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All right, we have another week of just crazy updates and the things that are happening around the world. You’re gonna wanna pay attention, make sure you listen to each country if you haven’t done that in a while, to understand everything that’s going on in chiropractic. Please make sure you do because there is so much happening and we’re honored to be in the middle of all of it.

So great stuff for everybody today. Good morning, our Warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, January 30th for your global report. Um, so here’s kinda my intro today. Um, Just crazy stuff. I’m gearing up for my trips, going to different parts of the country.

We’re scheduling things for South Africa. We’re scheduling things for Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Uh, this is gonna be a year that I’m really gonna get to get out and really meet a lot of the people that we’ve been working with over the last couple of years. Um, but I just have this overwhelming sense of just really at peace, and it.

and you know, there’s something here. I was just a service. I’m actually recording this video a little bit late this week. Um, and I wanna pull this up because I got this from my pastor this morning. And, uh, and it was just, it, it really impressed upon me. He was preaching out of, uh, mark three, um, and talking about the apostles and Christ choosing the 12 and all of that fun stuff.

Um, but he was talking about the story of what it meant to not be chosen. That, you know, out of a group of thousands of individuals, Christ chose 12. And what the other people that didn’t get chosen really, what that felt like. And, and, and so he had this, this quote that I love. He goes, it’s not what you accomplish, it’s what you set into motion that matters.

And I think that’s huge. I think sometimes we get so caught up in being, you know, completing things or making sure it’s our responsibility to. Save the world or to make sure that everyone in our community is, understands chiropractic or it’s our job in different capacities serving on nonprofits or whatever the case may be to produce this result of some sort, but maybe just, maybe it’s not about completing the actual task, it’s about setting things in motion.

We were the catalyst to get things going, and so I’m very, that just really inspired me this morning to know the work that we’re doing with the Defense Council, the work that you’re doing by supporting us and all the other organizations that you support. I just have a genuine sense of appreciation for all of you.

You know, things are really ramping up in a number of different, uh, countries. I’m getting lots of emails and I’ll talk about that today when we’re in the individual updates. But if you don’t watch anything other than this intro and then your particular country update, I, I want to just tell you. That the work that’s being done is generational.

Um, I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back or to say that we’re doing any more important work than any other organization. It’s all necessary. Everything that’s being done is necessary and appropriate and, and what’s supposed to be happening. But you have a role in all of that, even when sometimes we sit back and we feel like we weren’t the ones picked or chosen.

So I just wanted to let you know you’re, you’re appreciated, you’re noticed, you’re recognized. Um, I love you and, uh, we’ll be here for you anyway I can. But I want you to move forward this week, having a belief that it’s not always about what it is you accomplish. That’s oftentimes about what you set into motion with your patient, with family members.

Maybe you weren’t the one to actually fix it. Maybe that’s just not your role, but you got things in motion. And so I, I thank you for that. Thanks for putting things in motion. They’re gonna have a generation, uh, generational impact. So just wanted to share that with you this morning as I’m. From service.

Alright guys, let’s get into our updates this week we’re gonna start with New Zealand and New Zealand. I, I finally had my call with the association, um, got an update on the things that are going on. So I have something, um, very important for you today actually, that I, that I wanna share with you. And you guys should have received an update from the association, but there’s a therapeutic, uh, products bill that they’re trying to ram through, and they’re closing submissions on the 15th of February, right?

New Zealand

So at mid. On the 15th of February, they’re stopping the ability for people to put information in. The association has sent you an email. I’m actually looking at that email right now, and provided you with links. Um, I’ve actually attached that link as well in your email for New Zealand. You’ll see the link where you can actually submit.

Listen, the bottom line is you have to submit. To try to stop this bill. Um, I’m not, I’m not gonna take the time today. If you really want information, reach out to the association, but there is so much in this bill that is inappropriate, not going down rabbit holes, but, it’s just unacceptable the things that they’re trying to do with this particular bill.

So the association’s asking, I’m asking you, remember, this is the power of us coming together and being one body, right? We don’t have to agree on everything, but the things that we do agree on. It’s so important that we come together. So I need you to click that link and I need you to submit that you want this bill stopped.

If you wanna really dig into it and learn all the issues and put everything out that you think is an issue with it, have at it. But most importantly you want to be an opposition to this bill because it’s taking away freedoms. This is gonna impact things like vitamin C, and whether you can grow limes and lemons in your yard.

Anything that they deem to be some type of a therapeutic product, they wanna regulate it and control it. It’s kind of all part of this new movement of the um, United Nations and all the crazy things that have happened with Covid and all of that. This is one step, and for those of you that might be watching this from other countries, things like this are what we have to look out for because when it works in a smaller nation like New Zealand, It gets a foothold and then it’s gonna mo move its way over to Australia.

It’s gonna start moving its way to other countries. And then those of us in the United States, you know it’s gonna happen here too. It’s already happened in California and other areas, so we have to stay unified. That’s one of the powers of our organization working in so many different countries, is we can start to see these things moving around.

So it’s absolutely vital that we’re working together and working on these types of issues. So please, in New Zealand, I need you to definitely. Go and oppose that bill. Just flat out say, don’t argue individual points. Just say the whole bill is not good and you’re in opposition to it. If we can get enough impact, and enough people pushing back, there’s a chance that it can be killed.

And if not killed, at least gives us a little bit of effort on the back end, all the groups that are fighting against us to be able to go back and try to appeal or, or get a modification of that, um, particular language, um, after they’ve done what they’re gonna do with it. So, Go to that link, click it. Um, I’ve been sharing with you before that we’re gonna start working on your guys’ ability to communicate what we do in chiropractic.

Told you, I’ve had conversations with the Foundation for chiropractic progress, kind of handing that relationship off over to the association. We’ll be talking about that more. Um, and then that’s just an option. It provides a resource for you that has sourced information. They do really great work over at the foundation and so that, that relationship’s getting built, happy to be cut conduit for that to get.

But we’re excited to keep working on that. That’s gonna really be one of my primary initiatives when I’m over there, is meeting with people, having those conversations, and really opening up the ability of chiropractors to be able to communicate appropriately about the care that they provide in their office.

So those are the things going on in New Zealand. And as a reminder, again, I wanna get my dates right, so forgive me as I’m moving through my calendar here. I will be. Auckland on the 7th of March. I will be in Christchurch on the ninth. So we’re setting those things up. I’m trying to get a meeting at the college, um, New Zealand Chiropractic College.

I’m the seventh. And then, uh, we’re working on a location right now in Christchurch. I have an individual that’s setting that up. So I’ll have those locations for you. Uh, hopefully here in the next couple weeks I’ll be able to lock that down on a time and actual address of where those meetings are gonna happen.

But if you’re in the Auckland area, please make sure you keep the night of the seventh available. If you’re in the Christ Church area, please make sure you have the night of the ninth available and, uh, we’ll, we’ll be out there and I can’t wait to meet you guys and keep talking about the work that we’re doing.

So we love you in New Zealand guys. Thank you so much. And keep working to spread the word. Even if you, you know, you have friends that aren’t contributors, aren’t connected to us. If you can get them to, um, you know, come and meet me so that we can have conversations. We really want to grow our tribe and the impact that we have, uh, there in New Zealand.


So we love you and appreciate you. All right, Australia. So I had another call with a couple of my individuals in Australia. First of all, I wanna tell you, thank you so much for all of you that have been sending me emails as it relates to issues with opera. Um, really gathering a lot of of stuff. I’m gonna ask you to keep doing that.

Um, if you’ve had any interaction with them, you know, obviously in the last five to six years it would be great, um, cuz it’s at least a little bit more current. But I don’t care how long it is. I’ve had a number of you email me asking. Well, Baron, how long ago? You know, this was back in 2012 or something like that.

At this point, I’m gathering all information that I can, so I don’t care how long ago it was. If you have copies of the communications they gave to you. I’m trying to understand exactly their positioning, the things that they’re saying about the regulations, why they’re coming after you, removing, you know, posters and things, off walls, all that kind of stuff.

Um, we’re still gathering that information. Um, and again, when I’m out there, I’m gonna be meeting with a number of individuals with our attorneys to really figure out the best way to go after these issues. That’ll open it up for us to be able to really communicate more appropriately about the natural way of healthcare, right?

Not sick care, but healthcare, where we’re legitimately working with people, educating them on the power of their body through the different mediums that we possess in the chiropractic and, and naturopathic and alternative methods that, that are available in Australia. Please keep sending those emails.

I’m getting them, I’m reading them. I appreciate it. I’m just collecting all that information so that we can organize it. Um, and I would greatly, greatly appreciate that. Um, uh, again, I reminded you last week, I’ll say it again, if you have any contact from opera or any other regulatory body as it relates to maybe exemptions that you once had or as it relates to any follow up from anything that happened in Covid.

Uh, I wanna make sure that you guys are reaching out to us first. It’s very important that our team helps guide you based on what they’re asking for so that we can shut these things down. Again, we have a great, competent team. Um, it’s just all about communication and you guys sharing with us exactly what you’re dealing with and how things are happening.

So please make sure you reach out to me there. Again in Australia, I will be arriving on the 21st of February. Um, I’ll be doing my first meeting in Sydney on the 23rd. I’m going to be at the remarkable practice event in Brisbane on the weekend of the 24th, 25th. I will be at Sunshine Coast on the 28th, um, and then I will be in Melbourne.

Um, on the second. Uh, and then I will be an Adelaide on the fourth, the third and the fourth, um, at Concordia. So those are my dates in Australia. Please, please, please share with your colleagues. I am firming up. Obviously, we’re at the T R P event on the 25th. We know where that’s at. We’re at the Concordia event on the.

And then I’m working on locations right now in Sydney, um, in Melbourne and Sunshine Coast. So we’ll have those, those for you very soon. I, I apologize, I promise we’ve still got a couple weeks, but I will get that information to you before we get out there. But I’m very excited to get out there, meeting with a number of attorneys while I’m there, a couple key leaders, um, in the healthcare movement.

Um, and so we’ll be, uh, we’ll be sharing that information with you as we move along. Keep getting me opera information. If opera reaches out to you for any issue, make sure you get back to me and make sure that you’re keeping those dates available so that I can see you when I get out there in a few weeks.

South Africa

So, all right, I’ll show you. We love you. Um, next week. We’ll keep updating you on some of the other things that are going on, but that’s what I have for you today. All right. Uh, Southern Africa, not Southern, South Africa, rather. Uh, man, had a great call with my contact again there this past week. Uh, exciting stuff that we’re starting to shift and pivot to, um, that we’re working on.

I shared with you that we’re gonna be working on coming and doing, uh, an event in South Africa at the end of this year, uh, end of October, early November. Still working out the details. Um, we’re figuring out if we can get all of our doctors kind of registered and ready to go. So we can do it in South Africa if we’re gonna need to bounce it a little, uh, a little north of South Africa.

Um, and, and do it in another area where we don’t run into any regulatory issues. Um, we wanna make sure we’re doing everything above board. Um, but I’m starting to have deep conversations about working to get a school in at. Cape Town and, and I’m, I’m excited about these conversations. I’m excited to work with you, there’s a, been a group of people that have been working on this for a while.

Uh, but we would love to get a principal chiropractic school going in Cape Town to really continue to further spread the message. It also helps us in areas like your guys’ ability to communicate right when we have a school there. Then it gives us more opportunity for research, gives us opportunity to put information out that’ll help every chiropractor that is in that area.

So, exciting conversations are happening. Um, I’m just excited to be ramping things up in South Africa. Um, in Africa as a whole. I mean, Nigeria we’re working there as well on a number of projects. So lots of things happening in South Africa. Again, I’ll get you more information on the dates when I get down there.


In late October, early November. I, I’ll let you guys know. I’d love to meet with you while we’re there. We’ll have a little meeting and try to spread, uh, you know, the impact with people all around that area. So still excited to get moving and I’ll get you more details as we get closer. All right. In Canada, um, I’ve had a couple interesting, um, emails from individuals in Canada.

I really am trying to do my best to give you as much information as I can on everything that’s going on. I, I, I know I go fast through this because I try to keep these videos as manageable as possible, cuz I want people watching them. I want you to stay plugged in. I want you to stay informed, but I know sometimes I burn through things and it looks like there’s no progress being made.

I’m telling you right now, we’re having weekly calls with our legal team in BC with all the things that are going on. Everything from the x-ray issue we just had. We’re waiting on the results of the hearing for the appeal that they had on the investigation process with the college. Um, a number of different things that are going on in British Columbia that we’ve been working on and continued to work on, but I, I’ve gotten a few emails with people saying, Hey, it doesn’t seem like you guys are moving on these things.

Part of it really is, The process in which legal matters happen. They’re very slow. It’s very frustrating, but they’re very slow. Um, but I, I’m trying to do my best. So I did have a suggestion this week from, from one of our contributors. I’m gonna start getting a little snippet updates from our attorneys maybe once a month, um, where you can hear directly from them so that you know.

I’m not just telling you things, I, you know, there are individuals that are a part of all of these conversations. I don’t do any of this by myself. Um, we always have fire teams, is what we call them, which are a group of people that we work with in that particular province. And so there’s always other doctors that have been on the ground and working for a long time, and each of these provinces that we work with.

Um, and, but I, I get that. At the same time, it’d be nice to hear from someone other than me, and sometimes I can get rambling and. Excited about things and, and I’m not giving you a lot of substance, so I apologize. That’s one of my character flaws is I, I just get going. I get excited and I’ve got so much in my head that I’m, I’m trying to remember the hot points and I miss things from time to time.

So I am gonna start adding that. You’ll get some information from our attorneys. Um, I’m gonna try to get them to shoot little videos, a couple minute video, just sharing. Here’s where we’re at, here’s what we’re doing, so that you guys can hear directly from them and know that work is happening. I assure you we’re spending the money.

I mean, at the, the amount of money we’re spending in Canada right now is pretty significant. It’s worth every penny because we’re making a statement, but I, you know, I get my hair up a little bit whenever I have people say, you guys aren’t doing what you say you’re doing, because there’s just so much going on.

Um, and, and we’re doing a lot. And it’s, it’s a lot to keep, keep working. This is not me complaining. This is me saying I’m hearing you. I’m trying to do better at getting information in a format that means something to you guys, so that one, you feel good about the money that you’re supplying us with so that we can do this work.

And two, you feel empowered as well, that you know what’s going on and you’re not just sitting there saying, yeah, we trust the c d c. So please know that that’s coming. Um, same thing in Ontario. Um, we just, this past week we had our hearings. I’m still waiting to get a summary of how all of that went. Um, but I know that this was a big week.

Another hearing with our case there. Um, we also, you guys should have seen, I shared with you my frustration of sitting through a. Uh, council meeting, um, on changing the bylaws, and there were some emails that went out about that. I know there’s some stuff that came out from Dr. Hardick, um, and, and he’s gonna challenge that decision, and so we’re staying very closely attached to that.

We do not wanna step on his toes if he’s got, you know, a team together and he’s confident in where he is moving, but we want to support. Um, we agree. It’s absolutely ridiculous what just happened and why it happened in our opinion. So we’re, we’re keeping the pressure on the collagen Ontario, but I’ll get you more information on that hearing.

But we had another four days of hearings. Um, with that case. So we’re excited to kind of see where the results of that we’ve already won. I will tell you, because we’ve already held them accountable, they’re spending an insane amount of money to have to defend themselves. Um, and, and we’re very confident that we’ve put ourselves in a very good position, um, to actually help this doctor out and set an example to the college that they cannot flippantly act like this any further.

So we’re very, very confident about what’s going on in Ontario and we’re gonna continue. To press forward in that regard. I am also working on a date that I will be coming out in June. Um, you guys are already thrown an event. I believe it’s the first weekend in June. I will be coming to Ontario speaking at an event, um, and hopefully get an opportunity to meet a lot of you there as well.

Um, Anne Quebec, we had a great call in Quebec. Um, we’re continuing to build that, that information. I’m having weekly or biweekly calls with our fire team in Quebec as we’re really looking at the issues that we’re facing in that area. Um, I did share with you guys last week that I made a comment on the webinar.

I wanna be very, very clear, um, about the work we are and aren’t doing. We’re not representing one side or the other. We’re trying to hold colleges accountable, right? We wanna make sure that they’re doing the work that they’re supposed to be doing and not just being a lynch mob going after their registrants, which is what, from my perspective, I’ve been seeing for the last, uh, about decade and a half to two decades.

So those are the things we’re working on. It’s not. Picking aside on whether chiropractors should or shouldn’t vaccinate. If you want my complete honesty, I can’t imagine a chiropractor wanting to do that. But if they did, they shouldn’t be targeted. They shouldn’t be. The college should not be using them as a scapegoat, and that’s kind of the work that we were looking at doing.

So, um, but hopefully we’ll have more specific information for you as we meet with our team. We’re gathering information from our fire team and we’ll have a course of action for you guys very, very soon. Thank you to all of you new people that have been joining. We’ve had a good amount of growth in Quebec and we appreciate that.

Um, and just know that we’re here and if you have information, please share it with us in Alberta. I will be coming to Alberta the weekend of March. Uh, I think it’s the 18th. I will be there at the T R P event. I should have information about that. The remarkable chiropractor event that’s gonna be happening.

In Calgary. Um, and they are gracious enough that all proceeds that are generated from that event are gonna come to the c d C. You guys know I don’t really promote other people’s products and services. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to do that, but if they’re gonna give us all the money, you’re darned straight.

I’m going to promote it. So I’d love to see you first of all, but tell all your friends come to that event. Uh, I promise you it’s an amazing event. Dr. Fransen and his team are the really, some of the best in the industry. Um, but they’re also graciously enough, uh, to give us the proceeds for that to help us with our fight in Canada.

So I’d love to see you if you can get up to Calgary on that weekend, uh, of the 18th, please. I will get you information. I should get it this week. I’ll be kicking out emails up to people in that area and anyone else in another province that feels like going to Calgary. In March. Um, we would sure love to have you there and I’ll get your registration information, um, because I’ll be there speaking.

So that is kind of everything we got going on in Canada as always. Lots of stuff happening. I will be up there, uh, having meetings, getting to know you guys, um, and continuing to take on these issues. Lastly, in Canada as a whole, we’re taking on the same issues that we are in Australia and New Zealand. And we really wanna start working with how restrictive the colleges have been, um, with your guys’ ability to communicate the message of chiropractics.

So I, I’m gonna ask, cuz I’ve been doing this in the other countries and, and some of you have already done this, have you’ve ever been challenged by any of your colleges for what you’re putting on Facebook, what you’re putting in your office? Posters, things of that nature. I want you to share it with me.

I’m collecting all of that information for our team so that we know by province kind of the position of the different colleges and why they’re, you know, I’m not gonna say harassing, but why they’re enforcing these rules to the degree they are. Because we wanna change that. We want to get into the colleges and help them understand the necessity of really telling the appropriate story of chiropractic.

United States

And they, they can’t really muzzle you any further. It’s a way too restrictive in what they’re doing. And I shared with you that we’ve been having conversations with the Foundation for Chiropractic progress here in the United States, and we’re trying to encourage them to go up into Canada and really work with us on changing some of these policies because we have.

That we can use to support the marketing materials that they’ve developed. They do a phenomenal job of creating very good, solid, sociable pieces of marketing material that should comply with everything that your, your province are saying. So if we have that, and then we can defend based on that. We feel that there might be a good opportunity for some collaboration between organizations to meet a need for you guys in Canada.

So that’s another initiative that we’re doing the entire countrywide. Um, so be on the lookout for that information as we’re sharing that. But we obviously love our Canadians. I can’t wait to get up there and meet some of you guys soon and continue to do the work that we’re doing forward, and please continue to share with me if they’re things that I can do to make these videos more powerful.

More meaningful, um, for you guys because I’ll, I’ll do whatever I can to make it work. All right, United States. So, uh, I just got back, I spent two and a half days. I had 15 meetings, um, and a day and a half in Washington, DC with key members of leadership in both the House and the Senate as it relates to armed services.

Uh, calls with d o d. Um, we’re starting to have conversations with the White House. A very, very interesting process to go through if you’ve never lobbied, like really lo. Um, it’s a very interesting process here in the us. Um, but I will tell you, I was very encouraged. Every single office we met with, all 15 of them agreed that the way we’re going about this particular issue is the right way and we have their support.

So we’re creating a kind of a, I don’t wanna say a caucus, cuz it’s not really a caucus, but it’s called a Dear Colleague letter. That we’re actually creating and having all of these different members from both sides of the aisle, both chambers that are signing onto, stating that it’s time that we really take a serious look at adding chiropractic to the, to, for our active duty military.

Um, that’s our goal, right? Our goal is to be able to have chiropractic appropriately integrated into the military healthcare system where there’s access to it, right? We want to get Tricare to cover it. We wanna make sure that it’s available. For our active duty on the basis. Um, you know, ultimately our goal is to get chiropractors as commissioned officers where we can join the military and serve as a chiropractor.

So we have a lot of work that needs to be done within our military program, but we’re finally getting key leadership. We’re talking about chairs of, uh, committees like appropriations and chair of, of, um, Armed services in both chambers. So we’re talking to the right people that have the connections, have the influence.

Um, we’re talking directly to the d o D, we’re talking directly to the White House, and we’re getting all of them to agree. The way we’re going about this with our pilot study is the right way. And so we’re very confident. This year we are gonna gain some significant ground because we’re already meeting.

I’ll be going back to DC and April, I’ll be going back to DC um, in June. And so we’re, we’re gonna keep hitting them hard and advancing these relationships. Again, I wanna share with you, this is the beauty of targeting one specific thing and putting all of your energy into that one thing. That’s the right way to do politics, and we have an amazing lobbying team that is getting us in the room with the right people developing.

And doing a lot of the groundwork for this to get done. So trust me, no one’s more frustrated than I am that we’re three years into this and we’re still kind of starting over. But I want you to know it’s kinda like every new season, right? You get new draft picks, you get new strategy, you have different members of your team that are on there, and each year you get a little bit better at it.

And we are getting better at this particular conversation. We’ve learned a lot, we’ve gained a lot of allies throughout this process, and we’re very confident this year we should have some significant movement. And making sure that we’re getting chiropractic available to our. Active duty on the bases. So, um, I’ll be updating you more as I have that, like I said, I’ll be back in April.

We’re doing a lot of legwork right now. I’ll be meeting with my, uh, lobbying team again this week to really strategize from all of our meetings and all the different suggestions and things that we had. But I, it was a great meeting. It was a great two days that I spent there, um, you know, pounding the pavement, bouncing between all the different buildings, having these conversations.

So, uh, great stuff going on there. So, alright, I’m gonna try to keep this video short. Um, that’s, that’s kind of where I’m at right now with things in the United States. All right, here’s my conclusion for you guys. Listen, now is the time to double down. We are doubling down. There’s opportunities galore for our profession to stake its claim, to put its foot down, to stop losing ground, to start gaining ground.

And it all starts with us having a competent attitude and speaking things into the beans. So this week in your clinic, I want you to start speaking things in The Bean. If you feel like you know, you’re one that, you know, I, I kind of opened with this from my sermon. Um, that, you know, if you feel like you’re not chosen, like why are things not working for me?

Why with these opportunities coming up, am I not getting any of them? You know, sometimes we just gotta wait and it doesn’t mean, I mean, it either means we’re not ready for them yet, or we’re going down the wrong path, and so I’m challenging you today to just put that forward in a confident belief. That you’re going to just be open to the opportunities that are before you and you’re gonna just execute them to the best of your ability because we have everything we need in this profession to succeed.

What we lack is a good strategy, good organization, and proper leadership. And that’s what’s changing. I’m seeing that changing even outside of our organization. So now is the opportunity to gain the ground and to, and to stake our claim. And I can promise you that’s what we’re doing. I know that’s what you are going to do in your community.

And man, if we can get this done and get this to roll around the world, chiropractic man, we are gonna start gathering the support, the strength, the resources, and the influence that we’ve always wanted. And I’m happy to be a part of that process. Cuz remember it’s not about, Achieving everything. It’s about the things that you can set into motion and we’re setting something into motion that is generational.

So we love you. Have an incredible remainder of your week. We’ll be back at you next week, and man, we are gonna continue to love and serve, and we are gonna ensure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world. God bless you. We love you, and we’ll talk to you next week.