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02-14-22 Update New Zealand

By February 13, 2022Breaking News

So over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing with you that I believe the pressure from the rest of the world was gonna eventually get its way to New Zealand. And I think it’s finally happening. So today I’m gonna share with you what’s going on, how I believe it’s gonna impact New Zealand and more importantly, what it means to you and your practices. So welcome New Zealand chiropractors and allied health professionals. My name is Bharon Hoag, I’m the executive director of one chiropractic and the chiropractic defense council coming to you today, Monday, February 14th for your weekly update. Um, first of all, I hope you had a good week. Um, I know that we’re still sitting kind of in this haze of not sure what’s happening in New Zealand and I’m I’m with you as well. Uh, your country has, has been a bit of an anomaly for me here to the work that we’re able to do around the rest of the world.

Um, but nonetheless, I feel like we’re nearing the end of this. I’m sure you’re aware. Um, but your prime minister has made a comment. Um, it wasn’t a great comment, but it was one that we haven’t heard before, uh, basically stating that she believes, or she stated that it will be coming to an end. At some point they will remove it when it’s no longer needed, um, meaning the mandates and, and the repression. Um, and you have other members of your, um, legal body that at legislative body that are starting to put some pressure as well. Um, again, remember, it’s very hard for them to continue this tyrannical behavior when the rest of the world is actually opening up. I I’m recording this on Saturday, um, and giving it to you Monday. But even yesterday, we saw in the United States, multiple states, including New York, which was, has been the epicenter of, of mismanagement of this whole thing, removing masks, um, completely.

So we’re really starting to see a shift happening. We have more countries that are coming and removing the pandemic, a title as a whole calling it a seasonal flu. So it’s just gonna continue to be more of that. And New Zealand’s gonna have a hard time continuing to hold onto the grass that they have, not, not only those factors, but I also wanna let you know about some work we’re doing around the world that I believe we’re gonna bring into New Zealand as well. And that’s actually going after the validity of the, of the Pfizer vaccine itself. Um, I shared with you a little bit before with the risk analysis. When we were talking with Chris Lynn that, you know, they, they really didn’t go through the proper protocols to get that thing approved and, and were really finding merit in that across the rest of the world, with some lawsuits that we’re gonna be joining and working on.

So we plan on bringing that strategy in as well into New Zealand. Um, as, you know, if we can break down their ability to mandate a substance that has not passed their own regulatory, uh, system, that makes it harder for them to be able to continue to do that as well. So we do have another angle that we’re gonna start working on, um, in New Zealand ever. I’m hopeful that the pressure from the rest of the world is gonna continue to Mount and new. Zealand’s just gonna have to start letting up. So, um, we have had a few individuals that have reached out to us that have been, uh, contacted by the ministry of health. Um, we are working with them still to date, to my knowledge, nobody has been fined. Nobody has had to be shut down. So we’re, we’re still being successful in our ability to navigate the water.

So those of you that are practicing continue to do so, and know that we have your back, um, and those that are waiting, uh, I’m telling you, hopefully soon we’re gonna have some really good news as things are letting up. So again, just a, a note of encouragement. Um, I know this has been a long, long, hard road for many of you, very stressful, lots of anxiety, lots of fear. Um, but I want you to know we won’t stop. We’re gonna continue to fight. We’re gonna continue to push and you are not alone. Uh, we will win this. I’ve told you that from the very beginning, I didn’t know how I just know we will, and we are going to win this. We are gonna get you back to life is, well, whatever new normal looks like, but definitely not this existence where you can continue to love and serve your community.

You can continue to be in balance in your heart, mind, and spirit. Um, and more importantly, we can continue to tell the story of chiropractic across New Zealand. So we love you, um, our allied. Well, thank you so much for joining on as well. I’m glad you found a home that you feel comfortable with, and we want the very same thing for you and your profession. So we love you. We appreciate you. If there’s anything breaking, you’ll be hearing from me before next Monday. Otherwise I’ll be back at you on Monday, love and appreciate all of you know, that we think, and we pray. And we’re constantly looking for ways to give you a better path for forward. So until then don’t ever stop believing don’t ever stop serving don’t ever stop fighting for your right to choose and know that we are gonna align with you to ensure that your rights are protected. Have an incredible week. God bless.

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