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Update South Africa 08-01-22

By August 4, 2022Breaking News

Update South Africa 08-01-22

Good morning, our South African chiropractors. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive Director of The Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, August 1st, 2022 for your weekly update. 

Not a ton going on. However, we are watching activities within The World Health Organization. I don’t know if you’re tracking that or not. I know I’ve talked about this a couple of weeks back, but we’re starting to see some talk again of them creating this task force that has the authority to go into countries where they deem that there is a pandemic or a severe health epidemic and be able to step in and do some intervention.

I think maybe at first glance, that sounds like a good idea for those countries that maybe don’t have the infrastructure, but it’s very concerning to us because of the globalist mentality of The World Health Organization. In that, it has the ability to come in and violate the sovereignty of a nation because of its so-called powers. We are doing a lot of work. We have our legal teams that are looking and tracking that very closely to find out exactly where that reaches, how that happens, and what the repercussions would be if it was to come into play. 

We’re watching that very closely. We are seeing again in Australia and New Zealand, still a lot of mandates that are happening there. Canada has opened up pretty well. The United States is doing pretty well. So we’re still monitoring those things.

As far as our work in South Africa, with the colleges, making sure that our students and our chiropractors that work in the colleges have the right to continue to practice. We are making some progress. I got a report this week from our legal team stating the work that’s being done and the communication that’s being had with the universities. We’re still going to continue to pound that until that issue is no more. 

Other than that, the profession of chiropractic is on a growth spurt. We’re seeing new, exciting opportunities around the world to introduce chiropractic in the United States. We’re having some progress, getting chiropractic more integrated into our military opening and knocking on those doors. We’ve been doing that now for a couple of years, and we’re very optimistic about what’s happening there. I also want to remind you about the importance of us coming together as a profession, which historically has never happened.

But we have an opportunity right now to do something that could position us in a phenomenal position moving forward. And that the mission of The Defense Council is to have the support of the profession to have everyone jumping on board, doing their part both financially, as well as staying educated on the issues at hand so that we never get caught off guard ever again.

And I know I, I hit this a lot, but it’s just so important that we understand the bigness of what it is we’re trying to do and where you fit into that particular program.

 We would love for you to continue to watch these videos and continue to share them with your colleagues, letting them know that there’s an organization protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors around the world. So we love you. We appreciate you. We hope you have a phenomenal week this week. We’ll be back at you next week, letting you know what’s going on in the world. And if you need anything, don’t ever hesitate to reach out. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please forgive any errors.)