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5/29 Global Updates | Defend Chiropractic

In this video, Bharon Hoag discusses all that is happening around the globe!

For more information contact: Bharon Hoag OneChiropractic [email protected]


Finally ready to launch our projects in New Zealand and Australia. Operation Free speech is ready to roll. We’ll be updating you on that today in Canada. Just had great calls with our attorneys, both in British Columbia and in Ontario, sharing with you where we’re at with both of those situations. Um, in the United States, had a good call with our lobbyist.

We’re also working with a couple of states on potential issues. In legislation, so a lot of information to share with you. As always, cannot wait to give you the update. Make sure you pay attention. Well, good morning, our warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, May 29th for your global update.

Um, really my intro is just we are in full press forward. We have so much going on. Um, there are more opportunities that are flooding from. The current opportunities we have. So really, our, our, our energy is just amazing. Our legal teams are absolutely phenomenal. I’m hitting the road talking at different events around the world.

I’ll be, um, in Canada next weekend. I’ll be headed back to Australia in October. Hitting around the US in between there. So lots of things going on, but our, our focus is and has been, we have to grow our tribe. Remember, our goal is 10,000 people connected to us. Now, I wanna want you to understand why that’s so important.

The momentum that happens when we create this, this organized movement is unbelievable. I, I know most of you watching this. You want a, uh, an environment where chiropractors are paid for fairly. You want an environment where chiropractors have the ability to tell the story of chiropractic without fear of retribution or persecution.

You want an environment where chiropractic is viewed as an equal in the healthcare regimen, not as a red-headed stepchild amongst the other healthcare specialties. These are all things that we want as well. We believe that when we’re protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors, creating environments for chiropractors to actually stand up, speak freely, and move.

Free Lee that we will en really enhance that ability to be the number one healthcare choice in the world. That is the vision we’re creating. I want you to imagine that. Imagine where you’re not fearful of a colleague reporting you for something and then you having to spend tons of money or losing your license, or you know, going against a big machine like an insurance company or a regulatory board and an issue that you believe is true and you have the data to support.

That’s what we’re for. We are stronger. When we have more numbers, not just the economics of that, it’s about really having momentum. Imagine a profession that people are now fearful to come after, because every time they do, they get kicked right in the behind end. Because we’re organized, we already have the best attorneys.

They’re already trained on the information that they need to, to respond immediately. We’re creating that right now, and it’s an amazing, amazing thing. So as you’re watching these updates, I want you to understand. How much more we could be doing to create that reality for you when we have more people a part of it.

And what’s unique about us is I’m not asking those of you that are already contributing to give more. The only thing I’m asking you is to share it. Share this video with others, let others know what we’re doing. It takes a long time for an organization like ours to become common knowledge in a profession that does not communicate well.

So I’m asking each and every one of you to help me make these things viral because if we can really reach the numbers we’re after. I promise you the reality you live in is going to be very, very different. And it’s without you having to sacrifice or suffer much of anything at all. One adjustment a week, a month is all we’re asking, 33 US dollars.

That’s it. So please share this information with your colleagues. The work that’s being done is absolutely incredible. We’re revamping our website. We’re doing those things for you to be able to see it. We’re gonna be sending a new. Monthly email on top of the biweekly updates, giving you the numbers, both of the economics of our organization, as well as the stats on what we’re doing, the success we’re having and all of that.

So it’s gonna be more like an info graph to share with you exactly what’s going on. We’re gonna be proactive about that, so start looking for that in the coming weeks as well. So, all right, we love you. Let’s get into these, uh, these country updates. New Zealand, you have every right to just not believe me when I say it’s ready, but it’s ready.

This Wednesday, you will be receiving everything on operation Free speech, all of the data, all the information, a video intro, explaining to you what we’re doing, giving you the freedom to start moving forward, speaking the truth about chiropractic. Without the fear of retribution. So this Wednesday, I want you to be looking in your email box.

If you don’t see it in your inbox, look in your junk mail. If you don’t get it, I want you to reach back out to me, cuz we will be sending it this Wednesday. We’re all ready. I’ve had the meetings I needed to have. We’re ready to go. Our legal teams are ready and prepped. Everything’s ready to go, and we’re gonna be releasing this in phases for you.

So be on the lookout for that this coming Wednesday, and we’re excited to roll that out. I will report to you also, the couple of cases that we have, um, are moving forward. Uh, these are cases where the, uh, the, uh, ministry of Health has come after some chiropractors for not being vaccinated. Um, right now our attorney is telling me it’s looking good.

We believe these things are gonna be resolved fairly soon. Um, so that’s what we expected. I mean, it’s getting a little hard for them to press on something that’s this old. So, um, again, we, we, we were right. Our legal team was correct in, in the movements that we’re making to protect your right. So we’re excited about that.

But be on the lookout Wednesday. It’s been a long time coming. I’m excited to make this movement. Now, I said it in the intro. I’ll say it in this section again. The key to this marketing movement, right? When we’re empowering you guys to speak the truth about chiropractic. It’s all about the numbers. We need a bunch of people doing it at the same time, so I need you to share this information.

Our goal is 400 chiropractors in New Zealand that are connected in this movement, organizing together, using the resources provided so that we’re communicating possibly for the first time in history. In a unilateral way. Now let me be clear. I’m not saying I’m asking you how to speak about chiropractic.

This isn’t mechanistic versus vitalistic. This is just about using data, things that we can support research. I’ve given you a couple resources that we think are amazing. Dr. Heidi Hoick, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the Smart Chiropractor. These are organizations that we vetted their materials.

We know anything that they provide we can support. So we’ve given you that information in the documents you’ll be getting on Wednesday. We want you to start moving forward, but it works. The true strength is when we have the majority of the marketplace moving at the same time. It becomes very, very hard for the regulatory bodies to handle that.

When only one or two people are doing it, it’s pretty easy for them to pick it off. So please, please, please share this information. This isn’t privileged. There’s nothing, we’re not asking you to break the law. Actually what we’re doing is we’re going within the language of the regulatory code. We’re just, so we’re backing it up where that hasn’t been the case and oftentimes in New Zealand up to this point.

So please, please, please share this information, help us grow. Um, you know, we need a couple hundred more people. We’re already at about 170 people in New Zealand, so we want to get to that 400 mark. So please reach out, share this information. This is just, this is for you. It’s not for me. It’s for you cuz I want the success of this program to work.

So please, please, please send this information to your colleagues, but we’ll be back at you in a couple of weeks. But please look for that stuff on Wednesday. I promise you it’s coming this time and, uh, we’re excited to be supporting you in that movement. We love you. God bless you New Zealand. All right, Australia, I know I’ve been promising this, but this Wednesday you are getting operation free speech.

It will be in your inboxes. You’ll be getting links to videos that explain everything, some printed resources that you can download, um, that walk you through the process as well, give you some resources that we vetted. All of these things that I’ve been promising you. I apologize how long this has taken, but I think you can appreciate that we’re taking this very seriously and we’re not wanting to ask you to do something that could put you in jeopardy in any way.

So we are ready to go though. I’m excited. It’s been, uh, a long time coming. Please, please, please. The goal of this is to empower you to slowly start. Taking back your ability to communicate chiropractic in your communities. I know long for a long time now. Opera has really scared you guys into submission, if you will.

Not sure what you can and can’t put out there worried that opera’s gonna come after you. You know, we’re already working with a case right now where opera’s come after them. They went back almost six years in their social media going after stuff. It’s just absolutely ridiculous. So we are ready to push this thing forward, but here’s what I need from you.

I need you to share this. I, I, I’ve told you this before. Imagine if we only have maybe a hundred people do this, move forward with this. It’ll be effective, but not as effective as if we have thousands of people doing this right? If we can move forward as an organized unit in communicating, opera cannot handle that.

Part of the success of this strategy is the mass movement forward, and I’m telling you, once we’re organized in that capacity, our ability to do other things that you guys really want done. Is literally unstoppable. Our, our opportunities become extremely, extremely strong to be able to start moving on other issues.

Right now, we’re tackling this issue of censorship. We want you to be able to speak freely. We want you to be able to tell what you’re doing in your office, how you’re doing it. So you’re gonna see. In these documents we give you that there’s phases that we’re gonna roll through, and we’re gonna be coaching you through that process to make sure we’re moving at a pace that our attorneys can keep up with, and also make sure that you’re starting to gain some market share, if you will, on your social medias and, and the way that you’re communicating chiropractic.

So we’re excited about this, so please, please, please. Watch for your information on Wednesday. If it’s not in your normal inbox, I want you looking at your junk mail. It will be there on Wednesday this week. Um, and then I need you to share it. I need you to tell people, if you’re connected with the C d C, you are protected.

We will defend you. If opera comes after you or any other regulatory body comes after you, we will be there. Our team is ready to go. If you’re not connected to us, then you’re kind of on your own. If you’re gonna use resources outside of what we’re recommending, which you’re totally can do, I do recommend you share it with us.

Let us look at it first before you throw it out, cuz the only thing that I can guarantee you is we can defend on the information that we’ve shared with you because we’ve vetted it. So we’re excited. It’s a long time coming man. And uh, as a reminder, I’m coming out there in October. I will be at the World Federation event, and then I’m also going to be at the Innate Summit.

Really excited to celebrate with you guys to see you again, and hopefully by then we’re closer to our goal of 4,000 chiropractors in Australia, and we’re already gaining massive momentum as we’re moving forward. I, I want you to imagine, right, I, I know this sometimes feels like you know all, he’s always asking for more and more and more, but I need you to understand the strength and what it is we’re trying to do.

I know chiropractors want basically three things. You want to be paid fairly for what you do. You want to have fair access, and you want the ability to communicate openly and freely. That’s a reality that has not existed in Australia. Unfortunately. We are trying to create that reality. We will do the, the heavy lifting.

We will be the tip of the spear. But we need you guys to jump on board. We need that momentum Economics is part of it. Absolutely. Our attorneys are expensive. They’re doing a lot of different work. We have a massive lift ahead of us to get this done. But really the, the most important part is the organization.

It’s getting that many people connected, that many people watching these videos, being instructed and coached the right way to move forward. When we can do that, that’s where the power has always been. Look what we were able to do with Covid, and we only had about a thousand people. We, you know, imagine what we can do with 4,000 people that we’re moving in the right direction.

Organizing. I’m not asking you to fly a specific flag. This isn’t about your. Belief system, your philosophy are how you practice. This is about believing that the profession needs protection, that it needs a military force to be able to jump in and ensure that the freedoms of our profession are enabled, right?

That that’s what this is about. But it only happens when we have the numbers to support it. So the things we’re taking on that no one else has taken on is because they haven’t been able to organize. I believe we can, I believe right now in Australia is a time that we can literally make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world.

But we’ve got to come together, we’ve gotta put our differences aside. We’ve gotta stop pointing fingers, and we need to start working together to ensure that we’re providing chiropractic to all of Australia. So we’re excited. Lots of great stuff going on. Um, please, uh, if you have questions as that stuff comes out or as always, reach out to us, but we’re very, very excited to launch Operation Free Speech.

This Wednesday in your inboxes, and then we’re gonna start rocking and rolling. We love you guys. God bless you. We’ll talk to you soon.

All right, Canada, lots of things to share with you today. I’m gonna start with British Columbia. Um, as a matter of fact, just last night, uh, I had a, a long call with our attorney and our fire team. In British Columbia about the X-Ray case. We’re, we’re having constant communication back and forth with the college.

Right now we have some things moving on. You should start receiving an email. Um, and it’s the letter that we sent to the college. Um, the, the letter was basically providing them, it was like an 11 page document with attached resources. Just explaining really where we’re at today about the risk of not allowing chiropractors to x-ray appropriately.

We’re sharing with the college the reality that they’re now interfering with informed consent as it relates with between the doctor and the patient, which actually starts, we believe, interfering with other laws that exist in British Columbia, explaining to them the risk of the possible of injury, the possibility of injury effects, rays.

Are not allowed to be taken when the doctor feels necessary that they should be taken. All of the research over 101 different pieces of, of data and research that we’ve supplied, showing the efficacy of allowing a doctor to make that decision without interference of a regulatory body, showing the safety, showing the efficacy of the x-rays, all of this information that we believe was not reviewed in the original thing.

This is about safety to us. It’s not just about privilege for chiropractors. It’s about the safety of our patients and not removing one of the primary diagnostic skillsets that chiropractic has because they just don’t feel it’s necessary. Um, so that information has been pushed. You’re gonna be getting a copy of that letter.

From, um, you’re just gonna start receiving these emails. We want you to read the letter and then we want you to sign onto it. One of our missions is to show the support of the profession behind what we’re asking. We’re not asking for anything other than what it was before, right? We, something’s been taken away and we want it brought back.

It’s as simple as that. So we’re really asking you to join in with this. The other thing we’re asking is if you have. You know, a relationship with any of the council members, we, you need to lobby them. You need to be sharing this information with ’em, making sure that they’ve seen it. Sometimes in organizations it can become very difficult to disseminate information.

I’ve run associations. I know how hard it is in board meetings to get everything through and have everyone pay attention. So, you know, there’s no fault of anyone at this point, but we, we need to make sure that the council members themselves are truly educated about what’s going on with this particular issue.

Um, we’ve been lobbying it for a long time now. Our legal team has done a ton of research along with our fire team, but we now have this amazing product that shares with the college why that policy needs to be updated. And so we’re asking you to be a part of that. So please be on the lookout for that information.

If you don’t get it, email me. I’m happy to share it with you. Um, I want you to be able to, um, you know, sign on to that, show your support because when we can let the college know that, you know, there are hundreds and hundreds of chiropractors in. A registrants rather in British Columbia that are saying, this policy needs to be modified then, you know, that just adds to the strength of what we’re trying to do.

So, lots of stuff going on there. Um, you know, I I, we were gonna continue to push this. This is an issue that needs to continue to be updated. This is about the safety of the public. This is about the safety of our doctors. I don’t want chiropractors being sued by patients because they missed something cuz they weren’t able to x-ray them.

All the things we know that are realities, everything you guys have learned in your education, um, and this policy needs to be amended. So we’re pushing on that have been and will continue to do so. Um, alright, so that’s where we’re at in British Columbia at this point. In Ontario, uh, again, had a hearing just yesterday on our case in Ontario.

Um, yeah, we’re, we’re, it’s, it’s been very interesting. I got a neat text from my attorney last night, uh, stating that, you know, today was a good day today. We really pushed back. We forced the, the college to be able to hear reality, um, in this case. And so we’re moving forward, um, with this, but I, I, I’m coming.

Next weekend. All right, June 2nd and third, I will be at the, um, event there in Toronto. And, and I’m excited to see some of you. If you’re not coming, please come. Uh, if you can get there, we want you there. Um, I want you to hear what’s going on and I need your help. So I need you to be there so that you can hear what’s going on in the push.

We have an unbelievable opportunity in Ontario. Um, but we’ve got to grow. Um, we need more numbers one economically, cuz I’m just spending a ridiculous amount of money. Um, in Ontario right now versus what we’re bringing in. So there is an economic component to this and we need to keep the pedal to the metal, but more importantly, there’s something about the organizational size of the O, which provides opportunity.

So I’ll share more about that information at the event I. I want you to know what the plan is in Canada because we have a plan and it’s working. We’re executing it, and it’s starting to work, and you want to know about this and we need to continue to organize, uh, Canada. So please, please, please, if you’re not, uh, already registered for that event in Toronto.

Or Toronto, I guess I’m not supposed to say to t I got yelled at about that the other day. Uh, but in Toronto, I, I want you to be there. I want you to make the time to come to that event. Um, I’m excited to present. I’m excited to be there to answer questions and to share with you guys everything we have, uh, planned, um, for Canada cuz it’s, it’s an exciting day.

We’re starting to take things back. You’re no longer going to be abused. You’re no longer gonna be overregulated. Um, it’s about making sure that you have the freedoms that you rightfully deserve and that the general public is, is able to be served in the capacity that they should. All I’m asking for is efficacy and organizations to work appropriately.

Um, and we’re just holding them accountable. So, but I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you. We’re spending a lot of money. It’s getting to the point where, You know, I, I need to continue to raise money in order to keep this fight up, but we can do it. If I can get to 2,500 Canadians, we’re good.

Everything’s covered. Um, but I need your help. So we, we’ve, we’re only at about 600 right now, so we need to grow that. We’re gonna do a big push in Toronto. I. But I need your help. I promise you. I know you want a reality. You want a specific reality. You want a reality where chiropractic is, you know, uh, you have an opportunity to get paid fairly.

You want an opportunity to have freedoms, to be able to speak freely about chiropractic, and you also want to have the ability to not fear. Any kind of overregulation, right? Fear has been the, the repressing entity in Canada for so long, because you’ve been on your own, you’ve been on an island, you didn’t feel like you had any support, that it was just, you imagine a world where you know you’re plugged into something bigger than yourself, that it doesn’t give you the freedom to be an idiot.

You don’t get to go and break laws. I’m not gonna support you if you do something dumb. But if you’re under attack for doing something innocent, for speaking the truth, for doing the things that you should be doing as a chiropractor, you are no longer alone. When you’re connected with us, you have a big brother, you have that defense system.

That freedom gives you the ability to express yourself at a higher level. That’s exactly what I want for chiropractic. Chiropractic only becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world when we actually have the freedom to step out and speak the truth. That’s how the profession grew. In the beginning, they just spoke it.

Everything they saw and everything they were learning, they shared. We want the same thing in Canada as well. So I want you to understand that this is a movement to create change, significant change. Within the country of Canada. So we love you. We appreciate Oh, I am gonna bounce back, I’m sorry. In British Columbia, bill 36, um, the amalgamation of the board, we know that there was, um, language put out from the college.

They sent an email out stating that the goal is by June of 24 to amalgamate the board. We know that there are some boards that are already amalgamated and I believe the nurses, I believe the optometrists, have already amalgamated their boards. I know this is a scary time. I will be honest with you, I’ve never seen anything move.

I was just informed last night that that, uh, dicks is on a rampage and when Dicks wants something, he’s gonna get it. Um, and so they’re gonna push this thing through. We are monitoring it very closely. We are trying to make sure that as these things move, that there’s influence as well. W we couldn’t stop the train, but we can at least make sure that we are controlling what.

What, what car we sit in in that process. So I want you to know we’re not ignoring that. We do have our, our feelers on that. Um, other provinces. Be aware if this amalgamation works in British Columbia. British Columbia seems to be the test site for a lot of these things. That’s why the x-ray issue is so important to us.

We do not want that to spread this amalgamation thing. You know, it’s gonna be very interesting to see. How that that operates. We have something like that in Australia and it’s horrible. Um, their, their ability to actually monitor and, and do the work appropriately is, is very lacking. And I expect the very same in Canada.

They say that this is gonna provide efficiency and better communication, but that just hasn’t been our case as we’re monitoring other things in other countries. So we are on this, um, I wish I had a step-by-step process. This is a massive lift that the Ministry of Health is just doing period. Now it’s a matter of managing what this looks like and what the variables are, but you have my word.

Our team is being, um, educated, responsible, um, looking at this. And we will be on every step of this. And when things start moving in a way that isn’t, uh, uh, fair to the chiropractic community, We will respond accordingly. So, all right, Canada, that’s a lot for today. That’s it. We love you. God bless you. I will see those of you in Ontario the weekend of June, second and third.

I can’t wait to see you in Toronto and uh, we’re gonna have a blast. God bless you. All right, United States. So, uh, lots of stuff going on in the us. First of all, happy Memorial Day. Hopefully you’re getting that extra day. Uh, you may not even watch this video on Monday because you’re relaxing poolside with an adult beverage.

And if that’s the case, uh, drink one for me. Um, but listen, uh, great stuff. Had a, had a call with our lobbyists, um, still have language that’s being drafted to put into the appropriations bill. Um, we are gaining more support, um, both from the House and the Senate, um, on our, uh, Our, uh, study that we’re trying to petition through, um, doesn’t look like we’re gonna end up getting into the N D A A as base language, but we are working on amendment language to get put in immediately in the house so that it goes over to the Senate with that language in it.

Um, but the, the, the appropriation still seems to be. Where we need to move. So we’re lobbying on that. We’re working hard. Um, and so far we haven’t hit a roadblock. It’s just a matter of getting them to understand the language and why we’re asking for it. So we’re excited about that. Um, yeah. A couple other things I’ve been, I’m watching some stuff.

I’ve been, uh, communicating with the California Chiropractic Association on a bill that’s, uh, kind of a turf war bill out there in California that. Was thought was dead, but not sure if it’s dead. So I excited to be working with, um, that organization to monitor. We wanna make sure that at nowhere in in the world do we lose ground as a profession, are we put into a subcategory or lose our primary access?

So there’s language out in California right now that, uh, has that, again, it doesn’t have a lot of momentum, it doesn’t appear, but. You never know what these things, they can sometimes get added to a Christmas tree bill, um, and snuck through. So, uh, great job with the, the association out there to be monitoring that.

And we will help with our team as well, um, as necessary. Also in South Dakota, we’re starting to look at some stuff there. We’ve been contacted by. Some individuals in South Dakota, there’s some language there, restricting chiropractor’s ability to manage and work with their patients. And so we’re gonna start working on that.

Um, working with the association there as well, making sure that there’s a, you know, a collaborated strategic approach to fixing these issues. So, love it. I love that organizations are now reaching out to us, understanding where our strength lies and where our work lies to be able to do work to, to strengthen and protect the rights.

Of chiropractors. So very exciting stuff. Um, we’ll continue to update you. I hope you have a phenomenal, phenomenal, um, uh, Memorial Day. I hope to see you somewhere around this country at one of these amazing events that I get to take part in. But, uh, just know we love you, man, and we’re keep working. And if you haven’t watched the other country’s updates, I want you to watch, I want you to know the amount of work that, that we’re doing.

Um, even though it may not appear in your backyard, but it’s so important the work that’s being done so that it doesn’t come to your backyard. I think you need to remember. That’s why we have a military. We don’t fight battles on our own ground. We fight ’em else elsewhere so they don’t have to be on our ground.

And that’s exactly what the c d C is doing as well. We’re attacking these things where they start so they don’t spread. And your support helps us to do that. Um, you know, there will be a day we are working on things here in the us they’re just not as dramatic and as grave as they are in Canada and in, uh, Australia, New Zealand.

Um, but I want, I don’t want you to lose sight of what you’re a part of because you’re so appreciated. Sometimes it can feel like, you know, what is this organization doing? Um, as I shared in the intro, we will be sending an update every month now of the numbers, just both our economics as well as the work that’s being done so you can get a grasp of the scale of what we’re doing.

I don’t think people realize. That we’ve already fought over 700 battles and, and won. Um, but I think you also need to understand that there’s things we’re turning away because we just don’t have the means to take them on. And that’s what we’re trying to fix. That’s where the growth comes from. So, uh, we love you, us you have been there for us from the beginning.

We love you. We appreciate you. But uh, don’t give up, man. We, we need you more than ever with the battles that we’re facing elsewhere. So have an amazing holiday week. We’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks and uh, God bless you. All right, guys. My, uh, my summary for today is just we wanna build a world where chiropractic has the freedom to speak freely.

It has the freedom to get access anywhere. It wants to get access to people, and you’re getting paid for, uh, paid fairly for it. We know these are what our profession wants. So I want you to imagine a world where a chiropractic, a chiropractor, is no longer felt alone, isolated, where they, they don’t know where to turn.

They’re fearful that if anything comes after them, they’re on their own to manage it. We’re trying to change that. That’s why we exist, is to protect the rights of practicing chiropractors. Imagine if we can get 10,000, 20,000, right? We have over 140,000 chiropractors worldwide. Imagine if we could just organize like 10, 15% of that.

Um, it’s incredible the work that can be done with such a small percentage. As a matter of fact, that’s our profession has done anything, is a small percentage of people moving. But we want to change that. We, we want to create this reality in an overregulated world, which I think we could all agree with.

We have right now. Imagine when we have an entity that can actually stand up and is willing to stand up solely for the purposes of protecting your rights. So work with other organizations that are doing more advocacy, that are doing other things that are necessary that we don’t want to do and are not equipped to do, but we’re equipped to do one thing, and that’s to protect you, period.

And, uh, that’s what we’re trying to do. So I hope you catch that vision. I hope you share these videos with your colleagues. We need to grow. I, I need your help to grow. The work that needs to be done is yet to be done because we’re not big enough to do it. But there is a day coming and, uh, I, I know that you trust us enough with your resources and your time to watch these videos.

I’m asking you one more thing. Share it. Encourage your colleagues to be a part of it. If you know anyone that has a podcast, I, I want to be on it and I wanna share the work we’re doing. Uh, when people hear it, they’re blown away and they had no idea. And I need to change that. I need people, I’d rather them be complacent and be like, yeah, I know you exist, and yeah.

Whatever, than to be like, oh my gosh, I had no idea. So I wanna oversaturate the profession with the work that’s being done so that we can get more people involved, right? It’s a percentage game. The more people that hear it, a, a percentage of them are gonna wanna be a part of it. So I need your help.

Please. As always, I’m a broken record. I know it, but we’re getting to the point now where the battles we’re fighting are so generational. Um, we have to sustain them, but they’re expensive. Very expensive and, and we need to continue to build those resources to fight those fights. So that’s it, that’s it for these, this update this these two weeks.

Uh, enjoy. We’ll be back at you in two weeks. New Zealand, Australia will be on the lookout Wednesday for your operation free speech. Uh, Canada, we’re gonna be at you with a lot of information as we’re going, so we love you. God bless you. Thank you for trusting us. Have an incredible, incredible couple weeks.

We’ll be back at ya in June. God bless.