Knowing many non-profit organization have a hard time with transparency and resource management we ensure that the CDC is run appropriately. We have a 7 person advisory board to ensure revenue received is appropriately distributed to enable our defense council protects our amazing profession. These seven individuals combined bring over 400 years of chiropractic knowledge and expertise. Our advisory board is well positioned to make the decisions that need to be made for the future of chiropractic.

Bharon Hoag

Executive Director

Bharon is currently serving the profession as the Executive Director of OneChiropractic. OneChiropractic is chiropractic’s most disruptive advocacy organization that is driven to challenge the status quo in the profession.

He considers himself chiropractic’s biggest groupie having served in the profession for 26 years. He has developed a unique “non‐doctor” approach through ownership and management of numerous clinics. As a former consultant specializing in coding, documentation & compliance, Bharon has counseled over a thousand healthcare facilities and employers, evolving a profound understanding of the professional environment. His onsite method of consulting gave him the ability to diagnose and develop systems that most consultants miss. His management and consulting experience coupled with a strong background in psychology and communications has made him a compelling speaker, addressing many major events and earning accolades as “the most entertaining but educational speaker in the profession.” Not only has he become known for his speaking style but also his ability to work with all factions of the profession to bring unity and clarity of purpose.

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He also served as the Executive Director of The Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) for six years. This experience enabled him to facilitate a new model of State Association management. In his first year with the OSCA saw a 26% increase in membership. He developed a hands on approach to member benefits. Working with the members in their offices and helping them develop long term change and success. At the conclusion of this time with the OSCA the association saw a significant increase in membership, revenue and influence in the state of Ohio.

Hoag’s venture with OneChiropractic has ignited his passion and purpose. The mission of this organization is to create cultural authority, increase access and increase the value of the adjustment. Achieving these goals will make Chiropractic the #1 healthcare choice in the world.

Stephen Franson


Dr. Stephen Franson is a true champion of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle who packs deep experience from over twenty years of clinical practice.

Known as “The Systems Guy”, Franson is the founder of The RemarkablePractice, an innovative coaching and consulting company that helps DC’s create aremarkable practice as part of a remarkable life.

Stephen is also Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers, a specialized placementservice that matches the right chiropractor with the right opportunity.

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A sought-after international speaker, author and teacher of Chiropractic BusinessSuccess; Franson was listed as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Chiropractors in2017. You can read his best-selling book, The Remarkable Practice: The DefinitiveGuide to Creating a Successful Chiropractic Practice.

Franson graduated from the University of Vermont (91) and Life Chiropractic College(96) and opened Franson Family Chiropractic (97) which became one of thelargest wellness clinics in the world.

Stephen lives a Remarkable Life in New Hampshire with his wife Camilla(DC) and their two children, Sam and Emma Grace. You can usually findthem on the beach, enjoying their family favorite past-time: surfing thefrigid waters of New England all year round

Allen Miner


I have created an institution at Health Quest that is first and foremost an educational facility, and secondly a center for healing.  Our vision is to revolutionize health care during a time of incredible change within the health care industry. Rather than focusing on the prevention and treatment of disease, the Health Quest approach is focused on helping a person’s body express true optimal health so that a person can better fulfill their life’s purpose. Health Quest provides people with direct access to affordable Chiropractic care centered around the wellness lifestyle. We have created a completely unique health care experience for our practice members by combining cutting edge technology, innovative systems, and community centered facilities.

Joseph Esposito


In a career spanning more than two decades, Dr. Joseph Esposito’s experience as a health advocate has encompassed roles as clinician, researcher, writer, formulator, lecturer and entrepreneur. Dr. Esposito is founder and CEO of Aceva, a international physician-grade supplement line and AlignLife, a national chiropractic franchise with 40 clinics around the United States. His passion is to teach and implement integrated healthcare offerings using natural solutions to maximize patient’s health. In his spare time Dr. Esposito enjoys international mission trips and spending time with his family.

Brian Capra


Dr. Brian Capra is a 2002 graduate from Life University in Marietta, GA. After graduation Dr. Capra started a practice, Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness in Princeton, NJ with a focus on structural and functional correction, pediatric care, and overall family wellness.

As part of his community outreach program Dr. Capra began speaking small and large corporate audiences in the Princeton area including, Gold’s Gym (where he became the wellness director), Dow Jones, Whole Foods, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Princeton University to name a few.

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In 2004, Dr. Capra started a company known today as Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network, which is a cloud-based, practice management software with Electronic Health Records (EHR), and a medical billing service. Since its inception, Genesis has been a pioneer in using web-based technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automated workflow, and big data analysis, which helps practices improve the overall patient experience, their revenue, staff efficiency and provider compliance. Today, Dr. Capra continues to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Genesis.

Cindy Howard


Dr. Cindy M. Howard is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Nutritionist in private practice and the owner of Innovative Health & Wellness Center in Orland Park, Illinois and also holds a license in the state of Florida. She is also the owner of DC consulting; assisting private practices improve their communication skills and improving patient adherence while building a better functional medicine and nutritional practice. She is the co-founder of Advanced Education; an entity that runs CE programs for the Internal medicine diplomate.

For the last 8 years she has served as the Illinois delegate for the American Chiropractic Association and as the alternate for 6 years prior to that. She has served on the membership, professional development, clinical guidelines , bylaws and grievance committees. She was the recipient of the Flynn/Lynch award in 2015 for outstanding service.

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She is a past president of the ACA Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders and currently serves as the Vice President of the College of Pharmacology and Toxicology. She also serves on the medical advisory board for the Functional Medicine University, serves as a board member for Before the Hit and Djor Intelligence Guards. Dr. Howard is an associate editor of The Original Internist and a regular contributor for the Illinois Chiropractic Society online newsletter.

She speaks nationally, presenting on topics including Pre and Post Concussion Nutrition, Neuroadrenal Dysfunction and Infection in sport, Male and Female Pelvic Disorders, Pediatrics, Immunology, GI Disorders, Endocrinology, Nutritional Blood Analysis Interpretation and Genetics.

In 2020 Dr. Cindy Howard was award the Chiropractor of the Year from the Illinois Chiropractic Society.

Locally Dr. Howard serves as a board member for the Frankfort Falcons Youth football organization, the concussion oversight team for the local school district and is the team chiropractor for the Natural Wrestling Club.

Janice Hughes

Coach & Advisor

Dr. Janice Hughes is an Executive Wealth Coach and Business Advisor. In her previous role as the Director of Investors for Curemark, a biotech startup company, she learned to apply the principles and strategies related to raising money and creating wealth, along the way being part of the team to increase the value of the company from 20 Million to a valuation of over 150 Billion. Dr. Janice now coaches individuals and companies to apply some of these same ‘money raising’ principles in their own lives and businesses.

Returning to healthcare coaching and consulting, Janice helps practitioners and business owners understand and embrace the ‘business’ side within healthcare. Many brilliant practitioners need strategies, tools and systems to become the CEO of their business, and their lives.

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Vitalistic principles applied to business, money and wealth can transform not only how you see and understand money, it can literally change your life! Dr. Janice Hughes is fortunate to work with a financial coach, Christopher Koopman, from Statera Wealth Solutions. Together they empower clients to learn sustainable wealth creation strategies and retirement exit strategies. Janice helps practitioners create their 10 year exit strategy – increasing the valuation of their business, and planning out their wealth strategies. Mr. Koopman helps individuals protect and grow their wealth.

Shel Hart

Chiropractic Advocate

Shel spent the first half of his life building a level of business mastery and gaining exposure to many different industries and organizational cultures. Now, more than ever, Shel has an even deeper commitment to developing delivery systems that transform latent energy into active results.

Shel believes in rejecting apathy, accepting responsibility, living courageously, and the discipline of delayed gratification. He strives to empower others to unlock their potential, realizing that most people have the right instincts but often lack the delivery mechanisms.

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Through personal experience and family transformation, Shel was led to MaxLiving.  Seeing an opportunity to blend people service, business principles, and a national network, Shel joined MaxLiving with the intention to advance a health revolution! With 20 years in business, MaxLiving is the leading vitalistic health delivery system powered by over 600 active and engaged Doctors throughout North America.

Originally from Central NY, he earned his Bachelor’s degree from LeMoyne College where he majored in Organizational Development and Finance.  In the community, Shel serves on various fiduciary, professional, and community Boards.  He’s been active with the Financial Executives Institute, Association for Corporate Growth, The Executive Committee, Economic Development Council and was the former President of the TB Institute of Management Accountants.

Married to Debbie, they are the proud parents of 5 children, Axel, Soleil, Austin, Ashley, and Dylan.  To remain centered, Shel focuses on his faith, family, and living a holistic lifestyle.