of information for you this week, but I do want to reassure you. 

Next week I’m going to be meeting with our team again, as we’ve seen, what’s coming out with the government, and the moves they’re going to make leading into the end of the year. But right now it’s still just business as usual. And we want you to continue to do so. No new complaints, no harassment, nothing on that level. No one’s paid any fines. Nor anything of that nature. So in this moment of calmness at least relatively calm compared to the last two years, I do want you to double down on the concept of understanding the importance of telling your story.

I don’t care if you’re a chiropractor or an allied health professional, or whoever’s watching this, it’s the internet so I have no idea who’s going to see this at some point. Whoever you are watching this right now, I want you to remember the importance of telling your story. You’re the only you that exists and whatever specialty you’re in, especially our chiropractors, the message of chiropractic is so vital and so important to humanity that we can allow fear to limit us in doing that. The whole goal of The Defense Council is to give you confidence, to stand up and speak the truth, not to be crazy and say and do things that are outside of the realm of acceptability, but we want you to stand with confidence and belief and speak your truth. And that’s exactly why we’re here to support you in that effort.

So this week, as we’re still sitting in this flux period of wondering when the hammer is going to drop, is the hammer going to drop? I don’t want you feeling that way. I want you to know that we’re here, you’re connected with an organization that’s not going anywhere. We’re there forever. And we will be there to support you in your work and your effort to educate our community about where health truly comes from. 

So we love you. We support you. I’m sorry that I don’t always have a lot of tangible information to give you, but honestly, right now in today’s world, no news is good news, as far as I’m concerned, to allow you to move forward and continue to love and serve your community as God’s called you to do. And we’re here. We’re going to keep doing our work. I might have more information for you next week after I meet with our team and see if there’s anything new that they’re hearing or developing. But as of right now, we want you to just continue to do your thing because you’re pretty amazing at it. So we love you. Have an incredible week. God bless you. We’ll talk to you next week. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please forgive any errors.)