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02-14-22 Update USA

By February 13, 2022Breaking News

Well, I tell you, it’s been an interesting week this week in the United States. I have great things to tell you about mask mandates that are being lifted and the craziest of places around the United States, as well as what’s happening in the rest of the world, Canada, and how that affects us here in the United States. So we have some good stuff to share with you today. So good morning, everyone. My name is Bharon Hoag, I’m the executive director of one chiropractic in the chiropractic defense council coming to you today, Monday, February 14th, happy Valentine’s day, by the way, uh, for your weekly update, hopefully last week was a great week for you. Uh, I know the people in, um, Las Vegas, Nevada. I know the people in New York are very happy as their mask mandates have been lifted. Um, which New York really surprised me to be honest with you.

Um, it’s, it’s starting to unravel, which is exactly what we were predicting and hoping. So, um, that is great news. Um, there is a lot of talk about these mask mandates and we have a lot of counties that are starting to, you know, when the state starts lifting it, you have unique counties that are doing it. So, um, you know, I shared with you guys before that our partnership with Stanford health freedom and this week, um, during midweek, I’ll be sending out my interview that I had with Leah Wilson on that, because I want you guys to really get connected with that organization, cuz they really have more things in place to be able to help with that type of stuff, um, than we do because it’s kind of outside of the scope of the chiropractic, where own that we function in. So I want you to make sure you’re looking for that video this week and that you, um, get connected with Stanford health freedom, um, to help you with those issues.

But again, the narrative is really shifting. I, I also had the opportunity to talk with our attorney in Rhode Island this week and our lawsuit is continuing to move forward. Our goal is to be in front of the Supreme court hopeful mid-March um, on that issue of, uh, religious exemption. And the reason that this is so important is it doesn’t just affect Rhode Island. It also affects, uh, California and other areas where they’re not allowing religious exemption for our children, um, and other variances that are happening across the country. So it’s a pretty big deal, the lawsuit that we’re putting through. And, and as a reminder, we’re working in conjunction with the lawsuit from New York and Maine as well. So, um, things are still moving in that direction. I’m also starting to have conversations with organizations here in the United States, as we start looking at some of the more broader issues that our profession has been facing over the years that, um, we just really haven’t been able to tackle and now with the, the structure that we have and the resources that we have, it now opens up opportunities to go at those.

So, um, you know, it’s been interesting to have these conversations with individuals that are, have otherwise, uh, you know, not believed that things are possible, but we’re actually making it, uh, possible. And that’s an exciting reality to be able to share with so many different people. Um, so I want you to continue to move forward. I need you to start building that network of people in your states, um, coming to us with, with different issues that you’re feeling. Now, let me be very clear about what we’re not going to do. I’m I’m not gonna go and Sue an insurance company because they denied you for a service. That’s not the type of work we do. We’re looking for things that are broad reaching over chiropractic as a whole and injustices that have happened that have limited your ability to practice as you choose. Those are the things that were after.

So if you have those, I want you to reach out to us. Remember we, we didn’t exist because of the mandates that just happened to be the first battle that we took on. Uh, and we were able to successfully navigate that and we believe we’re gonna be successful in whatever venture we go into because of our strategic nature and the way that we operate. So please reach out to us, let us know if, you know, if things in your states in the United States in general, that needs to be rectified. So, and we’ll work with everyone. I had a great conversation with Beth clay from the ICA just yesterday, as you can tell from my background, I’m in a, I’m in Vegas right now at the Parker seminar, which congrats to Parker, by the way, with a phenomenal event, it’s been a few years since I’ve been here.

Um, and it’s been very, very enjoyable and a well done event. Um, just seeing so many people, uh, you know, out and about and very excited literally on Friday, um, midday is when the mask mandate was lifted. Um, so you had everyone in the, in the hotel just all at once, just start ripping their face masks off. So it was a pretty cool, cool thing to see. I wish I would’ve been a little bit more, um, Johnny on the spot to be able to record that and, and get that that would’ve been some good footage. So at any rate, great things are happening. We’re moving Canada. Uh, we got some crazy stuff going in Canada, for those of you that may be on a border or have friends or colleagues that are there, or maybe are from there, but practicing here. Um, but we’re really rallying.

They did have British Columbia that last week announced a new mandate outta nowhere. As other provinces in Canada are lifting their things. You have British Columbia, that’s doubling down, which isn’t completely surprising considering, um, you know, the volatility that’s happening up there. Uh, but we’re Johnny on the spot with that, for sure. Um, and we’re already working with our attorneys and we’re gonna make sure that those individuals are, have the same protection that you add here in the United States. So great things happening all over the world. Um, and, and I just wanna, thank you, I guess, as a Valentine, you guys are my Valentines. You guys are the law of my life and chiropractic and, and that’s, that’s exactly, you know, what I want to continue to do is to fight for the right of chiropractic. Remember the ultimate vision of one chiropractic is to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world, and we’re doing that through various different forms. So I just thank you so much for your belief in us, your trust in us, with your resources and your time and your ideas, um, and know that it’s not, it’s not taken for granted. Um, and it will definitely be used in the appropriate manner. So we love you have an incredible, incredible remainder of this week. We’ll be back at you next week and know that together we’re gonna ensure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world. We love and appreciate you. God bless.

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