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02-14-22 Update Canada

By February 13, 2022Breaking News

To say there’s a lot going on in Canada would be an absolute understatement today. I’m gonna talk to you about the mandates and what’s happening in British Columbia, how the convoys and all of the resistance that’s happening in Canada is affecting the outcomes as well as what’s happening in the rest of the world and how that is going to impact Canada. So good morning, my Canadian chiropractors and now allied health professionals. As we have a number of you joining the fight as well, I’m coming to you today, Monday, February 14th for your weekly update. So first and foremost, let’s, uh, cover the biggest topic that we have, which is the mandate in British Columbia. Um, as you should be aware by now, most of you, we did a webinar on Saturday for you on this topic as well. Um, but, uh, prime of health came out and, and made the statement that they’re including, it’s not the prime of health, Jim Christ

To say there’s a lot going on in Canada right now would be an absolute understatement. So today I’m gonna talk to you about the what’s happening in British Columbia with a mandates what’s going on with the resistance in the convoys and how that’s impacting the outcomes in Canada, as well as what’s happening in the rest of the world and how those factors are gonna play into what’s going on in Canada as well. So good morning, my Canadian chiropractors and allied health professionals, uh, this is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of one chiropractic and the chiropractic defense council coming to you today, February 14th for your weekly update. So let’s, uh, cover the biggest topic, which is the mandate in British Columbia. Obviously that was announced the tail end of last week, stating that all healthcare providers are now going to be included within that mandate effective March 24th.

Um, obviously, you know, that’s a big, scary shot across your bow. Um, you know, we did a webinar on Saturday trying to explain our approach and what’s gonna be happening, calming your fears on that. Um, so hopefully you were able to attend that, but I want, I wanna calm you first and foremost. I know this is new to you guys. It’s your first real interaction with these types of mandates, but I, I wanna assure you, we’ve been fighting this now for over seven months, all over the world, and it’s not much different in Canada than it is in the other worlds with the way that there are other countries rather, um, with the way that they’re rolling these things out. So I need you to take a deep breath. Um, I need you to understand we are not going to allow them to force you to either close find you or get vaccinated.

You’re gonna remain. They’re gonna have the opportunity to use your right of choice. Um, we’ve been successfully doing that all over the world, even in massively restrictive countries like Australia, New Zealand. So we’re going to do the same thing here. Our legal team is well aware. We’re already working on potential injunctions. We’re working on strategies, but right now it’s just data collection. They still to this point have not released the actual mandate for us to be able to read through it. As I shared with you on the webinar Saturday, what we do is we scour those mandates and we look for the loopholes. They have to have loopholes. There’s always reasons why an a particular rule doesn’t apply. And so we’re gonna exploit those. And then we’re gonna teach you how to function within that and give you the ability to still remain compliant without having to get vaccinated.

Now, I understand there’s a part of you that wants me to go, you know, guns are blaring and shoot everybody up. My first priority is to keep you in practice and to keep you fear, keep you from, be without fear so that you can practice authentically. Um, if we just went guns of Blain and we just started filing lawsuits, all that does is kick the can down the road and it doesn’t change your current reality. So our first and foremost step is to give you the tools you need to continue to practice without being in fear and without feeling like you have to get Jabed. So that is our priority. After that, we go after the significance of the whole thing we are doing that we’ve been doing that we’re gaining a lot of success in other countries, and we’ll do the same thing in Canada if they don’t wise up on their own, but I need you to understand our first priority is keeping you practicing.

And so that’s what we’re going to do now with the convoys and the revolting and everything that’s happening around the rest of the world that is putting pressure on Canada. We already hear that from other provinces within Canada that are starting to pull back on a lot of things, but then you see British Columbia doubling down. Um, and I can’t promise you that other provinces won’t follow suit. Now that one has, but I, I just, I, I told you from the beginning, this next month, month and a half was gonna be a little wild as there on their last ditch efforts to try to win this battle that they are never going to win. So I need you to just be patient. I need you to stay tied to us. And I am asking you to please share this information with your colleagues. The number one thing that has to happen is we have to come together.

That’s why we created this the way that we did. So I’m asking you to share this video, share us information with other people, get them under our umbrella. I’ve had a lot of you reach out to me and ask if there are other specialties that could join with us as well. And the answer is yes, we are a chiropractic organization. I wanna make sure that people understand that our loyalty is always going to be a chiropractic. However, with the work we’re doing right now, it does help other individuals that to take a stand against this mandate. So if they are self-employed and the mandate affects them, they’re welcome to join. And they will be protected just as every chiropractor will be protected. So if you have other ancillary colleagues that you work with and inter refer with, um, you are welcome to send them to our site and they are welcome to be a part of what we’re doing as well.

Um, this is a about numbers, not just the economics of it. Yes, that’s a big part. Um, but it’s more about the people that we represent and the information distribution is the most important thing. We want people knowing the truth. It’s why we do these videos every week. It’s why we have our website where we’ll be putting some resources. Once we develop them, after we have a chance to see the mandate. So you’re gonna see this thing rolling out in a very specific manner, and I need everyone to stay calm. I need them to stay connected with us. And our legal team will guide you through this process so that you can continue to live your life as you choose. So I know it’s a scary time for some of you, but I need you to just relax, take a deep breath, know that we are on the side of truth, and we are going to be successful in this battle.

So we love you. We appreciate you. We’ll be back at you. As more information happens. We’ll shoot emails out to you. We’ll do another emergency webinar if necessary, but at the very least, I’ll be talking to you in a week letting you know what’s been happening. So stay true to your call. Love, serve out of a sense of abundance and allow yourself to just rest in the, in the assurance that we’ve been given, that the truth will prevail. And we’re gonna fight until the very last breath to ensure that that’s the case. So we love you. We appreciate you. Thank you for being a part of us. Thank you for watching these videos and know that you are loved, you are cared for, and we will continue to defend your rights. Have an incredible week. God bless.

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