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Are your rights being protected?

All right, man. We are in the middle of the war. This has been an incredible, incredible, two and a half-years. What we thought was the worst thing in history has gone, and we think we can relax, but that’s actually not the case. What we’ve started is a revolution, and it’s absolutely amazing to be a part of.

But here’s the issue. When you create a revolution, then people start believing in something again, right? We have created and ignited a movement within chiropractic all over the world. We’re actually bringing chiropractic under one umbrella, which is absolute. Under the principles that were protecting the rights of the practicing chiropractor, the individual chiropractor, not the profession as a whole, which is beautiful because it doesn’t mean we have to agree on any one thing.

It means that we just believe that your rights should be protected. We agree that there’s government overreach. We agree that there are unnecessary mandates restricting your freedoms. We agree that they don’t understand chiropractic and so therefore they’re trying to remove and rip away your ability to do x-rays, to see children, to be able to see active military. These are issues we’re fighting all over the world, and the dollars that you give every single day have allowed us to hire the best legal teams that money can buy in all of these countries. But here’s the problem. I’m not able to hire enough attorneys. We have so much going on now that we’ve proven our worth.

We’ve survived that test of time in the chiropractic profession that we’re an organization that does what they say they’re going to do. We now have people coming out to us, hand over fists, literally every single day. I’m fielding emails and phone calls, coordinating all of the efforts, all over the world to ensure that the rights of practicing chiropractors are protected.

Did you know right now in Canada, we have chiropractors that are being fined absorbent amounts of monies, like $40,000, and being shut down, and suspended for six months because they took a prepay with a patient? Unacceptable and ridiculous, and they’ve gotten away with it because no one stood their ground.

Well, we are now, we’re defending those individuals. The problem is that’s just one case and we have hundreds of them happening all over the world, and we’re poised. We have the team. What I don’t have is the resources. Now here’s the thing. Whenever you ask for money, people are always wondering where does it go?

Nonprofits always pad their wallets… I get it. Well, our number one commitment to you has been transparency. If you’re not going to our website and you’re not really taking a look at it, you’re missing three key things. You’re missing the number one issues that we’re facing where they’re happening, and then you’re not knowing where those resources are going.

We have right on our website every quarter exactly where every penny of our organization goes. Complete transparency. This isn’t a situation where you’re giving Baron the money. The money is going for us to fight issues that are bigger than any one individual. That’s what I need you to do. So you being a part of this, I thank you so much for your trust.

Some of you give blindly and I appreciate that. But I don’t want you to give blindly. I don’t want to have that charge happen and you don’t even realize it’s happening. I want you to be proud of your support of our organization, proud enough that you’re sharing it. So here’s my ask of you…

10 individuals.

Find 10 people in your tribe that you’re going to share, that you’re a part of this organization and they should be a part of it as well. Watch the videos that I send you every Monday. Go to the website and go to the blog. Get caught up with what we’re doing all over the world. I literally tell everybody everything.


Join the fight to defend the rights of chiropractors!


The Chiropractor’s Bill of Rights – A comprehensive guide on the inalienable rights of chiropractors & what to do when your profession is under siege.

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We’re probably one of the only organizations that are as transparent, both with our money and our efforts as we are every single Monday. I tell you what’s. And I love that you watch it. I get emails and that’s great, but with all due respect, I don’t need the accolades. I wanna do the work, but I can’t do the work cause I don’t have enough people supporting us.

You can help me by the time you took to send me that video, you could send and forward the video to somebody else and tell them that they need to be a part of it. We need tens of thousands of people supporting this organization so that we can do the work that’s in front of us. The worst is not behind us.

The beauty is ahead of us, but there’s work to be done in that process and I’m asking you to join it. So please share this information, share our website, and share this video. I don’t care what you need, any resources, reach out to me and I’ll get it to you. Cuz I’m so committed to the work that’s happening around the world.

We have an unbelievable opportunity and so I’m imploring you to help me grow. Share this information with your colleagues. Help us take healthcare by storm and make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. We can do it. We will do it in my lifetime, but I need your help to make it happen.

So please help me today. Send it to your colleagues and let’s do amazing things together. I know we can do it. God bless.