Tricia S. Lindsay

Attorney – Team USA

Civil Rights and Constitutional Law Specialist

Power Performance

Attorney Lindsay is no stranger to hard work and working tirelessly to serve people throughout the United States in various capacities. A former schoolteacher of 24 years in the Yonkers & New York Public School Districts, Ms. Lindsay worked to improve the lives of her students, doing whatever was necessary to bring equity to children and families in her district. She worked with underserved families in Yonkers to ensure that her students and their families received the adequate social and educational services they deserved. She ensured they were adequately represented within the criminal justice system when needed and ensured their best interests were at the forefront of all decision-making. Ms. Lindsay’s experiences in her long career in education fueled her desire to impact education and the criminal justice system on the national level to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.

Exceptional Quality

A fierce orator, Ms. Lindsay provides a voice, advocacy, and legal representation for those who  often go unheard. Ms. Lindsay’s long-time passion has been centered on community building,  education, civil rights, and constitutional law. When she entered the field of education thirty years  ago, she believed that the most effective way to bring justice to the masses was through education.  Since entering the field of law, she now wholeheartedly believes that justice is best served in the  court of law through due diligence and fair and fierce representation and she is intent on being and  is an active part of the process and the solution.