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Today is the day we’re releasing the ebook and the Bill of Rights. You’ll see it in the email below, but today I want to talk to you a little bit more in detail about what this consists of, why we’re doing it, why it matters to you, and why I know you’re gonna help me spread this around the profession.

So, good morning, our Warriors. My name is, Baron Hoig. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, January 9th for your global report. All right, guys, so. Very excited. A lot of work has gone into this, and a lot of backend stuff. Um, I cannot stand writing, so putting this thing together, um, has been a labor of love and I’m excited about it because I think it’s time going into this new year that our profession draws a line in the sand.

So below this video, in your email, you’re gonna see two tabs. Tab number one is the ebook. This is the Bill of Rights explained. It’s a 23-page document. Um, you can flip through it, really understand each of the different articles that we’ve put in this bill of rights and why we’re standing up for it, and the work that we’ve been doing around the world to, to show you that this is a line in the sand that we’re drawing.

The second tab is just the one-page bill of rights itself. Uh, we made it look a little bit like old English. So it’s something you could put on your wall, you could have printed off, you could do whatever you want to do with it, but it’s just a one-pager. Um, that is the Bill of Rights itself. Now, here’s the importance of this document and why I’m, I’m really spending the time in the beginning of this video to share with you, I need your help.

I want this all over. Underneath the documents themselves, you’re going to see a. That I want you to share with everyone. You know, if you have, if you’re a part of a consulting group and you have people to follow, you have a database I’m asking you to please send it out. Um, you’re also gonna see another link that says Support the cause.



Download The Chiropractor’s Bill of Rights 

Download the Bill of Rights One-Pager


This is a link that’s gonna give you sample language that you can put in email, sample language, you could put on social media with the links to send people to, to have them download a copy of. This particular document, my goal is just to saturate the profession. For people to be getting this from every different angle.

All of my friends are gonna send it out. Um, so all the consulting groups and different groups around the profession are gonna help spread this word, but it’s time that we come together. On these 10 articles that we agree, it is time for the profession of chiropractic to stand and no longer be the redheaded stepchild of healthcare.

And so we’re excited to be launching this thing. I know I’ve been talking about it forever. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you like it. Please give me your feedback. Um, but we’re excited to be able to put this out. So I really, really, really appreciate your help. Please get it out there. Obviously we’re hoping it leads to people contributing and being a part of what we’re doing, um, as things are really starting to ramp up.

But we’ll get into. As I get into the country by Country Report, so thank you so much for your patience on this. I’m excited about it. Make sure you click those links below. Help me spread the words so that we can get things done. All right guys, so, uh, now let’s get into our global reports. Um, we’ll start with New Zealand as we always do.

Uh, very excited. I’m, I’m finalizing my plans, uh, for my trip to Australia and New Zealand. Um, starting to have conversations again. We’ve been telling you before that we’re looking at a couple of different things. Um, one getting a little bit better at the messaging of chiropractic in New Zealand, and I know the association is heading that up, and we’re happy to support that effort and gonna be working with them to do so.

We’re also looking at. Nuances where chiropractic is restricted. Um, you guys are, are not, you’re not allowed to, to refer for certain services. Um, there there are other types of entities that are not accepting referrals from chiropractors. So we’re starting to dig into those things. We’re also starting to hear talk around the world.

And this is for everybody. I’ll, I’ll mention this in each country that I update. Um, but the, there’s this. Like cycle of covid coming out again. Um, and we’re wanting to be prepared. We’re, we’re gearing up with our legal teams to make sure that if the government does anything like they did last time and really becomes dogmatic in the way that they’re doing things, we have an immediate response.

So we’re, we’re excited about getting out there. I’m really gonna be meeting some people when I’m in New Zealand. Um, please pay attention to those dates I will be having in Auckland. I’m going to be meeting on the seventh. The evening of the seventh. We’re gonna have a meeting in Auckland. That’s gonna be a round table.

That’s really an opportunity for me to meet some of you, for you to bring your colleagues. I’ve had some people asking me, Hey, can we bring people that are not, um, part of the C D C at this time? And absolutely. I’m hoping this will be kind of a contributor drive as well, and people can talk to me, see. Um, ask questions and we can really, um, you know, give you a feel of where we’re going and what we’re doing.

So on the seventh, we’re gonna be in Christ, uh, excuse me, in Auckland. And then on the ninth, we’re going to be in Christ Church. So I’m just now finalizing exactly where those meetings will be. Uh, I promise to get you information, but please, if you’re in the Auckland area, please make sure that you save some time that evening.

We’ll probably do it around 7, 7 30, uh, pm and then in Christ Church, again, we’ll do that on the ninth. It’ll be around 7, 7 30. Um, so please make sure that you block those times off. I’d love to meet you. Absolutely love to meet you. I’d love you to bring your colleagues so that we can make sure that, uh, we’re, we’re communicating and everyone’s on the same page.

So great stuff in, uh, New Zealand. We’re gonna continue to push those efforts. Um, and as you, I wanna remind. Part of the way that we pick our tasks and our projects that we work on is largely because of the input you give us. So if you are finding things or you have issues in New Zealand that maybe you feel like have never been addressed, please send ’em to me.

I’m not promising you we’re gonna take on everything you give us, but we’ll definitely look at it and make sure that, you know, things are on the up and up. And if it fits within our paradigm, we’ll definitely take that on. So, uh, please communicate with us back and forth, but I’m excited to meet you guys in a couple months.


All right, Australia. So in Australia, man, um, there’s always a lot going on in Australia. Uh, again, as I was talking to New Zealand, I’m finalizing, I just kind of booked my hotel. For my efforts there as well. So let me give you a quick update of where I’m going to be in Australia. So on the 23rd I’m going to be in Sydney.

We’re gonna be doing a town hall in Sydney. I don’t have a location yet, but we’ll be getting that soon. But please keep that date, Sydney area people. Uh, the 23rd I will be there. Then on the 25th I will be at. T r p event in Brisbane. Um, so even if you’re not a member of T R P or registered for T R P, you can show up to this time that we’re having our, our talk.

Again, I’ll be getting you the details as we get closer to that. I know we’re at the Eatons Hotel in Brisbane. That is the location of that. Um, I don’t have the exact time yet. I’m still working with Dr. Fransen and Bobby. Um, uh, and Dr. Bobby on, on exactly when, um, that’ll work. But I do know it’s at the Eatons Hotel in Brisbane on the 25th.

Um, on the 28th. Um, we will be doing something in the Sunshine Coast, Nosa area. Um, still looking at a location for that, uh, but I know we’ll be in that area on the 28th. Again, probably around 7, 7 30 in the evening. We will be there on the 2nd of March. I will be in Melbourne, so I will have a location there that evening.

If you’re in the Melbourne area, uh, please mark that on your calendar. The second I will be there. And then on the fourth I will be in Adelaide at Concordia, at ACC C’s, um, event. So I’ll be speaking at that. I know that’s at the stem, I believe. Um, is that, is the hotel there? That we’ll be at for that particular event.

New Zealand

And then I’m headed to New Zealand, so that is my schedule when I’m out there in Australia. Now let’s talk about the things that are going on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet with our legal team last week. We had kind of a conflict in our schedules, but, um, I will be meeting with them this week. Uh, part of that meeting is to really get the landscape of where we think things are right now, um, as far as the government and all what we’re projecting for the new year, and then really to dig into op opera.

Uh, Um, you know, we, we’ve talked about that last year that we really feel that there are some loose ends there. We’ve been gathering data on issues that we have found within opera that we feel are restrictive in nature or they create a vulnerability to our people, um, and we want to fix that. It’s kind of funny, I was talking to a couple politicians this week in Australia and everyone knows that opera’s a mess, so everyone acknowledges.

I haven’t had a single person stand up and say, no, we think it’s working exactly how it should. But yet no one’s doing anything about it. So I think we’re gonna have a lot of good bedfellows when we start taking this on. Uh, and remember, I’m not, I’ve had a couple people email me. Over the, the last few months as I’m bringing up this opera conversation, and they’re like, why are you gonna mess with it?

You know, I don’t have any issues with it. If you go in there and start messing with things, it’s gonna make it worse. I, I’m not going in there throwing a sledgehammer. I, I, I we’re being very, very specific and very strategic about the areas that we’ve. Feel, create vulnerabilities for our people. And so I, I, I will share all of that with you before we start doing the work.

Um, remember we have a fire team that we work with there in Australia. They’re kind of our boots on the ground, Dr. Tim Lemming and, and some other individuals that we, you know, we make sure that we’re vetting everything we’re doing before we do it. Um, but it’s gotta be done. You know, we, we’ve complained, uh, from what I hear, this has been an issue forever and, and ever since Opera came into play a couple decades ago.

Um, but no one’s really taken on the task. I know it’s a long play. It’s something that’s not gonna happen overnight, but it needs to happen. Um, and that’s exactly why we’re taking on this work. That’s why we exist, is to take on these issues that may take a little bit longer. To fix than what, um, other organizations are, are willing to do.

Um, I will say that I’m very excited about our relationship with aca. We’re, we’re starting to talk with ’em a little bit more. I’ll be meeting with them when I come out, uh, in a couple months. Um, and so I’m excited about some, maybe other projects that we’ll be doing, some joint things with them as well, um, where our intentions, uh, kind of line up together.

So excited about that. Last thing I wanna tell you about is the malpractice insurance. So your PI insurance. I, I, I’ve been sharing with you for a while. We’ve been looking at different options. We had some conversations with the aca, we’ve had conversations with Guild, we’ve had conversations with other entities, and I think we’re close to letting you know kind of what all.

Vetting and research has, has brought out, but I do think there are options for you. Um, you know, we are challenging guild currently, um, to go back and look and, and, and remove that barrier that says that, uh, the, the vaccine issue, obviously we would never ask them to remove the clause that says that if you’re in violation of any state or federal laws that you know, they, they can drop your policy.

Clearly. If you’re breaking laws, that’s fine. Our argument to them is when the government starts imposing things that they don’t have the ability. Impose, which is uh, was our stance with the mandates that they did not have the ability to impose that and therefore for the Mel, for the PI insurance to not cover you because of a faulty mandate that that was our issue.

So they’re looking at those things on their end. I can’t make any promises on what they’re going to do. I’m just letting you know we’ve had that conversation. We did that in conjunction. Uh, with the aca. So we appreciate their help, um, in making that conversation happen. But nonetheless, we have options.

We’ve been vetting them. Um, we, we should be ready to release that information fairly soon. So then you can choose, uh, you can stay with Guild if that’s something you wanna do, and hopefully we can make that change. Or if you really wanna move to another carrier that doesn’t have those types of contingencies, um, we’re happy to, uh, provide that option for you as well.

South Africa

So that is what is happening in a. All right, South Africa, man, I love you guys down there. And, um, I’m excited to start digging a little bit more into South Africa. Uh, I shared with you on our New Year’s update, um, really what our vision was. And I, I want to continue to grow that Africa as an area that, um, has a, a soft spot for me because I, I, I’ve, I’ve had some.

Uh, contact with chiropractors that work throughout Africa and, and there needs to be a little bit more organization and, and things getting done. And, and so we’re happy to play that role. Um, so in South Africa we’re gonna be talking, ramping up some conversations, really looking again at areas where we feel, um, you know, chiropractic doesn’t have the freedom to do what it needs to do.

And so, um, be looking for that. And again, I appreciate your feedback. We’ll be doing some webinars and stuff this year to kind of attract more interest from people, giving them an opportunity to talk to me. Um, but we’re excited to continue to build out that African, um, impact on chiropractic. I, I shared with you before, we’re working in Nigeria a little bit, um, gonna start growing that influence as well.

Um, so we’re excited, we’re excited about the work that we’re gonna be doing there. We appreciate your love and support. Uh, please continue to spread the word. The work that we’re doing as an organization is just, it’s, it’s necessary and it’s working, so we appreciate your support in spreading that. Oh, Canada.


All right guys, man, this is gonna be the year there is gonna be so much impact for chiropractic in Canada. I can’t even tell you. Um, we have been deep, deep, deep into everything that’s been going on, um, around all of Canada. I’ve been sharing this with you for, for months and months now, everything we’re doing.

Um, I have a call with our attorneys in British Columbia this week. I’ll have more of an update in timelines for x-ray. Um, I know that we just had a hearing for our other case that relates to the, the college’s, uh, process of doing, um, investigations. Um, so I’m waiting on an update from our legal team for that.

Uh, and I know we’re also working on putting together an event, um, in British Columbia, maybe late March, early April. Um, that I’m excited to come out and see you guys in person. So I’m working with a group of people there. Um, I’m excited to be a part of that event and, and bring some energy into the new year and get everybody excited and ramped up after a year of repression.

And so I’m, I’m excited about moving forward. I, I know we’ve got issues in BC with Bill 36. I’m aware of that. I’ve been getting emails from you guys. Um, we are continuing to monitor that. I have our legal teams looking at that. I understand the, the horrible language that is in that, the potential abuse that can happen because of that bill.

As I shared with you guys before, there was no stopping it. If I could have stopped it, I would’ve, uh, I just did not have the ability. To do that. It was already bought and sold. Um, within the legislature. There was no stopping it. However, there are loopholes within it. There are vulnerabilities within that bill, and now it’s a matter of monitoring the way that they interpret it and use it, which is exactly what we’re, and a number of other organizations are doing as we’ve been talking with them.

So there, I just want you to know, we haven’t been ignoring that there’s just a process to massive bills like that. and it really comes down to their ability to enforce. A lot of the language was there just to appease certain people, but they have absolutely no intent on following through with it. That happens in legislation all the time.

So part of our job is to not overreact and not to create a bigger issue than it’s needed. We wanna be knowledgeable, we wanna be equipped, we wanna be prepared that if the abuse does happen, we. To challenge it. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. That was our success in Australia, New Zealand, throughout all of the mandates.

And that’s exactly what our strategy and success will be in British Columbia as it relates to that bill as well. So please don’t think that we’ve ignored that. We haven’t. It’s just being strategic means you don’t always take the obvious path to dealing with something. And that was exactly our stance with 30, uh, bill 36.

So, um, we’re I, I’ll let you know more information as this event, uh, kind of builds, uh, and we get closer to that. But I do look forward to seeing you guys, uh, in the first and the first beginning, the second quarter of 2023, there in British Columbia. In Ontario. Uh, man, we are going to war there. Um, you guys know that we’ve been representing a doctor there in Ontario.

Um, with that the board has been coming after him and, and just an egregious, um, sentence that they provided. So we, we’ve been defending that individual, not necessarily just because of that individual’s case, but because it’s a perfect example of the abuse that the college has been using with their authority.

And so we felt it was a flagship case for us to make a statement with that college. And so we just had a seven day hearing. With that organization in December, or excuse me, with the college in December. Um, man, it was very interesting. Our legal team, as I’ve told you before, they’re bulldogs, they’re, they’re amazing.

Um, and what this case is really starting to represent a, a new issue, uh, arose throughout the case, which I’m actually excited about because the college is now starting to try to define the term in your guys’ scope that says conditions related to the spine nervous system and joint. They’re trying to mini minimize that meaning that there are very few things that fall within the definition of conditions related to where obviously we’re arguing the other side of that, that that opens up a lot of different things that, uh, fall within the scope of chiropractic, um, and allow you guys to treat your patients as you’re capable knowledge and trained to do.

And so we’re excited that this is actually gonna become part of the case, and it gives us a lot of ammunition to be able to come back at the college and again, show how minimalistic they’re being, um, when they look at these things and their, their goal is obviously just to repress the chiropractor. So this case, uh, is gonna go on.

I’m being told we’ve got another five days that are gonna happen in February. So it’s dragging on a little bit. But here’s the good news here. Here’s what I want you to understand about why this is happening. Um, and yes, we obviously. About the outcome of this, it is completely inappropriate. Our legal team says they expect us to win on 95% of the, the issues that are being brought up in this case, which is a phenomenal resolve.

The, the, the other side of this is putting the college on notice that they can no longer just. Do this without being held accountable. They are spending so much money. I mean, we’ve already had seven days. We’re gonna add about another four or five days. This is going to really deplete them of their resources, which means they can no longer just go out and flippantly do these types of abuse because they know that someone’s gonna be holding them accountable and they literally cannot afford to be able to keep throwing off these bogus penalties.

So again, this is part of a big plan. The strategy of the CDC is not only. To defend those individual cases, but it’s to create a level playing field in the environment the way that we’re funded, which, uh, we’ll get into that here in a. But the way that we’re funded is that we can take on these long-term fights, that this isn’t a bunch of, you know, throw a hundred thousand at something in one month and then I’ve gotta go and find the money the next month.

Right? We have great attorneys that are part of our mission, so their rates are almost half of what the college is paying for their attorneys. And so we can sustain this battle way longer than they can because we have that constant renewal of money. Coming in. That was the genius behind the CDC from the very beginning was how do we sustain long-term battles, cuz those are the types of things that we take on.

So this case in Ontario is a perfect example of that. They are spending almost two-thirds more than we are and they’re likely gonna lose most of these points. I’m not saying that they may not win on a couple of issues, but they’re gonna be technical or minor technicalities, but they’re not gonna be able to suspend the doctor for six months or make ’em pay almost 40 grand that that’s not gonna happen.

And so we’re excited that we. Battle. This is what we were built to do. So aside from the outcome, which we’re still very confident, we’re gonna win. Even if we didn’t, it still bleeds the college and lets them know they’re gonna be held accountable and they’re gonna want to be careful moving forward on what they’re doing.

So please understand that, that our strategy is bigger than just the individual issues. And this is what, what happened in Alberta, right? With the, the mass case. It, it really bled that college. And so now when we talk to the. They, they’re much more willing to have a conversation and settle things and resolve rather than be so dogmatic with what they were doing.

So we’re just trying to create a level playing field. We’re not attacking them, we’re not targeting them. We’re not trying to be unfair or swing the PE pendulum out of balance in the other way. What we’re trying to do is create a level playing field where they do their job. Their job is nothing more than to protect the public and ensure that their registrants are following the laws in the process.

And that’s, and we support that. And we would actually help the college if there was a chiropractor doing something completely inappropriate. But that is not the case with what we’re seeing. It’s the pendulum has swung way in the power of abuse or way in the direction of abuse, and we we’re trying to fix that.

So in Ontario, we’ve got a lot going on. I am looking, um, to, uh, uh, plan an event there as well in the spring. So be looking for that. I want to come up and see you guys, um, and make sure that we have an opportunity to grow our influence in Canada. Now as it relates to, uh, resource. Guys, we’re spending a lot of money in Canada.

I mean, we’re spending, right now I’m spending almost $50,000 a month just in Canada alone, and I’m not even coming close to bringing that in. So I’m asking you, please share this with your colleagues. We have to grow our representation there. We’re okay as an organization, but it’s not sustainable. If there’s a fire to blow up in one of these other countries right now, I wouldn’t be able to help him.

Because most of my resources are going to Canada right now, so I’m asking you to please, please, please take the ebook, take the bill of Rights, spread it out to your colleagues, get them motivated to be a part of this. I just shared with you the vision of what we’re trying to do and we’re getting ready to do it in Quebec as well.

I’ll talk about Quebec in a second, but a lot going on in Canada and we need you guys to jump on board, right? Our goal was to get over a thousand people connected to us in Canada. Right now we’re at five 70, so we, we’ve got some work to do. I’ll do everything in my power to continue to give you the information you need to spread that message.

But you guys know people, I don’t. And so I’m asking you to please spread this message. All we’re asking for is 33 US dollars a month. That’s it. If you want to give more, you’re welcome to go to the one-time contribution and give us a chunk. That would be fantastic. But my ask is that people jump on board and we have that ongoing continual revenue so that we can sustain these battles even further because I’m telling you, As we get into more, uh, uh, provinces and as we start seeing, we’re gonna have more battles like we’re taking on in British Columbia and Ontario right now.

So please, please, please, um, help me spread the word. I want to continue to do this work on your behalf. Uh, but, uh, I to do this work is expensive, so I’m asking for your help. All right. Last thing in Canada is Quebec. Quebec. We are going to be doing a webinar on the 19th. Um, I’ve already sent you guys an email.

If you’re connected to us and you’re in Quebec, you got an email this past week from me. Um, telling you about that webinar, please share it with your colleagues. We are getting ready to ramp up. We found a legal firm in Quebec that we’ve connected with. We’re ready to go. We hear that there are very similar abuses up there to what’s been happening in Ontario and British Columbia, so please, um, we want to get as many people on that webinar as possible so they can hear from me directly.

They can understand what it is we’re trying to do. They can hear what we’ve been doing in other parts of Canada and we can get up there and support you guys in Quebec. So please, uh, share that information about the webinar. I’ll be sending another reminder this coming week. Um, and then we will talk to you guys on the 19th so lot in Canada.

United States

There you have it my friends. All right, the United States, uh, interesting things happening in the United States. Man, I’m excited, really counting on you guys to spread this whole message of the Bill of Rights, uh, and the ebook. We really want people to understand. Obviously the United States has the largest accumulation of chiropractors.

Um, there’s more infrastructure here than there is in countries, and so we’re really ready to tap into that. I’m much more well known in the. States. Um, so there are circles that we can tap into here that, that I don’t have in other countries, so we want to continue to grow that influence. So please, please, please spread that information about the ebook and the Bill of Rights.

You’re obviously connected with us. You’re watching these videos, um, I’m asking for your help. The work that we’re doing around the world is just absolutely insane. But specific to the United States, we’re starting to get calls from more state organizations. We’re getting calls from other organizations within the profession asking us to start taking on bigger issues.

Unfortunately, at this point, I can’t give you any more information than that right now, but I promise you I will as soon as I can. But great things are happening. Um, we are finally being seen as that legal arm of the profession, and I’m very excited about that. It’s been a long road to get here, um, but we’re here and so I’m excited to be able to start taking on bigger issues.

I’m also excited about conversations that are happening within the profession. For the first time in my 27 years, I can honestly tell you. Things are starting to come together. People are tired of the way that our profession has been operating. When I say people, I mean the people that have been funding a lot of the things that have been happening, trying to do what they thought was right.

And, and you know, we’ve been shipping at this for long enough and I’ve, I’ve proven with us building the c d C that things can happen. In a, in a better way without blowing everything up. I mean, everyone was so concerned that the work that I was doing was gonna somehow destroy their companies or the way that things were done, and that hasn’t been the case.

If anything, we’re strengthening that. And so I, I’m, I’m pounding. I’ve shared with you my concerns with CCE E and N B C E and the way that our. Schools are being held hostage by, by trying to serve two masters. And then our students obviously are, are the ones that pay that consequence. And then ultimately, you, the chiropractors pay it because you can’t find students.

You gotta, it takes about a year and a half to get them ready to go in your practice to be of value to you. And, and things are just broken. Um, and they’re broken on every level. And I’m not pointing fingers at anybody or any organization. What I’m asking us to do is to be. That it is unacceptable that our profession is so segmented here in the United States.

It is unacceptable. We have literally the best gift known to man. I mean, it’s man’s greatest gift to man. It’s a great book. I have a great friend Marcus CRAs in, in Australia that’s putting on a phenomenal summit called Man’s Greatest Gift to Man. It’s an incredible accumulation of speakers and, and we’ll share more information about that later, but, but we do, we have man man’s greatest gift to man.

Is this chiropractic profession, but we’re so damn dysfunctional that we can’t seem to get it out there to the level that it should. I’m not blaming a single person. As a matter of fact, I’m lifting up everyone that has spent hours and years and decades serving on different boards and committees, trying to do what they felt was right.

I’m telling you, the infrastructure’s broken. It is never going to work the way that we’re trying to get it done. As Buckminster Fuller says, you have to, you cannot change an existing reality by fighting it. You need to create a new model that makes the old model obsolete. We saw it with Uber versus taxis.

We’ve seen it with Amazon versus box stores. We’ve seen it. It doesn’t mean that yes, there’s some destruction, I suppose, if you want to be negative about it, but being positive means that there are things that are more effective and we can actually start changing the. The world sees chiropractic. I’m asking for that.

I’m forcing conversations with individuals. No blame, just a reality check that it’s unacceptable the way that our profession is operating. As a whole man, we are growing more than ever. Those chiropractors that are speaking the truth about chiropractic, about wellness and about the, the s the the source, or the, excuse me, the host being stronger, they’re busier than they’ve ever been.

Covid really changed the entire paradigm of the world’s view of health. And our profession is stronger in certain areas today, but we’re not really using that strength to gain any ground. And so that’s what we’re trying to change here. So the C D C is trying to force conversations in the United States because if we can create a better infrastructure, I promise you, we can take over healthcare.

Because we have everything they’re looking for. And I’m not saying take over from a, a standpoint of defeating someone. I mean take over from a standpoint of they’re going to choose us because we’re doing a much better job of explaining who we are and what we’re doing rather than putting our energy and fighting each other.

We’re putting it into telling our story. And that has always been the success for chiropractic. So the work we’re doing here in the. States is completely about changing the infrastructure of how our profession operates so that you guys can actually start getting engaged and start believing in the leadership of this profession.

And we can be an organ, a, a, a profession, a trade that works together to accomplish significant things. I’m not asking for unity, cuz that’s never gonna happen. What I’m asking for us is to come together on the. We need to protect the rights of the practicing chiropractor, and there needs to be some house cleaning done to be able to build a better infrastructure and foundation for our profession to actually hold its rightful place in healthcare.

All right, I’m gonna get off my soapbox cuz I’m, I’m just rambling. But there’s so much work to be done here in the United States and not all of it is work that we’re going to do. It’s work that we’re forcing the conversation and we’re helping to guide so that we can actually see that get done and then we can collabo.

With other organizations to do some amazing things, and that’s the talk that’s happening right now. I cannot wait to share with you what that looks like here in the coming weeks, but I’m just telling you, great things are happening in that regard. All right. This has been an insanely long video. Um, I I’m gonna cut it off just cuz I could go on forever, but I hope when you watch this, you understand the magnitude of work that we’re doing.

Um, you know, as I sat back and reflected over the last year and looking at just the sheer. Amount of work that was done and, and the impact that we were able to have on the profession. It blows my mind. It really does blow my mind because I’m so, uh, honored to do this work. That, and honored to meet the people that I’ve met and to be able to, to collaborate with the people that I’ve met.

It’s just absolutely out of this world. Insane. Um, but it’s also an unbelievable opportunity. I’m telling you, we have three years left. We have three years to really do this work, and then healthcare’s gonna redefine itself and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be for about another couple decades. So I’m asking you to please commit with us.

I, I, I, there’s two ways that you can commit with us. One, just stay connected. Stay connected, and just be a contributor. $33 a month. Uh, again, it’s a, it’s the smallest contribu. You can give that has the greatest amount of impact. And number two, share it. I need ambassadors. I need people to go out there. I don’t wanna spend an unbelievable amount of money in marketing that that just is.

It’s crazy. People are not giving us money so that we can turn around. and to market ourselves. They’re giving us money to do the work that needs to be done for the profession. And that’s what we’ve been doing up to this point. But we’re at such a pinnacle where now people understand us and they want us to do things, but now we don’t have the resources, which is the first time we’ve experienced this.

And so I’m having to say no to things that I’d love to say yes to, but I’ve gotta prioritize. Our job is to protect the rights of the practicing chiropractors around the world. And I can’t get into things that I know need to be done. And take away from those fights. And, and if you’ve watched the Canada update, you understand where the fights are right now.

So I, I’m asking you to be an ambassador for us to share with your colleagues. Hey, have you heard about the Defense Council? Go to their site, read their bill of rights, use the information I gave you in today’s email. And let them understand that there’s something happening here that is needed to happen in our profession since it’s inception, but it’s happening now and they have an opportunity to be a part of it.

Listen, I love every single one of you, no matter what specialty you’re in, what country you exist in, I’m just telling you, we have some amazing work to do in 2023, and you have my commitment. I’m working on my health, I’m working on my balance, working on everything for me so that I can continue to. As, as, as diligently as I can.

I’m committed to this. I’m a hundred percent in to ensuring that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world, and I’m asking you to join me in that. Download the Bill of Rights ebook, read through it, understand exactly who we are as an organization and what it is we’re trying to accomplish, and then share it.

Share it. If you have a large group of people that follow you for any particular reason on your social channels or. Follow it, send it, share it. Encourage people to be a part of it. I wanna take the world by storm. Imagine. Look at what we’ve already done with limited resources. Imagine if we double those resources, the impact we’re able to have on the world around us.

So we’re excited, we’re ready. We’re geared up. We’re asking for your help. Listen, have an absolutely incredible start to your year. I’ll be back at you next week with more information. We love you. We appreciate you. God bless you and God bless chiropractic. Have a great one.