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5/15 Global Updates | Defend Chiropractic

In this video, Bharon Hoag discusses all that is happening around the globe!

0:00 – Intro

2:22 – New Zealand Update

4:38 – Australia Update

7:55 – Canada Update

13:16 – United States Update

16:11 – Conclusion

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Finally ready to launch our freedom of speech movements in New Zealand and Australia. We’ll be talking about those in those country updates. Have major steps in the right direction for our military with the United States also in Canada. We are still pushing hard. I’m gonna be coming up to see you soon, but we have a victory in Alberta starting to push in Quebec.

Lots of stuff going on. Pay attention if you haven’t in the last few weeks. Make sure you listen to the entire global update. Um, it’s important for you to know what’s going on all around the world, but for sure listen to your particular country because we need people to start moving in the direction that we’re moving.

So, lots for you this week. Well, good morning my Warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, May 15th for your global update. So my intro for you this week is just Momentum. We have momentum that is building. I’ve been doing some podcasts.

Uh, be on the lookout for that. We’re trying to get on as many podcasts as we can. If you hold a podcast, if you know of someone that does a podcast, Please share that information with us because I’m trying to get our information out absolutely everywhere we can because people need to know about the work that’s being done.

They need to understand where the Defense Council sits. But I’m very, very blessed and honored to have been a guest on so many podcasts to this point. Um, and we’re creating momentum. We’re starting to see. Our contributions, uh, contributor base growing, which is something that we’ve been needing for a little while, so I’m excited about that, but I need your help to keep pushing that stuff forward.

The amount of things that we are doing around this profession right now, the generational impacts of things that are happening is unbelievable, and we need more people to know about it. If people know about it, they get excited. When they get excited and they participate. When they participate, we get stronger and we’re able to continue to push forward.

In the right direction. So momentum is our mission for this coming week, and we’d love your help. Again, if you know anyone that does a podcast, please send me their information or contact them and say they need to reach out to me. I will do them. I want them to know what’s going on. We have a great time. I love doing the podcast, but I need your help.

We need to get into more of them, so, all right. Without further ado, we’re gonna jump right into this week’s updates for each individual country. New Zealand. All right guys. We are finally ready to launch. I know I’ve been talking about this for a little while. We’ve been waiting to get all the pieces together.

This coming week, I’m gonna be meeting with the association and our legal team to finalize everything that we need to, and then we’re launching, you’re going to be getting some materials, you’re going to be getting kind of an explanation of what we’re doing, phases that we’re gonna launch this thing through, and then a, a video summary.

Of me explaining what next steps are, and the final resource is going to be the different places you can find information that we want you to start pushing out throughout all of New Zealand. And if you use the resources that we recommend, then we will be there to defend you if anyone comes after you for this stuff that you’re putting out in your social channels, in your office, things of that nature.

So we are finally ready. Be on the lookout this week. I know I’ve said that the last couple of weeks, but I promise you I just need to make sure everyone’s on the same page, but everything’s done. Everything’s created, so there shouldn’t be much more of a delay. You’ll be getting stuff from us. In the coming week, and we need you to participate and we really, really, really need you to share it with your colleagues.

This works when we grow. This works when we have 400 of the 600 chiropractors in New Zealand moving in the same direction at the same time. Everybody wins in this movement. The more information we get out in throughout New Zealand about the story of chiropractic, where you’re speaking your truth and your manners, then that’s exactly when we’re gonna start gathering more of the market share within healthcare.

And that’s what we wanna do is give you the confidence to start doing that. Our team is here to defend you. We’ve vetted these materials. I’m not a marketing company. I don’t, you’re not getting the materials from us. We’re sharing with you the organizations that we vetted, that we believe will be a very, very good resource for you.

And if you use those materials, then we can defend you that, that’s the whole thing is putting you in a defendable position. So be on the lookout for that this coming week. I’m having those meetings. As soon as I get everyone signed off on everything, then we’re gonna be pumping it out. You will definitely, definitely get it before your next video.

Um, and then we’ll be updating you on how things are going. So we love you. We appreciate you in New Zealand, man, and we’ve got some exciting days ahead. God bless you. Enjoy your weekend. Be on the lookout for some more information coming from us. All right, Australia. All right guys. Finally done. I’ve been talking about it for the last couple of weeks.

I apologize. I’ve, I’ve been needing to just make sure everyone was signing on and off, making sure that everything was vetted again, that we’re, we’re really need to be very specific and precise as we’re rolling this operation out, and I think we’re finally ready. I am meeting with organizations throughout Australia this next week, making sure that they’re all aware of what we’re doing, so that there is no surprises, there’s no backlash, there’s none of that stuff, and then we’re gonna be pumping it out to you.

So without any question, you’ll be receiving these resources from us. Before you get the next video from me, now what you’re going to be getting, you’re gonna be getting some materials, you’re gonna be getting. A document that outlines exactly what this operation is about. You’re gonna be getting another document that gives you the phases in which we’re rolling this thing out, another document that tells you certain resources that we believe you can use.

We vetted them. We know that they fall within the confines of what we’re asking you to do, and if you use the materials from those particular organizations. Then you’re gonna be golden and we can defend you. And then I’m also gonna be recording a video that’s very specific about the steps, the phases and everything, because we know people have different formats to the way that they learn and will move forward.

So we’re very excited. This stuff will be rolling out within the next week, week and a half. As I said, this coming week, I’m meeting with some organizations around Australia, making them aware, getting everybody on the same page so that we can move in the same direction together. Remember? Organizing our profession is the key to this being successful.

If you wanna get from underneath the tyranny of opera, if you want to have confidence, if you don’t wanna feel like you’re isolated and on an island, that’s what this is about. It’s about coming together, organizing, moving together in a specific direction. We have more strength than you’ve ever believed we’ve ever had in the history of our profession.

So we’ve got this done, but I need your help. We wanna grow to 4,000 Australian chiropractors underneath this umbrella, moving in this direction. Very exciting times. Lots of work has gone into this, but now it’s time for you to start mobilizing as well the minute these resources are handed out. I want you to share ’em with your colleagues and be like, did you hear about this?

Are you connected to the defense council? If you’re not, it’s 33 US dollars a month. You need to get connected with them because they will defend you. When you start using these materials and you start communicating your truth about chiropractic, it’s going to be a very fun day when we start taking back our freedom to tell our story.

So I love you. We’re excited. Make sure you’re paying attention. You’re going to be getting ’em within the next week, week and a half. You’ll be getting all of these materials and then we’ll keep priming you as we move forward. We’re gonna have webinars from our attorneys and all kinds of things just guiding you through this process.

We want you to have certainty when you move forward. And remember, I’m not asking you to do civil disobedience, but I’m asking you to do is to trust that we are going to strengthen our ability to communicate chiropractic when we do it together. Share the information, make sure people understand, let’s build this movement.

Let’s work together. Let’s organize to have an impact unlike any that we’ve ever had in our history. We know we can get it done and we’re excited to do it with you. God bless you, Australia. We’ll talk to you in a couple weeks, but be on the lookout for other information from me in the next week, week and a half.

We love you, God bless.

Canada. All right, guys. Um, good news. We have a win in, in Alberta. Uh, not gigantic win, but if you recall, I shared with you that we were working with that college. Um, because they refused to do the registration of an x-ray, um, unit, and it, it’s just, again, the x-ray unit issue is not really the per point of the, of the case, but it was about making sure that the college couldn’t unilaterally just make decisions when they do and don’t want to do things.

And so we have had an opinion from the Department of Health coming back to the college saying that they cannot act this way. So it was a wonderful step, again, of holding them accountable. Not every win is gonna be a gigantic one, but each little win, letting them know that there’s a watchdog, that there’s someone making sure that the, that these organizations are doing what it is they’re supposed to be doing, and not just picking and choosing what direction the wind is blowing, uh, whether they want to do their job or not.

So that was a good win. Love our attorneys. Our attorneys are rock stars and, um, they’re working hard to make sure that your rights are protected. We’re starting to get moving in Quebec, we congratulations to them. We had, uh, four new members elected to that council. Um, these are great people that are ready to step up and lead, not just sit in a seat and let the registrar tell ’em what to do.

And, and remember, this is kind of our issue. I wanna, I wanna be very clear a number of the issues that we’re dealing with around Al, or excuse me, Canada, are really all about. Our registrars and our councils, uh, in our colleges that are just going rogue. They, they’ve done a great job of kind of buffaloing the members of the councils.

And so they’re not bad people that are sitting on these boards, but they’re just ignorant and they’re being held hostage by the registrants. Registrars. And so what we wanna do is empower them, educate them on their role. I’m not looking to throw a coup. I’m not trying to get my way. I’m trying to stop these colleges from doing these draconian things like take away your X-ray rights issue.

Ridiculous penalties for frivolous accusations and complaints. These things that they’ve been doing to keep you scared and afraid and keep you segmented. These are all the things that have been happening over the last five to 10 years and it’s gotta stop. We are putting our money where our mouth is.

I’ve been sharing this with you for weeks that we’re spending a lot of money in Canada and we have to grow. I’m so excited to be coming out to the A FFC event in Toronto on the second and third. So in Ontario. I will be there June 2nd and third at the A FFC event. Excited to be speaking with you guys, sharing with you, and empowering you to see the vision of what it is we’re doing, and then hopefully also grow our contributor base because we have such an opportunity in Canada.

To create momentum, to hold these organizations accountable, to provide strength in what we’re doing and, and what we just learned also in Ontario. Uh, and this actually, I believe, applies to every, uh, province, but I, I need to do my due diligence to make sure, but I know for sure in Ontario. That if we can get to 742 contributors in Ontario, that gives us really explicit powers to start holding the college accountable, to start demanding certain things, to get access to certain information that they’ve been depriving from us.

It gives us a lot of power and authority. This is part of the reason they’ve been wanting to keep us so segmented is because when we’re segmented and we won’t work together, we don’t organize. Then they, they, there’s no way that they can really be held accountable for what they’re doing other than suing them and challenging them, which is what we’ve been doing.

But we wanna be strategic in our approach. So we have a massive push in Ontario because of our ability to actually start really infiltrating. The college itself and holding them accountable based on the size of the people that we represent. So we have a massive objective. In Canada. We want 2,500 Canadians.

I know I said a thousand about a year ago, but I want 2,500 Canadians to be connected to us. That gives us the revenue we need. It gives us the power to be able to move forward and speak on behalf of the profession when it’s under attack. We have exciting things going on in Canada, but we need our Canadian chiropractors.

Please, please, please, please, please share this information with your colleagues. Let them know who we are, what we’re doing. Everything we do is transparent. We shoot these videos every other week. We share with you our finances, where we’re spending money, what we’re doing. We need to make sure the profession is aware of what we’re doing and we need to work together.

My other ask of you this week is I wanna be on as many podcasts as I possibly can. If you do a podcast, please reach out to me. If you have colleagues that you know that do co uh, podcasts within the profession. Please reach out to me. I wanna get in front of as many groups as I can to share our message.

It’s hard for me to always fly and be a part of events, but podcasts are something that live forever and we can tell that story. So I, I have our team reaching out to organizations that do podcasts. If you know of people and your consulting groups that you’re with, or technique groups that you work with, whatever the case may be, I need your help.

I wanna get in front of as many people as I can to share with them the vision of what we’re doing so that we can reach our goals. So exciting stuff in Canada. We’re pushing forward. We are going to be successful because we’re doing things for the right reasons, in the right way. What I need is you guys just to continue to jump on board and help us.

So we thank you, we love you, we appreciate you, and we’ll be back at you in a couple weeks. God bless. All right. United States, man, I had a busy, busy week. I had calls with over 15 legislators explaining to them our mission of getting chiropractic for our active duty military. And man, every time I have these conversations, it’s so powerful to watch their demeanor change.

When we really lay out the issues, share the value of what chiropractic can bring our active duty military. And, and it’s powerful. So the good news is we have appropriations language that is getting entered into the appropriations bill. We’re working very closely right now to get language into the N D A A.

We’re hoping to get it in the base language. We’re talking with the, the, uh, staff of the N D A A and that committee trying to get that stuff entered. We have, right now, I think we’re almost at 16 people that are willing to support our mission on both sides of the aisle. In the house and we are right around 12 in the Senate.

So we’ve really done a great job of educating these people about why our active duty military really need what it is we have to offer. And so, um, a lot of calls, a lot of repeat conversations, but every time we do it, we make a new friend and a new ally, and we’re continuing to educate this new house and, and, uh, this new, um, Uh, yep.

Forgetting my words here, guys. Uh, this new chamber and new session, that’s the word I was looking for, uh, the new session that we’re in. Um, and it’s, it’s been pretty impressive. So we’re gonna keep pounding that apron. Um, we’re very confident we’re gonna get in the appropriations bill. We’re garnering support around that so that it stays in there as it goes through the different chambers.

And, and for those of you that may not understand politics, the appropriation bills is spending bills. So this is what really gives us the money. Um, we’re wanting to do the N D A A as a backup. But if we can get it done through appropriations, we don’t need to be in the N D A A. So, um, we’re excited about really moving through and getting this done and gaining more allies.

Cuz at the end of the day, chiropractic needs to be an active part of our military. Um, and we’re gonna create that window for people. I promise you, I’m not gonna stop until it’s done. Thank you to the organizations that helped us in the very, very beginning. A couple years ago, you got it started. You allowed us to hire the lobbyists to get moving.

Um, but we’ve been carrying the brunt of that load since then. Um, you know, we haven’t had. Anyone else give to this? We’ve been doing it through our normal contribution, so it’s been, it’s been an honor to be able to do this work, but we’re excited about that. Um, also having a couple conversations with some states that are dealing with some, some prejudiced issues, dealing with some insurance issues that they feel is systemic.

So we’re digging into a couple other options of things that we’re doing in the US to make sure we’re protecting your rights. But, uh, yeah, we’re excited about this military thing. That’s the biggest thing we have going on in the United States. So we will keep you updated. It’s very fluid right now as Congress is moving forward with these meetings, putting these bills in place, and we will keep you updated as we have that information, so we love you.

God bless you guys. We will talk to you in about two weeks. All right. My close for this week is just to remind you about the power of loving and believing in your profession. Um, you know, our big theme has been and always will be that if the profession of chiropractic will actually organize, our strength is almost unmatched.

Like we literally now. And the reason I say that, not because we have the numbers, we’re, I mean, geez, any other specialty dwarfs us in the number of providers that they have. The difference is our level of truth that we operate in. Our purpose, though, things we wanna get accomplished, they’re not selfish, they’re for mankind.

So if we can organize and get our groups moving in one direction, Our purpose is so much bigger and brighter and holistic and necessary for our world that it creates momentum. And I said that in the beginning, and I’ll say it again here. We need to keep moving in a direction together. And then there’s an inertia that’s creating a magnetism to draw more strength.

And our profession has that opportunity and I just know you guys are gonna help us achieve that. Um, we’re working with other organizations in the same manner. To make sure that your rights are protected. And remember, our ultimate goal is to make sure that chiropractic is the number one healthcare choice in the world.

So thank you for believing in us. Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos and just know that we are never gonna stop. We’ve got so much going on and we’re gonna keep pushing forward because it’s what the profession deserves. It’s what you deserve, and ultimately it’s what the general public deserves as well.

So we love you. God bless you. We’ll be back at you in a couple weeks. Be well.