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All right guys, once again, I have a ton of information for you today. Specifics on my travels, what we’re doing in Canada, which is just insane. The things that are happening there. Updates on what’s happening here in the United States and Australia, everywhere. There’s lots, lots going on. Please pay attention to what’s happening with chiropractic and allied health around.

The world. It’s crazy stuff. So, good morning, my Warriors. This is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, February. That’s right. We’re already on February 6th. So, uh, you know, our global reports have turned into my kind of giving you an intro, giving you the updates for each individual country, and then kind of a conclusion.

Um, I, I, the videos have been ranging 30 to 35 minutes and I’m, I’m trying mine. To make sure that I’m giving you the information you need, but not turning this into a book. So hopefully you can appreciate my efforts. There’s just so much going on, guys. Um, you know, I, I wanna do my intro this week. Just thank you, um, the work that’s being done.

Um, you know, as we got into this thing, it was pretty crazy. We were just being very reactionary. We were just doing what needed to be done to ensure that chiropractors and Allied Health had the freedom to choose. Right? We were right in the middle of the pandemic. We started seeing these mandates coming across.

and we just answered the call. Um, very honored to be able to do that. God knew what he was doing. We kind of had the infrastructure built and we were able to really respond at a period of time that was necessary. That’s kind of passed away. Um, you know, there’s been a number of individuals that have said, Hey, thanks so much for being there, but we’re, you know, we’re moving on to other things, which is understandable.

We somewhat expected that. But man, now we’re doing the work that we had envisioned from the very beginning. When we created this organization, we wanted to make sure that we were protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors, and that we were challenging those entities, those forces that were really restricting or really preying on chiropractic and allied health.

And, and I’m excited because we’re doing that work. We’re digging in, we’re getting into the roots of the issues that have led to a lot of the oppression that’s, that’s really encompassed chiropractic. And many of the other countries, obviously in the United States, we have some of that, but it’s very different when you get into Canada and New Zealand and Australia, South Africa, some of these other countries that we’ve been working in now for over a year.

Um, and we’re starting to understand the framework and really the biology, if you will, of, of how things got to where they are. And we’ve seen the systemic nature of the oppression, the systemic nature, the systemic nature of reality the people that have just de decided to dominate or repress chiropractic.

And we’re done. It’s not happening anymore. Chiropractic and allied health, I know my Allied Health people, you guys email me every so often, like, Hey, you’re still working with us, right? And the answer is yes because you guys have a lot of the same issues that we deal with. So we are a chiropractic organization.

A chiropractor is always going to lead the environment. Of what we’re doing, but like we’re doing in Australia, you know, when we’re dealing with opera, which governs all of healthcare, you know, we, it’s gonna impact you guys as well. And we’re, we’re taking on the same things. And the same in Canada when we’re dealing with marketing issues.

You know, this doesn’t just affect chiropractic, the repression of allowing the more conservative approach to health to be able to communicate the effectiveness of the treatments that are being done. So this, yes, we’re a chiropractic organization. Our loyalty will always default to chiropractic. But if we can help others along the.

Of course, we’re going to do that. So the work that we’re doing is just so pivotal. It’s actually generational the effects that this is going to have on the profession. And I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back. I’m saying that because I want you to understand what you’re a part of. I want you to get excited about this, that you’re a part of an organization that doesn’t just have board meetings and, and talks about different things that they’re going to do.

We’re actually doing things that matter. We’re doing things every single day. Just about every dollar that comes into our organization is going to fight these fights, and we’re fighting a lot of fights across the world, and I’m honored to do that. And so this is really a, a. Claim or proclamation of appreciation to you for trusting us.

You know, we, we, we really just had a vision. We had a dream, and now we’re executing that and we’re, and the profession is starting to understand where our role is and we’re getting opportunities that I never dreamt we would get to be able to stand on the front line, be the tip of the spear, and defend and advance chiropractic in a way that’s never been done before.

So thank you to all of you for trusting us, and I’m asking you to do more. I, I’m not asking you to give more. I’m asking you to do more. I need to spread the word. As you hear throughout our updates this week, we’re getting to that pivotal point. As an organization where we’re doing well, we’ve been able to sustain everything that we’ve been doing, but the opportunities that are in front of us are so big we can’t take them on because we’re not a big enough organization to do so.

We have the capability of doing it. We just don’t have the means. We don’t have the numbers, both economic. As well as representation. And so now it’s, I need you to do more. If you’re continuing to give, which so many of you are, I need you to tell your colleagues, I need you to share this because as I go through what’s going on in these countries right now, you’re gonna see the massive lift that we have ahead of us.

Then I believe God is going to make a way, I’m moving forward in belief. I’m speaking it into being that we are gonna grow, we are gonna gain the resources necessary. To do the work that chiropractic deserves to be done. And so I, but I need your help. I can’t do it on my own. I’m traveling most of the first part of this year trying to tell the story of who we are and what we’re doing, getting more people on board, getting them to join our cause and share it as their own so that we can continue to advance chiropractic in an entirely new and amazing way.

So that’s my intro today. Just really, it’s not a plea, it’s more of a proclamation. Thank you so much for what I get to do every day. I’m literally, To be able to serve chiropractic in this capacity, and you have my word. I’m not gonna stop doing it until my last breath. I will ensure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world, and I can only do it because of your guys’ support.

New Zealand

So thank you so much for that. All right. Enough of my rambling. Let’s get started with the update. So as always, we’ll start with New Zealand. Guys, I’m, I’m finalizing the details of my trip. Um, in Auckland, we are going to be meeting at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. I, I secured that. I don’t know the actual room number yet.

I’ll have that information for you for next week’s video, but I do know that when I get there on this, or when I, when I, when we hold our meeting, rather on the seventh, that evening, it’s gonna start at 1730, um, on the campus of the New Zealand Chiropractic College. Please, uh, make plans for that. I’m planning on going from 1730 to 1900 hours.

Um, that is the, uh, plan. I, I will stay as long as necessary, as long as people wanna hang out. Um, I’m there to make sure that I’m giving you a glimpse of really what’s going on around the world, creating some energy. Please, please, please bring your colleagues, bring people that are not connected to us. I don’t care what specialty or industry they’re a part of.

A New Zealand, it’s a very different animal because our numbers are relatively small. We really need to collaborate. Specialties that have similar visions, which is what we did when we were fighting the pandemic and the mandates. So please, everybody is welcome. Um, we wanna make sure that we’re creating an environment where we can share, we can dream, we can have a vision.

Um, but that is what we’re doing in Auckland, in Christ Church. When I’m there on the night, um, we’re getting a pub, so I don’t know what pub that is, but it’s gonna be in the Christchurch area. Um, I will, uh, let you know as soon as I know that specific. So I have an amazing doc down there that’s helping me coordinate that.

But that will be, again, 1730 to 900 or 1900 hours. Um, we’ll be speaking there in Christchurch on the ninth. So those are the details. Um, again, I’ve been sharing. With you kind of our vision of what we’re wanting to do in New Zealand now. Um, obviously last week it was a very urgent issue dealing with the therapeutic products Bill.

Um, hopefully, you guys set your emails in opposition to that. We’re monitoring that very closely with the association. Um, that’s, that’s pretty scary. New Zealand’s one of the first places that’s actually been submitted as a piece of legislation. Um, but we expect that to actually start transitioning into other parts of the world.

It seems to be an effort from United Nations. Um, and, and it’s, it’s a problem. It’s a significant problem that the government wants to control, um, things on that level. So we are monitoring. . Um, and we’re trying to grow our relationships in New Zealand so that we have the ability to impact some of those things when the need arises.

Um, the other thing that we’re really focusing on in New Zealand and we’re gathering information is how repressed you guys have been on your ability to communicate the effects of the care that you provide. Um, we know that that’s not just specific to allied health or chiropractic. That’s kind of a universal thing in New Zealand, but.

We’re pretty adamant that in relationships that we have with other organizations, um, we can bring that in. So I, I’ve made an introduction, uh, between the Association and the Foundation for Chiropractic progress. Hopefully, there can be, um, some collaboration between those organizations as we start to bring in a, a higher level of communication about chiropractic, right?

Most of the concerns in these countries when it comes to restricting your ability to communicate the effects of the care is that you start making. Proclamations or claims that you cannot actually back up, you can’t validate, and they, and I get that right, you need to protect the public from individuals saying that I’m gonna touch you on your earlobe and it’s gonna, uh, make you grow six inches.

I mean, I, those are claims that obviously need to not happen for the safety and wellbeing of the general public. However, we have so much data to support the effectiveness of the adjustment on the prefrontal cortex, on the brain, and on functionality. The ability of the body to respond to stress that there needs to be a middle ground, right?

We need to be able to speak the truth that we know that’s been validated in a way that people know that this is an option because their censorship has actually created the exact opposite and it’s created a risk for the general public because they don’t know there are safer alternatives to the allopathic way of life.

We’re really gonna work on this. We’re partnering, uh, you know, with anyone we can there in New Zealand. We’re collaborating with everyone we can here in the United States to bring those resources over to New Zealand to ensure that we’re broadening the consciousness of the population of New Zealand to understand the effectiveness of a more conservative, natural approach to health.

Um, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re, we’re committed to that. We’re working closely with the association. Um, so I’ll be talking about a lot of that when I get out there in a week and a half. And it’s a week and a half, guys. Well, I’ll be in Australia in a week and a half, about three and a half weeks for me to be there in New Zealand.

But, uh, but man, please, please, please, n uh, mark those dates in your calendar. Um, bring anyone and everyone you can. I’m really trying to create. And energy really gets people fired up about the things that are happening, um, and how we can come together and actually take control of our own reality. So I’m, I’m excited to be there.

So that’s kind of what’s happening in New Zealand. Uh, next week I will firm up details on where I’m at in Christchurch. I will give you specifics of where, the college is. And, uh, we’ll have lots of great information for you. Love you, love you, love you. And I can’t wait to meet you guys in New Zealand.


All right. Australia had a great week in Australia. Had a number of conversations. Um, I know we’ve talked in the past about the PI insurance thing, so I had conversations with some of our team about PI insurance. It does look like we’re vetting some things. I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but I think we.

An option for you guys. As I shared with you, we’ve had conversations with Guild, and we’ve talked to the ACA. Um, you know, we’re talking with other, uh, individual insurers. Um, I think that we now have some options. Obviously, it’s not as the grave of a need now as it once was during the mandates, but as we all know, we expect things to get crazy again at some point.

We wanna be prepared for that. So I’ll be sharing all of that information with you when I’m out there. And for you guys, I’ll be out there in about a week and a half. It’s crazy, on the 21st of this month, I land in Sydney. Um, and I’m super excited, man. It’s gonna be a crazy whirlwind trip. The logistics are really starting to shape up.

So, um, I will have more information for you guys as well next week, again in Sydney. I’m gonna be there, um, on the 24th of February. Um, we’re gonna meet at the Grace Hotel. Um, I don’t again have room names or specifics, but again, we will be meeting at 1730, um, going to 1900 hours on the 24th of the month.

Then that weekend in Brisbane. I’ll be part of the Remarkable practice event. So I’m excited to be there with Dr. Fransen and Dr. Bobby and, and all the individuals that are connected to T R P, um, and really celebrate with you that weekend. For those of you that don’t know about T R P and you’re in the Brisbane area, you need to check it out.

Just go to the remarkable practice, and there’s information there about it. , um, and get registered for that event because I promise you it’s gonna be an amazing event. Um, I, Dr. Fransen and the team, they’re some of the best in the industry and I’m honored to, to have, uh, for them to allow me to be a part of that event as well.

Um, then I’m moving up to the Sunshine Coast. I will be up there, um, that Tuesday, which I suppose it’d be appropriate for me to actually get a calendar over here. I’m doing it from memory and, uh, that is never a good idea. When I’m rambling right off my, the top of my tongue. So, so I will be in, um, you know, here’s some great video world for you here, guys.

All right. So, I will be in Brisbane on the 24th, 25th, the 28th. I will be on the Sunshine Coast. We’re still, um, finding a location for that. Um, but I, it’s going to be in the Sunshine Coast area. I will have that for you next week for the specifics of that. Um, then I head to Melbourne. Melbourne. We’re gonna be, Uh, or Melbourne.

My goodness guys, I promise you, as an American, um, I suck, at saying things the right way. So I apologize for that. But I’ll be in, in Melbourne, um, on the 2nd of March. Um, so I’m excited about that as well. Uh, I’m trying to pin down an exact location there. Um, I will let you know. I will have that done by next week.

Then we’re gonna be at Concordia. Super excited to be that ACC for Concordia. Um, hopefully, all of our west Western Australia, uh, people can, can make that trip. It’s gonna be an incredible event. Obviously, they have some of the best speakers in the industry as well. So the weekend as a whole. Um, it’s gonna be amazing, but obviously, I’ll be there speaking as well and have an opportunity to meet with people, um, and talk with you.

So I will be there on the third and the 4th of March, and then I head to New Zealand on the fifth. So that is my, location. I will again share the absolute specifics with you next week, um, but into some of the work that we’re doing. Obviously, I’ve been sharing with you that we’re starting to look at opera.

We’re definitely looking at the issue of your guys’ ability to market and how they’re trolling you. Restricting your abilities to communicate the effectiveness of the care that you provide. Very similar to what we’re doing in New Zealand and Canada. Um, and so we’re doing a lot of due diligence on that.

Thank you so much to those of you that have emailed me, sharing my examples. Please keep sharing those with me. I need, and to be able to share that with our legal teams to get an understanding of kind of where opera is standing on this, where their, hot buttons are, those types of things so that we can formulate a strategy.

I will have more information for you on that. Um, I also wanna do a quick shout-out, um, to an organization that has just been amazing. Um, and I’m gonna screw it up because I have so many acronyms. Q H P A, I wanna thank them very much. They actually. Um, just gave some money towards our lawsuit and that really helps us.

It helps us to get even closer. So I’ll be meeting with our legal team when I’m in. Um, Melbourne and, and I’m talking to them and my goal is just to get them to be okay with moving forward with where we’re at. We need to keep generating money. Some of you have suggested, Baron, if you just launched the suit, then I promise you people will jump on board.

And I, and I, I’m at the point where I, I don’t wanna wait anymore on this. We’ve gotta get it introduced. Um, now is the time and so I’m gonna be meeting with them hoping that they’ll agree with us to go ahead and move forward with the money that, that we’ve already got in. In the trust to move forward.

But, but Q H P A, thank you so much, uh, for your faith and your trust in us to be able to give us a little bit more towards that goal. So we, I just wanted to do a, a public shout out to you guys. Um, and, and thank you very much for that. So a lot of meetings are gonna be happening. I’m meeting with senators, I’m meeting with key influencers when I’m in Australia and my whole goal is to.

A massive movement of people that are wanting significant change on behalf of healthcare in Australia. Um, and, and so we have the capability. I want you to understand we have the ability to do this. I know when we went through the pandemic that it felt like we were helpless. Like we, no one cared. But we’ve proven to you when we stand our ground and when we work together and we collabo.

The power that we actually have. We were able to defend, you know, hundreds and hundreds of individuals and their right to choose and to be able to remain in practice and not pay massive fines. And, we’re gonna continue to do that, but we’ve gotta get on the offense and we’ve gotta start coming together, collaborating, and working.

I, I can appreciate a number of you are like, Hey man, thanks so much. You were so vital to get us through the pandemic, but we. We’re gonna kind of separate from you guys now, and I get that we don’t ever challenge anyone when they wanna leave, but I need you to know the work is just now getting started.

We need you more than ever because now we’re digging in and we’re creating the offense to what we’ve been doing rather than the defense. And so I know it’s so much easier to wanna be a part of something when you’re having to defend your own, you know, your own home. But now’s the time that it’s so important for us to take a step forward instead of holding our ground.

And so I’m asking you guys to invite people to the meetings. I’m doing all of these town halls around Australia because I wanna meet with you. I want you to see me in the flesh. I want you to hear me. I want you to feel my heart and my integrity and my energy of really what we’re trying to do. This isn’t just, you know, Hey man, we’re coming to have a party, which if we wanna do that, I’m all for it.

but I really need Australia to understand where we can go, and the work that can be done. I’m meeting with everyone I possibly can. I promise you, this is not a vacation for me. As excited as I am about it, I’m really doing a lot of work when I’m there. I’m bouncing between all these different cities and all these different meetings to ensure that we position chiropractic in its strongest position.

Because remember, our ultimate goal is to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. And as I shared with you, with all of our allied health, when that happens, you guys grow with us, right? A high tide raises all. And so we really need to come together right now in Australia. It’s a phenomenal, phenomenal time.

They’re on their heels and we need to push forward. So now is the time we need to grow. Now is the time we need to start sharing this message, and that’s exactly why I’m coming out to try to get that momentum going again and really create a reality that all of us really want to have. So, That’s the information on Australia.

Again, next week we will be back to you with more details, um, and I can’t wait man. We’re just about a week and a half away before I get to, to come down under and, and really, really make, uh, some exciting things happen. So we love you and we appreciate you. All right. South Africa. So I shared with you last week, um, that we’re excited about some of the work that’s gonna be happening.

South Africa

Um, in South Africa, and I can’t give you a lot of details yet. We’re just now doing the fundamental conversations, but very excited to be working with a, a group of individuals. We call ’em our fire team. Um, these are, you know, whenever we have, we operate in different countries, we create what’s called a fire team, and that’s our core group of people that we work with.

We never come into a country and just impose our will. We have this fire team, which is our local people. That share with us kind of the concerns and the needs and the things that need to happen on behalf of, of our contributors. And so, so our fire team in South Africa has been sharing with us some of the vision of what it is that needs to be done there, and I’m very excited to be partnering with them.

Again, I don’t mean to be cloak and dagger with you, but I, I gotta get my details before I. I have a tendency to say things and then have to correct them. So I, I wanna be, I wanna be respectful to everybody involved in that, but I am excited about what we’re doing also, that we’re planning this trip this year.

We will be down there. Over there, actually, from the United States, I’m learning geography, which was never my strong suit. Um, but we will be over there, uh, the end of this year, end of October, early November. Um, and we’re excited to be a part of what’s going on there. So please, uh, again, not a lot of information there.

I apologize, but, but I am excited as we get these details, I’ll be sharing them with you. So please stay connected with us, and share with your colleagues. We’ve gotta grow our influence there as well. Uh, but we’re excited about some of the things that are gonna be happening in South Africa. All right, Canada man.

Uh, Canada’s been taking up a lot, a lot, a lot of our time, which is okay. That’s where the fire was burning. We were spending more time in Australia, New Zealand, a year ago, and now it’s all about Canada and I’m spending a lot of time, a lot of money, but I’m, this is, I need you to pay attention to me today.

We are literally, I’m not gonna say a crossroads cuz it’s not, it’s not a dire situation, but we’re at a very, very pivotal moment, um, with what’s going on both in British Columbia and Ontario. We were really breaking up the social fabric of how these colleges have functioned. Um, we’re getting their attention.


Um, we’re actually drawing them out and we’re getting into full-fledged dogfights with these organizations. I’m excited about that. That’s exactly what we wanted to do, but it’s now becoming like we’re at that wonderful point where we have to push through. So Canada, I’m telling you all of the things that you have been frustrated with, and this goes for Quebec and, and Alberta and the other areas that we’ve been working in.

But right now the real hotbeds are British Columbia and um, Ontario. But guys, I’m, I’m telling you, we’ve got to grow. We’ve got to get more people involved. We are literally throwing the gauntlet at Ontario College. Like I talked to, I had a long meeting with our attorneys and we are, and we are digging in.

Um, they’re aware that we’re onto what’s been going on. Um, and so they’re doubling down themselves, but we’re gonna win because the truth is on our side. Uh, but we’ve gotta sustain this battle. And so we’ve been spending a lot of money in Canada. This is okay, I’ve told you that before, but now I need Canada to start carrying itself.

The battles that we’re taking on are very expensive. Um, we’re doing things that have never been done before. Um, and so I need your help guys. We’re, we’re gonna figure out a way. God’s gonna make a way, but I’m, I’d be remiss not to tell you that now is the time that, that we’ve got to get people moving. So, I know I’m speaking in Ontario at the annual event, June, the weekend of June, second and third.

I will be there for that. Um, I’m trying to get out to BC at some point. I’m going to be in Alberta. on the 19th of March. I believe it’s the 19th. Let me make sure I get that right because I got so many dates flying through my head. Uh, sorry guys. This is so professional. The 18th, excuse me. March 18th, I will be in Quebec, uh, excuse me, Calgary, Alberta.

Um, at the, uh, T R P event, that’s actually gonna be a fundraising event for us. All the proceeds that are generated from that event is going to the c d C, so I’m thankful to Dr. Fransen and the T R p uh, team for allowing that to happen. But I will be there speaking as well. So I’m trying to get into Canada face-to-face, get you guys to understand things that are happening.

We’re gonna be doing more webinars, Ontario people. Um, I’m gonna be doing two different things with our legal team. I want you to hear from our legal team, cuz I want you to understand the importance of the work that we’re doing. I’ve had some people challenging whether we’re actually doing what we say we’re doing.

I don’t really spend a lot of time on that stuff. I appreciate people doing their due diligence, but at the same time, I’m, I’m not gonna spend a bunch of time validating myself so, I do wanna actually have our attorneys speak so you can hear from them and understand it’s not me just spinning things to look a certain way.

What we’re doing with the c d C is revolutionary in the way that we’re, we operate and the way that our contributions come in. Our attorneys love working with us because we’re, they’re able to do the work that typically they’re not able to do. So it’s a wonderful marriage and I want you to hear it directly from them.

I want you to feel their energy. I want you to see their face. So I’m gonna be recording. Uh, a, a conversation with myself and, and our attorneys, um, coming up here soon. That’s just that. And then I’m gonna be doing a live event in Ontario where you guys can ask them questions yourselves. Um, you know, I wanna prepare you for that cuz I, I, I don’t want you getting ridiculous and sometimes we can do that, but I want you to be able to hear from them again, a directly real-time where you don’t think it’s scripted or anything of that.

But I need you to understand the magnitude of what it is we’re doing. Um, we’ve created, an infrastructure that’s now allowing us to do the work that everyone’s always dreamed of doing. But now I need you to jump on board. All I’m asking for is 33 US dollars a month. I’m not asking you guys to individually give a raise of millions of dollars.

I’m asking you to share the word I’m asking you to give validity to our organization, and to other Canadians. I still only have about 500 Canadians tied to us, but yet I’m spending almost 60,000 a month. Um, in Canada like that, that’s not sustainable, but the work needs to continue to happen, so I need you to just jump on board with us.

The reason I’m so adamant about Canada is cuz if we lose what’s happening in Canada right now, it will come over to us. It will trickle into other parts of the world. Just like I’m fighting in, in New Zealand on this therapeutic product Bill. Cuz if it gets a foothold in, in New Zealand, it’s going to spread into Australia, it’s gonna come over to the States, it’s gonna go into Canada.

We cannot afford to lose ground anywhere in the world for chiropractic. We can’t and we’re not going to. So I’m asking you to help us. Australia stepped up and we grew that to over a thousand contributors in New Zealand. We’ve got a large percentage of the chiropractors in that country that are a part of us.

I need to do the same thing in Canada. So I’m asking you, it’s not desperation, it’s determination and passion. Asking you to help me spread the word, and share these videos. I’m going to be giving you all kinds of information, validating the work that we’re doing. Talk to your colleagues. They know everyone in BC knows the work that we did to help stop the mandates from happening there.

The work we’re doing on the, uh, x-ray issue, the work we’re doing, uh, uh, going after and, and maintaining the decision that was made against the college on their process of doing investigations. And definitely in Ontario, man, we are deep, deep, deep into a battle with the college. But there are more things we want to take on.

Um, but we need the resources to do it. So in Canada, guys, so much are happening. We’re in a dogfight. I need you to jump on board with us. Again, I’m not asking you to individually give more if you can and have the means, please do. We could use it. But I’m asking you to share it with your colleagues. Our model works when a bunch of people is doing a little bit, and that’s, I wanna stick to that model because I know it works.

So Canada, lots going on. Those are the dates that I’ll be there in Ontario, June 2nd and third. I will be in Calgary on the 18th of March at the T R P event. British Columbia. I’m trying to find a time to get out there and do something with you guys, but I do know there’s an event that is happening in May.

I’ll be kicking out some information to you guys about that soon. Um, you need to be there. Um, Dan Sullivan’s coming. He’s a phenomenal speaker and a good friend of mine. Um, so BC you’ve got some good stuff coming up this spring as well. All right, Canada. That’s it for now. Um, let’s jump into the United. So in the US, I shared with you last week about my military work, um, what we’ve been doing there, uh, had even more conversations with our lobbying team.

Um, I will be going back to DC at the end of April to follow up with these things I’m telling you. I, I, I, I’m done promising you results when it comes to our military project, cuz I’ve been so close to the finish line multiple times and then it just, we just don’t get over it. So I, I no longer am doing that.

You have my word, but I will tell you this is the first time that we’ve talked to over 30 different individuals, both from D O D White House and. Legislation or legislators on both sides, of the aisle and chamber that have said, you’re going about this the right way. We’re hitting it early enough.

They like the language, they are willing to sign on to support it. So I’m very excited about the progress that we plan to make this year. Um, in that we, our, my, again, my goal is to get chiropractic appropriately integrated into the military. Ultimately resulting in chiropractors being commissioned officers.

So it’s been a long three-year journey that we’ve been taking. So many thanks to people for helping us get that kicked off three years ago. Um, we’ve been sustaining, you know, the effort since then. Um, and, and, but I’m, I’m, I’m confident that it’s going to get done. Um, the travel season’s hitting, I’m going to be all around the US speaking about different things.

Uh, please make sure you pay attention to that. Um, We’re gonna add a section to our calendar, letting you guys know where I’m at. Check out our social media as well. I’m gonna do a much better job. I had a meeting with our marketing team. I’m really not doing a good job of sharing everything that’s happening on our social channels.

United States

So that is going to change. Um, but man, I’m telling you, we’ve got so many exciting things that are coming up this year in the United States as we continue to push organizations, as we continue to create collaborations with other organizations, creating more resources and support for our state organizations, and ultimately for you as an individual, as we continue to defend the rights.

I know right now there are not a lot of fires burning in the United States. , but I cannot tell you how vital you guys are to help me do what we’re doing in Canada to help me do what we’re doing in Australia and New Zealand. Um,  I couldn’t do it without you guys. The US has always been the core. Um, we need to get more people involved.

You’re gonna start seeing me on more podcasts. You’re gonna start seeing me on a number of different things. Make sure you’re downloading the, uh, downloading the Bill of Rights. Go to our website, defend Download our, uh, bill of Rights. It’s, uh, it’s a phenomenal document. Very excited about it.

Um, and we want you to share that with your colleagues. Letting them know who we are, and what we do. We stick in our lane. No one’s doing what we’re doing. We love collaborating with everybody else that we possibly can. But it’s time that we come together on this idea that chiropractic can move forward and defend the rights of our practicing members.

So, that’s what’s going on in the US right now. Um, all right, my conclusion for today, again, is another long video. I apologize. There’s just so much going on. Um, here’s the deal, guys. Man, I just need you to start believing in the reality that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world.

I’m telling you if you could sit in my seat just for one day, hear the conversations, listen to the people and the visions that they have, the collaborations that have never happened in the history of our profession because we’re finally getting stuff done. And so organizations that have been really good at getting things done are coming together and amazing things are happening.

I need you to start believing. I told you at the very beginning of this year that 2023 was going to be the year that we make major steps forward. It’s already happening one month into 2023, and the conversations, the meetings, the let, the litigation, all of the things that have been happening, I still can’t believe what we’re able to do on, on the budget that we have.

But I’m blown away that we’re able to do it. We have an incredible team. We have people that have bought into what we’re doing. Now’s the time to press forward. I’m asking you first and foremost if you pray to continue to pray for God’s will in this organization. If you’re someone that is just an emotional and passionate individual, please get passionate.

Catch the vision of what we’re trying to do. And just be a magnet and share it with everyone you possibly can. We are going to achieve our 15,000 contributors by the end of this year. That is such a lofty goal considering where we’re at right now. But I believe it’s possible. I believe we can get this done because we’re doing things for the right reasons.

We’re operating the organization the right way. Our board of directors is phenomenal humans we’re doing things because of what we believe we’re capable of doing. It’s not for our own gain. This is for our ability to make a difference in chiropractic, and I want you guys to be on board with this.

So you being a part of our organization, whether you’re in the chiropractic industry or not, is creating generational change that is going to make an impact to better the world around us. That is the vision. Yes. That’s, that’s all touchy-feely and all that stuff, and I, I’m not gonna apologize for that, but I believe it.

And if you believe me and you believe in me, then I’m asking you to jump on board and share the message. We have got to. We have got to get larger because the work that’s in front of us is so big and it’s so ready to be done, and we’re capable of doing that. I have all the pieces in place. What I need is to grow our numbers, so I need your help with that.

That’s my plea for you this week. Guys you’re giving, which means you. You believe in us. Now I need you to tell others about us. I don’t want more of your money. I want you to tell other people about it. That’s how this thing works, is when we grow, not only the economics, but we grow the individuals as well.

Man, I love you guys. I love doing this work. I love serving you in this profession, and I’m gonna continue to do it, man. I am as spunky and fearless as I’ve ever been, as we’re getting into the deeps of these issues. And we’re gonna continue to do a better job communicating with you. But I need you to understand how important you are, and how much I love and appreciate you.

And this week start seeing the vision. Start believing in what it is that we’re capable of doing, and man, together we are going to rock this world with the love and the service of our profession and chiropractic we love. God bless you, guys. We’ll talk to you next week.