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Update Australia 11-14-22

Good morning, our Australian chiropractors and allied health professionals. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, November 14th, for your weekly update. Um, well, as you can tell from my background, I’m still, uh, been traveling around the United.

Dates, uh, really pleading our, our message to really open up the eyes of the profession about what’s happening around the rest of the world. Uh, this particular weekend, I, I’ve met with the leadership. All of our major organizations in the United States come together, um, at, uh, what we call the Chiropractic Summit.

And we are a member of. That organization. And so I had the opportunity to share with all of these organizations really what we’ve been doing, what the reality is around the rest of the world. The reason that’s important to you in Australia is it brings an awareness, um, to understand the work that we’re trying to accomplish, the work that the profession needs to pay attention to.

Obviously, we’re very excited about the connection that we have with you guys there in Australia. We’re hoping that continues to grow and we have even stronger foothold over there, but we also need the rest of the world to understand really what’s going on. That’s really before us as the whole profession.

Obviously. Last week I shared a unified message to every country at the same time. Um, you know, we will be doing that. I got a lot of positive feedback of people wanting to know what’s going on around the rest of the world. So I’ll be doing that, uh, quite a bit more frequently, um, than I have, but, Specifically to you in Australia.

Um, you know, we are continuing to look at a number of different things. Obviously opera. We have a call coming up soon with a, a more of a liability insurer. If you recall, that was an issue with a number of your, um, liability. Coverages stating that if you’re not vaccinated, that they wouldn’t defend you.

So we are still working on that. I know we talked about it before that we were gonna be building our own, doing our thing. So we’re still having conversations in that. Um, and we’ll be bringing you some resources soon. Uh, obviously still looking at what’s going on around the rest of the different states.

We know that more mandates are dropping. Had a lot of comments this week about Victoria and that their, their, uh, order has expired, things of that nature. We know there is some silver lining, however, we’re still very closely monitoring what’s going on and what these governments are attempting to do.

There’s still a lot of talk about giving complete control and autonomy to these local states, and you know, we want to just make sure that we’re in the best position possible to be able to defend your rights as we move forward. We’re not sure what’s gonna be happening in the coming days, what the next phase of.

Plan that they’ve, uh, released. But we are going to be very keen to put ourselves in a position to make sure that your rights are defended. Um, had a great call with a, a another organization this past week and they’re supporting us with our lawsuits. So we are so thankful to Q H P A and the work that they’ve done and their support of our, our legal case.

Um, and we’re just gonna continue to push forward. Um, hopefully, you know, we’re still waiting on the last couple, uh, contributions to be able to fund that. But we’re really, really hopeful that we’ll be able to get that done by the end of November. So working on it, things are still going strong. Uh, for the sake of my voice, I’m gonna make this one a short one today.

Um, but just know we love you, we appreciate you finalizing my details of my trip coming up there the second half of February. Um, so please be looking out for that as uh, we really want to have great showings. Um, I’m gonna be in Sydney in Brisbane. Um, in, uh, Melbourne and Adelaide. So those are the areas that I will be in, um, be at the.

T r p event, um, in Brisbane. And then we’ll also be at Concordia at ACC in Adelaide. So please put those dates on your calendar. I will get you specific dates for Sydney and Melbourne. Um, but I just want you to keep those done cuz I’d really love to meet you. I’d really love to have a great turnout at those things as we continue to share the vision of where we’re going and what we’re doing.

So we love you. We appreciate you having an incredible week, and we will talk to you next week. All right guys. God.

So we love you, we appreciate you, God bless your week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please excuse any errors.)

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