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Global Chiropractic Report and Legislative Updates: June 25th, 2024

In this video Bharon Hoag discusses the all that is happening around the globe!

0:00 – Intro

2:33 – New Zealand Update

4:33 – Australia Update

15.26 – Canada Update

17:57 – United States Update

22:31 – Conclusion

For more information contact: Bharon Hoag OneChiropractic [email protected]


Episode Overview:

Join Bharon Hoag, Executive Director of the Chiropractic Defense Council and One Chiropractic, as he delivers crucial updates from around the globe.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction and Updates:
    • Constant developments in the chiropractic world requiring immediate attention.
    • Emphasis on the importance of watching the global report for a comprehensive understanding.
  2. Australian Pediatric Chiropractic Issues:
    • Recent changes and media campaigns regarding pediatric chiropractic care.
    • Breakdown of regulatory changes and misinformation campaigns.
    • Importance of organized response and legal preparedness.
  3. Canada Legislative Developments:
    • New bill in Quebec with concerning language for chiropractic practice.
    • Ongoing issues in British Columbia and preparation for legal challenges.
  4. Animal Chiropractic:
    • New challenges and articles affecting animal chiropractic.
    • Efforts to unify the community and standardize legislative language across the U.S.
    • Development of the Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic to provide resources and advocacy.
  5. New Zealand:
    • Update on defending COVID-related cases concerning non-vaccinated providers.
    • Collaboration with the New Zealand Chiropractic Association and College of Chiropractic for better advocacy.
  6. Legal and Advocacy Work in Canada and the U.S.:
    • Specific focus on legislative pressures and organizing chiropractors for collective strength.
    • Upcoming legal actions and campaigns to protect chiropractors’ rights.
  7. Upcoming Events and Engagements:
    • Bharon’s upcoming visit to Australia for town halls and discussions on chiropractic media campaigns.
    • Encouraging chiropractors to stay connected and support the Chiropractic Defense Council and ACA for coordinated efforts.

Call to Action:

  • Get Involved: Chiropractors are urged to contribute to the Chiropractic Defense Council. Ensuring collective action and financial support to continue defending and promoting chiropractic practices worldwide.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly watch and share global reports to stay updated on ongoing issues and efforts.

Stay Connected:

Follow and engage with Bharon Hoag and the Chiropractic Defense Council on their website and social media for regular updates.

Next Episode Tease:

  • Stay tuned for more detailed updates on legal actions and international advocacy efforts in the next episode.

Thank you for tuning in to The State of Chiropractic Podcast. Keep fighting for chiropractic care!