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6/19 Global Updates | Defend Chiropractic

In this video Bharon Hoag discusses all that is happening around the globe!

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Still lots of action in Canada, both Ontario, Alberta, bc. We’re gonna be sharing that information with you today. Very important stuff you guys need to be aware of. Also, we have activity in Australia and New Zealand as we’ve launched Operation Free Speech. Gonna be giving you some updates on that material.

Um, and then kind of what we’re starting to see globally. As we’re, we’re getting to near the, uh, you know, halfway year mark. Um, it’s been very interesting the things that we’re finding out, um, a as we’re moving closer to the end of this year. So lots of great information for you today. Please make sure you pay attention Well.

Good morning, our warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Counsel coming to you today. June 19th for your global update. Um, you know, as my introduction today, efficiency, that that’s going to be, that’s going to be the word, uh, of, for this video update. I’m trying my best to get you guys information that you care about that’s pertinent, but in the shortest context possible.

So I’m gonna do my best to keep our updates very short, just hot topic type stuff. I appreciate all the feedback that we’re getting from everyone else. Um, and, and I wanna make sure these va these videos stay, uh, of value to you that, that there’s something you want to continue to listen to. Because really the key to our success is our channel of communication is people being informed, people having the right information, not falling in to the, the horrific stuff of propaganda.

All of those types of things, um, that have been happening over the last few years. The reason we’ve been successful as we have is because of our lines of communication and channels. Of getting to you guys where you’re hearing the truth and I information that you can use and actually have an effect on the realities that you’re seeing every single day in your towns.

So I, I want to keep this short and simple, give you the information you need and, and get going. So hopefully you find that to be the case in this, uh, this week’s update. So, all right, let’s just dig into this bad boy. In New Zealand. Um, so we have operation free speech. I’m going to be doing a webinar here coming out in the next couple of weeks to really further explain what this looks like for you guys.

I do apologize. I know the video example that I sent out. I talked a lot about Australia. That’s just obviously a bigger, uh, project there, but it’s a very, just as important in New Zealand as it is in Australia. And so I’m going to be doing a webinar, um, hopefully have our legal counsel on there as well so that you guys can hear from her.

Um, and get you, you know, the pertinence of what we’re trying to get you guys to do and, and the power of getting everyone going together. We have a goal in New Zealand of six, uh, 600. Excuse me, 400, um, chiropractors connected to us there so that we can have a movement. There’s around 600 chiropractors in the entire country.

So if we can get about 80% of these chiropractors moving in the same direction as we’re starting to communicate chiropractic, that’d be absolutely fantastic. And it also yields a lot of power as it relates to the Ministry of Health and, and the really, the regulations that exist there. So lots of stuff that we wanna get done in New Zealand.

Um, I apologize. Again, for not talking about New Zealand in the video, but we’ll be doing a webinar to make sure you guys are, are fully aware. So be on the lookout for that. Make sure you’re looking at the resources that we’ve sent you, the different organizations that have information that we’ve vetted that you can start using in any form of media.

But we wanna get the story of chiropractic out, so Australia. All right guys. So we have done a couple different Zoom, uh, meeting webinars where we had the opportunity for people to ask questions, give you a little bit more detail. Um, we had one with just Dr. Leming and myself, and then we had one with Samir and myself.

So I’m going to be launching in the next week or so, relaunching all of the, the deliverable materials as well as links to those two, um, webinars because they both. Had the, the one with Samir. I had no voice. I’m still trying to get my voice back. Um, but we wanna get you that information. Because we really wanna have this momentum shift, right?

We, we need to get more people using information, challenging it. We’re starting to get some opera complaint things in, which is actually a good thing. We wanna do that to test the waters on some things. So we, we just need to get everybody on board. We need to get everyone understanding when you’re connected to us, you don’t have to fear.

The, you know, the wrath of opera. We, we’ve got this and, and we’re gonna continue to work towards this as a, as a group, but we need to continue to expand our reach. Um, you guys, uh, we’re, we’re gonna have emails going and a bunch of different groups are gonna send information out for us here in the coming weeks.

And so if you guys could just continue to spread the word, jump on board with this operation, make sure that we’re all working together. I, I, I wish I could give you all of the keys to the kingdom here. But this is step one of a big step that we’re gonna be taking in Australia, but we have to organize. I need you guys to understand the power of us coming together and moving in a direction.

And so I’m hoping you’ll continue to share this information with your colleagues. Continue to get them connected to us, get them in this. Connectivity that we have in our group so that we can really make some, uh, pretty important things happen there in Australia. So we love ya. Uh, be looking for that email coming from me.

We’ll be doing more webinars, um, but I just wanna get this, this phase one really started throughout all of Australia, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Oh, Canada. All right guys. We’ve got so much going on, um, in British Columbia. Uh, just the hot topics really starting to dig into the Bill 36 issue. I know a lot of you guys have asked me about that. We’ve been, have been having a lot of calls and meetings with our legal team, um, really looking at what that that means.

I know that they’ve already put out that they’re expecting the amalgamation to all happen, uh, by April of next year. Um, You know, the best way I can say this, and I’ve said this a number of times, this one thing to say they’re gonna do something, it’s another thing for them to actually do it. Our stance right now, and this is why it’s so important, you guys stay connected to us and tell your colleagues to stay connected to us.

Because if they really do try to enforce some of the horrific things that are within Bill 36, that’s when our legal teams will strike. We can’t really do anything until they’ve actually committed the crime. And right now they’re just putting out. All of this language, bill 36 was almost 34. 3,500 pages.

It was a massive document. There are a lot of things in there. Our legal teams have really been scouring that document, looking for the loopholes, understanding really where the dangers may or may not be. We weren’t able to stop it, but we are gonna defend you through it. We’re not gonna let you know they’re not gonna be able to shut you down while they’re investigating you.

They’re not gonna be able to force you to have to take vaccines you don’t wanna take. These are things that we’re gonna stand on, those principles as we always have. But we have to wait and see how they’re gonna implement this. So we’re watching, as the amalgamation happens, we’re watching as they’re, we figure out what that board’s gonna look like, where chiropractic and all of our allied health really end up, how all of this stuff plays out.

So, I know a lot of you are very fearful. There’s a lot of stuff going around the media. It’s putting you guys in a, in a trepidatious place. I need you to just relax the same thing that we did with Covid. We’re gonna keep pressing forward, but we have to organize. I need you guys connected so that when we start making demands, when we start pushing back, We’re doing it on a larger group of people or on behalf of a larger group of people.

So please share this stuff with your colleagues. We’re still taking on the x-ray battle. We just, I know they just had a board meeting that, uh, they pushed to shoved a can down the road again. Um, we’re gonna be putting even more pressure on the college. To force them to have to deal with this x-ray issue.

At this point, it’s slated to be brought up in the fall. Um, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna keep doing pressure. You guys need to do the same. Um, and, and we’ve got some other things that, that we’re looking at in bc, but really the biggest target I think at this point is Bill 36, getting everyone to calm down.

Work together, communicate together, um, and we’re gonna be able to do something pretty significant together. So, British Columbia, that’s what we have for you in Ontario. We are still in the, the heat of our battle. There’s been a lot of things that are going on. There’s gonna be pressure hitting the college from a couple different angles.

Um, You know, really exposing the way that this college has behaved and the way that they’re moving board members around, and employees and things of that nature. I want you to be on the lookout. We’re gonna start a did, you know, campaign. Um, we really think that the registrants have a right to know. We’re not convinced that even the members of the council are aware of everything that’s been going on behind the scenes as there’s been a lot of jockeying and, and.

Moving board members around or removing them from different conversations, things that shouldn’t happen, that’s not how these things are supposed to be structured. So we’re really gonna do just an information campaign, making sure that everyone’s aware. So be on the look of that in Ontario as we make you very aware of some of the moves that the board has made.

In the last five years that are not in the best interest of the general public or in the registrants, which really is their job. So we’re, we’re gonna keep putting pressure, um, you know, we’re in the middle of a legal battle there that we’re gonna continue to press forward on. But we’ve got things moving.

Um, we’re growing. Thank you so much. We did, uh, uh, all of Canada. Thank you so much. We did a fundraising event. I was very, very happy with the response that we got. I hate going back to the same people for money, but as I’ve been telling you guys for months, we’re spending way more money than we’re bringing in in Canada, and so we’ve gotta try to write that ship a little bit.

The biggest thing you can do to help us is to continue to share with your colleagues. As much as I’m thankful for the larger gifts that a lot of you did give us over the last week. Um, that’s not sustainable. I’d have to do that all the time in order to maintain that. So what is sustainable is getting, you know, 2,500 Canadians giving $33 a month, or think it converts like $43 for you guys.

Um, but I, we need to continue to grow. There’s so much going on in Canada. There’s, and all of these things are so pivotal at setting the framework for what’s moving forward. So I need you guys to get the big picture of this. Um, but in Ontario, we got a lot of stuff going on. Um, can, you know, be on the lookout as we start hitting you guys with some information.

We want everyone to be aware of what’s been happening underneath your nose for, for the last four or five years. So be on the lookout for that information. Um, in Quebec. I’m gonna be, uh, actually sending you guys a very sp, uh, special video here in the next week or so, just talking about the things we’re doing in Quebec and trying to get some support there.

But we, I’ve got an attorney looking into the new privacy information. I know that that came into effect and there’s a lot of questions on the impact of, of chiropractors and other. Um, allied Health up in Quebec. So we’re working on that, but we’re also starting to really dig into some past decisions of the college and, and the rules and how they put forth their discipline and things of that nature.

So we’ve got some things pumping. Um, we’re spending some money in Quebec now, um, having our legal team do some work. So, Yeah, be on the lookout for that video to you guys here fairly soon. And then in Alberta, uh, we’re still, uh, James Kitchen, our legal team, uh, still working hard on the mass case. I know that started to get into the media again.

Um, and we’re gonna continue to push forward, uh, and support how we can in that effort as well. So just tons of stuff going on in Canada. There will be for a very long time. We’re, we’re taking on some. Very longstanding issues that have been happening in Canada, um, and we’re proud to do so, but I need your help.

Please, please, please, please, please keep spreading the word to your colleagues so that together we can actually make some significant things happen in Canada. All right in the United States. Um, so I had a, a meeting with our lobbyists. We’re still pushing in the appropriations committee, um, for our military chiropractic project.

Um, the Congress is always just a mess. So right now they’re fighting over spending bills and all of that kind of stuff. So we’re kind of. Waiting. Our, our sponsors told us that they’re still pushing it. They still believe they’re gonna be able to get it through because we’re not asking for an overly significant amount of money.

But, um, yeah, we’re just waiting. We’re hoping to hear something by July. Um, they’re gonna have to make some decisions with the budget and, and appropriations and all of that. So we’ll know more in that. But, and the good news is we’re making more and more allies. We’ve had meetings with other significant members within the military.

Sharing the vision, um, they’re starting to get it. Uh, they’re asking us questions. They’re coming to us and saying, Hey, have you thought about this? So that’s always a positive thing. It’s been a long road. We’ve been at this for almost three and a half, four years. Um, but we’re not stopping because our military needs to have access to chiropractic and we should allow our chiropractors to be able to serve our country.

So, In the military as well. So we’re gonna keep fighting, man, that this isn’t gonna stop. Um, other news around the country, we’ve had a number of associations that have reached out to us about some potential, um, things in their states that they would need some help with. So we’re very excited to be getting those calls.

We’re also gonna start taking on. We’re gonna have a call here soon. I know there’s been an issue very similar to what happened with the Wilkes case, where there’s this staunch thing across the country with chiropractors and their abilities to treat animals. Um, and the veterinary people, chiropractors potentially losing their license for practicing without a license, things of this nature.

So that’s been brought to our attention and that’s an entire countrywide thing. Um, so I’ll have more information for you after I have some of my introductory meetings. But this is something that would definitely fall within our wheelhouse of protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors. If people are getting fined and, and threatened with their license because they’re doing something that falls well within their scope.

Um, especially all of these individuals have additional certification in this. Um, we wanna make sure that that’s protected. So those are some things that are starting to happen in the us. Very excited people are coming to us with their, their problems. Um, that’s why we here, that’s what we do. So we’re excited.

That we’re at that point. But, um, we’ll keep updating you on, on things as they develop. So, All right guys, so the conclusion for this week, um, really is we, I wanna do these quick updates. I want to give you a reality of things that we’re doing, and then I want you to communicate back with me if you’re interested in a particular topic.

Um, you’re also gonna start seeing, in the coming weeks, I’m gonna be interviewing some of our board members. I’m going to be interviewing our attorneys, some other significant people that have been a part of us and watched our work around the world. I think it’s important for you to start hearing from other people.

Another good breaking news. We are gonna be launching a podcast called The State of Chiropractic, where I will be interviewing, you know, a lot of the people that I get to do work with around the world on behalf of chiropractic. What we’re trying to do is shrink chiropractic for you, meaning that it’s not so big that, that that’s what’s happening in Australia.

Is relevant to you in the United States or vice versa, so that we all understand really the work that needs to be done, the work that is being done, and the impact that it has on chiropractic all over the world. So, Lots of new stuff coming up. We’re excited to be launching these things, giving you more information, plugging you into the reality of what’s going on.

Um, but we’re excited, we’re growing. Um, we’re, we’re making it to the or we’re taking it to the next level, and we’re excited about what we’re gonna be able to do for the, for the profession in those efforts. So, all right guys. I’m done. I’m lost my voice. I’ve given you the updates for the week. We love you.

We appreciate you. God bless you, and we will talk to you here in a couple weeks. See you my friends. Bye-bye.