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One Chiropractic Celebrates Executive Director Bharon Hoag’s Recognition with the Chiropractic Advocate Award

Bharon Hoag winner of Advocate of the Year from MAC


Columbus, OH – One Chiropractic is thrilled to announce that our Executive Director, Bharon Hoag, has been honored with the prestigious Chiropractic Advocate Award by the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) during their Spring Convention. This accolade is a testament to his unwavering commitment and transformative contributions to the chiropractic profession.

Under Bharon’s leadership, One Chiropractic was founded with the vision of revolutionizing the profession by introducing a new model that renders the old obsolete, promoting unity and progression in a traditionally fragmented industry. This effort has evolved into the Chiropractic Defense Council, a robust platform that defends the practice rights of chiropractors across the globe.

Watch the award ceremony here:

In his acceptance speech, Bharon emphasized the critical need for chiropractors to organize and act collectively. “With approximately 160,000 chiropractors worldwide, we possess the strength to counter any challenge,” he declared. He highlighted the profession’s resilience against historical challenges, such as those from the American Medical Association, and urged for a unified approach to seize the opportunities presented by today’s healthcare challenges.

“Our mission at One Chiropractic is to ensure that every chiropractor has the ability to practice freely and as they believe is right. This award reinforces our resolve to press ahead, breaking down barriers and ensuring that no external forces define chiropractic for us,” said Mr. Hoag.

Watch the acceptance speech here:

One Chiropractic is proud of the significant strides we have made, which began with the foundational support from the Michigan chiropractic community. Bharon’s leadership has not only expanded our reach but also fortified our capacity to protect and promote the interests of chiropractors worldwide.

This award serves not only as a recognition of Bharon Hoag’s achievements but also as a collective celebration of the progress the chiropractic profession has made under his guidance. As One Chiropractic continues to grow, we remain committed to our core mission of uniting and empowering chiropractors everywhere.

In his speech, Bharon Hoag passionately called on all chiropractors to join the movement, highlighting that currently, only 1% of the profession is actively protecting its entirety. As we persist in our efforts to secure the future of chiropractic, we encourage all allies of the profession to contribute $33 per month. Our success hinges on many contributing a modest amount, aiming to reach a total of 10,000 contributors. This will ensure we have the necessary resources.

If you are one, we are 10,000— 10,000 people moving in one direction are unstoppable.


About One Chiropractic: One Chiropractic is a leading organization committed to advancing the chiropractic profession through innovative leadership, advocacy, and strong community connections. We strive to empower chiropractors to thrive in their practice while transforming global health through chiropractic care.