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7/09 Global Updates | Defend Chiropractic

By July 10, 2024July 15th, 2024Australia, Breaking News, Canada, New Zealand, USA


Welcome back to the latest episode of the State of Chiropractic podcast.

Host Bharon Hoag introduces the global updates on chiropractic including key developments in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.


Topics Covered:


  1. New Zealand:

Update on six ongoing cases related to pandemic-era mandates.

Government’s persistence in enforcing outdated mandates.

Insight into recent legal strategies and upcoming discussions with New Zealand leadership.

Brief mention of bird flu but reassurance that it is unlikely to become a new pandemic.


  1. Australia:

Bharon’s upcoming tour details (late July and early August) across various cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and Cairns.

Focus on issues like pediatric chiropractic and censorship.

Encouragement to RSVP via QR codes on tour flyers.

Discussion about the unlikelihood of bird flu escalating similarly to COVID-19.


  1. Canada:

Major win against a biased college, setting a positive precedent.

Updates across provinces:

British Columbia: Challenges with the new College of Contemporary Medicine.

Quebec: Monitoring new bills with potentially concerning language.

Ontario: Strategic legal actions in progress.

Bharon’s upcoming visit to Vancouver in October for Lux Talks.


  1. United States:

Ongoing legislative efforts in animal chiropractic, including positive movements in New Hampshire and ongoing conversations in California and Texas.

Clarification on the purpose and organization of animal chiropractic advocacy efforts.

Issues with VA chiropractic services in Hampton, Virginia, and media involvement to resolve them.

Tactical advancements in the class action lawsuit against insurance companies.

Continued advocacy for chiropractic access for active-duty military personnel and families.



Gratitude to listeners for their support and engagement.

Encouragement to share the podcast to spread awareness and support for chiropractic initiatives.

Commitment to ongoing efforts to make chiropractic the leading healthcare choice globally.


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