Defending The Rights of Practicing Chiropractors Around The World

Your Business, Patients and Future Generations Of Chiropractors Will Thank You For Joining The Fight When It Matters Most

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In A Post-Covid World We Are Facing Threats We’ve Never Faced Before.

Will they restrict our ability to take x-rays?

Will there be more attempts to restrict your scope?

Will they say we are not able to differentially diagnose?

Are you concerned with mandatory vaccinations?

Will they say we cannot treat children?

How far will the government attempt to over-reach?

The Mission

Chiropractic has always been an easy target. Since our inception, adversaries have sought to undermine our validity as a profession and thwart the growth and proliferation of the profession. We have met resistance from the medical profession and insurance industry, as well as by state and national health boards. Sometimes, the adversity comes from within the profession itself. Attacks come at all levels – high courts, national organizations, state associations, and boards – but nearly all are directed at the practicing chiropractor.

Historically, there are many famous examples of this: Dr. Herbert Ross Reaver (“The Most Jailed Chiropractor”), the Wilks Case, and countless others. More recent examples of these attacks against the rights of chiropractors to practice within the scope of their license include: the right to adjust children in Australia, the right to use x-ray in Ireland and Canada, and the right for DC’s to enter the military and serve as officers.

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Although there are several organizations that have done good work in these cases, there has never been a dedicated organization whose singular focus is to defend the rights of chiropractors to practice within the scope of their license – until now.

The Chiropractic Defense Council exists with the singular purpose of defending the rights of the practicing chiropractors around the world. The CDC will function as a 501(c6) non-profit that consists of a specialized team of legal experts and attorneys, supported by a team of industry experts in chiropractic research/literature, regulation and scope, as well as representative spokespeople and a contracted PR firm. The council will be on paid retainer and paid for their services when deployed. The council will be advisory board-run and supported by a panel of area-experts who will screen and select cases for the council to defend.

The criteria for eligible cases will be limited to those cases where a DC’s right to practice within the stated scope of their license is infringed upon or at risk. These criteria will be published and used to guide the panel in the selection of qualified scenarios. The council members will have the final decision as to which cases are deemed qualified and defendable.

There are clear and present dangers on the immediate horizon that could fundamentally alter our ability to practice as chiropractors in a post-COVID world. Regulations and mandates that loom over our rights to practice – and live – in alignment with our principles are a very real and significant threat.

The Chiropractic Defense Council will have a singular focus: Protecting The Rights Of Practicing Chiropractors Around The World.

We thank you in advance for your support of this important initiative. Your practice, your patients, your business, and future generations of chiropractors will thank you for stepping up when it matters most.

Why You Should Support The CDC and What Makes Us So Different From Every Other Organization?

How We Choose The Fights That Matter

We understand there are so many potential battles to be fought; from state to federal over reach, healthcare freedom violations, scope infringements and insurance reimbursement challenges. Clearly we will not be able to take on every issue that is presented to us so we have a process that all requests will go through. Our selection committee consists of 5 highly experienced chiropractors that will review each battle and decide if it is within our scope and advance it to the defense council.

Every Issue Thoroughly Evaluated

All issues presented to the CDC will be thoroughly evaluated to see if the issue is within the our scope and our ability to succeed.

Voted on by 5 Highly Educated Committee Members

The selection committee is made up of 5 highly experienced chiropractors with the understanding of legal and political issues.

If Selected, Deploy the Defense Council

If chosen by the selection committee we will deploy the defense council to begin researching and collaborating with anyone involved with the fight.

How We Deploy The Resources

Knowing many non-profit organizations have a hard time with transparency and resource management, we ensure that the CDC is run appropriately. We have a 7 person advisory board to oversee that revenue is appropriately distributed. These seven individuals combined bring over 400 years of chiropractic knowledge and expertise.

Mission First

The CDC is driven by the mission to protect and defend chiropractors and their way of life. Our advisory board is dedicated to this mission with this as our single focus.

The Right People

Our advisory board is made up of successful and experienced individuals, with proven track records of achieving the goals they set, building businesses and movements in the profession. With cultural and geographical diversity, we are able to understand and execute on a higher level.

Accountability & Transparency

The structure we created will always function with a priority of accountability and transparency to each other and our contributors. You will never have to worry about where our resources go, we will tell you!

How We Win The Fights

The CDC will function as a 501(c6) / 501(c3) non-profit that consists of a specialized team of legal experts and attorneys, supported by a team of industry experts in chiropractic research / literature, regulation and scope, as well as representative spokespeople and a contracted PR firm. This is unlike anything that has ever been constructed in chiropractic. We will have an elite strike force that will be deployed to ensure your way of life is protected and supported.

The Experts

We have assembled an elite strike force made up of the leaders of our profession, seasoned litigators, connected lobbyists, effective PR firms and content experts ready to be dropped into the middle of any fight to protect your rights.


The defense council is on retainer. This means we have unlimited access to them to ensure they understand our challenges, and are ready to move at a moments notice. We are the only healthcare specialty they represent.

Complete Understanding

We not only have our team on retainer for access allowing quick response time but also to ensure they understand our challenges and comprehend our history.

Here’s How You Can Join The Fight

1. Decide To Be On The Winning Team

We understand there are so many causes to support, this being an essential one! We have do all the work, all we need is your support!

2. Choose Your Level Of Support

We have made this a no brainer. There are three levels for contribution. Give as little as $33 a month up to a one time contribution of your choice. Everything helps, we need you to join us in the fight!

3. Defend & Protect Chiropractic

All contributors will receive a weekly update on what is happening across the world. You are not just giving of your resources, you are joining an army that will ensure you maintain your freedom to practice how you choose.

Our 100% Financial Transperency Pledge

OneChiropractic & the Chiropractic Defense Council (CDC) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. While we serve to protect the profession of chiropractic, we also have a responsibility to our contributors. We take this responsibility very seriously. We want you to know your contributions are being used efficiently and appropriately. With this mind, we will provide quarterly financial statements that will show the monies raised and spent. Individual contributions go 100% toward retaining our expert team and defending the rights of chiropractors all over the world. All administrative cost are funded by larger contributions from businesses that support our mission. OneChiropractic is committed to ensuring chiropractic becomes the #1 healthcare choice in the world. The Chiropractic Defense Council is committed to the mission of protecting that privilege. If you have any questions or require any clarification regarding our financial activity, please email us at, and we will respond! Together, we will truly make a difference!