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All right, my warriors. Lots going on today. I have details about my trips to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Um, also updates on the military project in the United States. Really what we’re starting to see from new talks of different shutdowns and, and different pandemic-type talk, is all kinds of things happening.

So I’m gonna do my best to give you that detailed information today. So good morning. So much going on this crazy week. We are coming to you today, Monday, February 13th for our global report. Um, all right guys, uh, a little heads up. I’m gonna give you a lot of detail today, especially New Zealand and Australia, about my trips firm firming up the locations and the dates and the times and all of that stuff.

Um, and then we’re gonna be hitting the rest of the countries like we normally do. Wanna make sure I screwed up last week on some of the dates so I have everything written down. It’s actually right here in front of me on my screen, so I do not screw up, uh, the dates and I apologize for that mess up. Um, but man, I, I want to tell you how excited I am as I get closer to really traveling the world and meeting so many of you that we’ve been working with and supporting over the last two years to actually be in the same space with you.

I’m getting very, very excited. I’m hoping that we’re creating some momentum. As I’m meeting with my marketing teams and I’m meeting with our, uh, legal teams, I get more and more excited about the work that’s being done. We’re causing change that is really yet to be changed in these environments, and I couldn’t do it without you guys.

So I’m excited to come out and, and give some hugs and, and some high fives and to really create some positive. And share with you what it is we’ve really seen for the future of our work in all of these different amazing countries. So, uh, yeah, that’s my intro today. Just so blessed. I know the last couple of weeks I’ve been kind of rainbows and sunshine, but I, I, I just wish you had one day in my life to understand the magnitude of the things that we’re a part of and, and what’s happening.

So great things are happening there. So let’s dig. All right. In New Zealand, um, I wanna be very, very clear with you what’s happening. So we are gonna be meeting, um, March 7th at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. That is, uh, firmed up. We’re going to be meeting at 1,930 hours. That is 7:30 PM depending, I don’t know who does 24 hour or 12 hour clocks.

I get kind of a mixture. So 1930. Or 7:30 PM and then we’ll be going to 2100 hours or 9:00 PM So about an hour and a half we’ll be together on the campus of the New Zealand Chiropractic College there in Auckland. Please, please, please hear, I, I’m making flyers that I’m gonna be sending out to each of your countries independently that you can use to really encourage other people to come out.

And, and here I I there’s no registration, there’s no fees, there’s nothing, um, with any of that. I just want people there. I want to create energy. I want you to meet me personally. I want you to have an opportunity to ask me questions about where things are at and where we’re going so that we can all get on the same page.

New Zealand

Cuz we’ve got some really big work to do in New Zealand. Um, and I, and I really want you guys on board as we tackle some of these major issues, uh, that we’re dealing with there. So we’re in Auckland on March 7th. We are in Christ Church on March 9th. I have a contact that’s working on that. I apologize, I don’t have it by the time I’m shooting this video, but we’re gonna be at a pub, um, a local pub there in Christchurch.

I will have that information for you, uh, long before that date, but just keep that date and time available. Again, it’ll be 1930 hours, um, uh, going until 2100 hours or again, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM um, on that day, March 9th in Christ Church. Uh, again, I will be getting those flyers out to you guys. You’ll be available to see them, share them, and encourage your colleagues, all of your colleagues, allied health, chiropractic, and anyone that’s been tied to us through this process.

I’d love to meet ’em. I’d love to share with them cuz the work that we’re doing specifically in New Zealand that we’re gonna start tackling. Obviously, we’ve gotta watch that bill. Um, the, the, you know, that therapeutic product bill is something we’re keeping a close eye on that affects. But we’re also looking at your guys’ ability to communicate chiropractic, communicate allied health, communicate the things that you guys do without the restrictive nature of your current government.

So we’re working on big things that are gonna have big implications on everybody, and I want people in the room so that we can start having these conversations and get people on the same page. We love you, man, New Zealand. I’m excited to get out there. We’ll be out there with you fairly soon. Just a few more weeks.


All right, Australia. All right. Lots of information here, so please pay attention. I promise you. I’m giving you the correct dates and times, uh, and location so I have it right here in front of me so I don’t mess this up. All right. February 23rd, this is where I screwed up last time I told you the 24th on the 23rd in Sydney.

We’re meeting at the Grace Hotel, um, right downtown Sydney. Um, we are meeting at 1,930 hours, going to 2100 hours. We’re again from 7:00 PM to nine or 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. We are meeting in Sydney on the 23rd. So again, I apologize for making that mistake last week. Um, again, I have a flyer that, that I’m gonna be sending out to you guys that gives the details kind of what the agenda is for the evening.

Um, you don’t need to register, just show up. I’m really hoping that we bust the walls out of the room. You know, I’m setting up for about 50 people. Uh, I, I hope that, you know, we’re standing room only. That would be incredible. What a great energy that. But I have no idea what to expect and how many people are gonna make the time to come and see me.

Um, but I’m excited to be there with you. So again, on the 23rd of February in Sydney, we are at the Grace Hotel. The flyer will have the address and all the information there. Um, but plan on that. Then on the 24th, which is the next day we’ll be at Brisbane, we’re gonna be at the Eatons Hill Hotel. Um, that is part of the remarkable chiropractors.

I will be speaking at 7:00 PM that evening, going from seven to 7 45. All right, so that’s gonna be 1900 hours to about 1945, um, on the 24th at the Eatons Hotel. As a part of the T R P event, you do not have to register for the T R P event. You’re allowed to come and just be a part. Seven to 7 45, and then after that we’ll have kind of a cocktail hour, just a fellowship time for everyone to kind of meet and greet and all of that stuff.

But in the Brisbane area. That is where we’re gonna be meeting on the 24th at the Eaton Hotel from seven or from 1900 hours till 1945 hours, uh, on that day. Then Sunshine Coast, we will be on the Sunshine Coast February 28th, and we are excited. We’re actually gonna be meeting at a chiropractor’s office.

We’re at Coast Chiropractic Koana, um, uh, Dr. Mark’s office. He’s, uh, graciously opened that. So again, same time, we will be there at, um, 1930, uh, going to 2100 hours on the 28th in Sunshine Coast at Coast Chiropractic Koana. Uh, thank you Dr. Mark for, uh, opening up your office and allowing us to be there. So I look forward to seeing everyone there on the Sunshine Coast on the 28th.

Uh, me. We will be there on March 2nd. I apologize, I don’t have a venue security yet. I’m talking to a couple of different people. In the worst-case scenario, we’ll have it at my hotel at the Marriott. Um, but if there’s another place that’s more centrally located, that’s great. So please again, keep that date available.

On March 2nd, I will be in Melbourne. Um, and, uh, uh, from, again, 1930 to 2100 hours on the fourth. That’s in Adelaide. We are a part ofACCA Concordia event. Um, I will be speaking at 10 o’clock on the fourth. Um, I’m part of the normal scheduled, uh, agenda. Uh, I don’t, I’ll have some freedom available. So those of you in.

Um, if you’re gonna be a part of Concordia, obviously make sure that you reach out to me. I’m gonna be hanging around, but if there’re individuals that maybe aren’t gonna be a part of that particular event, but want to hang out, I know I’ve already had a couple emails, I have a lot of free time that weekend, I’m speaking at that half an hour time from 10 to 10 30.

But I, I will be available the rest of the time. I arrive in Adelaide on the third. Um, I will be departing on the fifth, so I have some time, um, to meet with people individually if needed, um, while I’m in Adelaide. But we’d sure love you to be a part of the Concordia event and make sure we have time to fellowship.

So that is my crazy trip that is going to be happening in Australia. Um, really cannot wait to meet all of you. Please, please, please, as I send you the event flyers. Please, please, please share with your colleagues. I really, really want to have a great turnout. I wanna meet you guys. I want to create some energy, create some, you know, cohesiveness, um, with our group and get people fired up for the work that we’re heading.

We’re gonna take on some big things with opera. Uh, I’m meeting with my legal counsel for the lawsuit as well. I, I know that’s been dragging on. Trust me. No one feels worse about that than I do. Um, but I, I’m think I’m ready to talk them into let’s just file this thing and move and then. Trust that we’re gonna generate the resources on the backend.

Um, but uh, but yeah, lots of information I’m gonna be sharing with you when I’m out there, but I hope you make the time to come see me at one of those events. So thank you for your patience, Australia. Sorry for my screw-up last week, but we are excited to come to see you here fairly soon. It’s getting very, very close.

South Africa

So we love you and we’ll see you guys in about a week. A week and a. All right, moving on to South Africa. So I had a good conversation with my contacts in South Africa. I shared with you, we’re gonna be coming to South Africa at the end of this year, October, or early November. Um, and we’re working through the details of putting that meeting together.

Uh, you know, part of what we’re looking at doing is creating a better infrastructure within South Africa to perpetuate chiropractic, right? Where we. More of a passionate organization of people that are pushing and challenging the things that are happening, bringing in resources from other parts of the country to really support the infrastructure of chiropractic within South Africa.


We wanna work on things like your ability to market. We wanna make sure that chiropractic has access to the things that it needs when you make referrals or as a, an inner intertwines with other forms of healthcare. Lots of work that still needs to be done there. Um, and we’re excited to start building that infrastructure.

A lot more information coming to you soon, um, as I continue to flesh out the details about that trip. But we should be making those decisions fairly soon. So we love you South Africa. Thank you for, uh, trusting us and, and being a part of what we’re doing. All right. Our Canadians, man, lots going on in Canada as always.

Um, I am coming out June 2nd to, uh, the second, third that weekend. I’m gonna be speaking at an event there in Ontario. Um, so I will be giving you details. I don’t have all the details on that yet myself, but I know that it’s, uh, it’s official that I will be speaking at that event. So as soon as I get those details, I’ll share those with you.

But we will be in Calgary, um, right Calgary on March 18th as part of the T r P event. Now listen, I, I’m not, obviously, I constantly ask for con contributors. I’m asking you to share your information with other people. Uh, but this particular event in Calgary is a fundraising event for us. T r P is putting that on, bringing all of their coaches, all of their great information, but every single penny that’s generated from that, Comes back to the c d C to support us for our efforts that we’re doing there in Canada.

So I really want you to make time to do that. I’m gonna be mailing out a flyer, um, and information specific to that event on March 18th, um, in Calgary. Uh, I would love for you guys, I’d love to have a, just a crazy turnout one. I’d love to meet all of you. Um, and secondly, it would be awesome to help us with some of the resources we.

As we’re literally buried, in legal issues throughout Canada, things are starting to pick up in other areas. Um, we’re there for it. I believe God’s gonna provide a way and trust, so we’re trying to think outside, box, outside the box and find new ways to get that done. So please, if, if you’re able to get to Calgary or are in that area, we would sure love to.

See you on that Saturday for a one-day event. I promise you it’ll be worth your time and your resources, and you’re helping us in the process. So, uh, be looking out for that information. I’ll be sending it out this week, um, specifically to people there in Alberta. Um, o other than that, updates on our legal cases.

We’re digging deep. I shared that with you last week. Um, we’re, we’re, we’re going to tow with Ontario. They are the college there is just digging in deep. I think they’re aware of what we’re on up to. . And so they have no choice but to just dig in. And so our legal team is ready, we’re prepared. We have the information, the data, um, and we’re just gonna carry this thing to the end.

We’re very, very confident in our position and holding the college accountable for the work that they’ve been doing. Or I shouldn’t even say work that they’ve been doing, but the abuses that they’ve been doing in their process. I did get information that, uh, Um, there has been, um, uh, Dr. Hardick has, uh, filed a case against the college as it related to their change of the bylaws.

Um, hopefully, uh, I don’t, we won’t have it by the time this video airs, but I know that that’s moving very quickly. So we should have information on whether, he is going to be able to do that, and they’re gonna suspend the implication of that bylaw change. But very proud of him, supporting him completely, and standing his ground.

It was a ridiculous process that happened blatantly. For that reason, in my opinion. Um, and so we’re, we’re proud that he’s standing his ground. That’s, that’s what we want to do, right? Part of what we’re trying to do is to strengthen and endear everyone in Canada to stand up and fight, and we will be there to help when we can.

Dr. Hart’s doing this all on his own. We haven’t done anything but just offer to help, but he’s, he’s been on his own on this, which is awesome, but I’m, I’m proud of him. I’m proud of chiropractors that are willing to stand up and not be abused. And I realize not everybody can, not everyone has the economics.

Not everyone has the skillset. I get that. That’s why we’re here. So that you can join us in that effort, but we wanna make sure that we’re totally celebrating those individuals that are sticking to their ground to do what they know is true. And so we’re in full support of Dr. Hardick and what he’s doing in that particular case in Ontario, in British Columbia.

We’re continuing to dig deep. We’re actually now waiting to hear back from the college, uh, on finalizing the dates for our stuff. We, we feel like we have all the information. Needed our, our legal team’s been communicating very well with the, our contacts there in Canada, having conversations with experts within x-ray, all of those types of things.

So we’re, we’re waiting now, we, we kind of, the delay was on us as we were getting our team ready to go. Now we’re kind of waiting on the college and pushing that through. So lots of stuff still going on in Canada, Alberta, we’ve initiated a, a letter to the, um, Alberta College because of their, uh, failure to be able to register, equip.

which has been an issue for some chiropractors up there, uh, for their x-ray equipment. Um, really no reason for it. Um, and so we’ve, we’ve been challenging that. And then in Quebec we’re starting to really dig in and look at some issues there. In Quebec, we’re really focusing on, um, election periods coming up and making sure that we’re putting everything we can to get the right people to sit in the right seats to ensure that the, the rights of chiropractors are protected there in Quebec.

United States

So again, lots of stuff going on in. Um, but my biggest points, I’d love to see you guys, um, on March 18th, if you can make it be looking for that flyer and that information coming your way this week. All right. United States had a great conversation with, uh, my legal team and lobbying team. As you know, we’re working on military efforts.

Um, really hammering those things home, having conversations, getting to more ranking members. Within both our House and our Senate, um, and getting more support for our pilot project. We are now really focusing on North Carolina. We believe Fort Bragg is going to be the location of this study. Um, but we’re getting a lot of support.

I’m working with a number of people in the industry, really making sure that we structure this the right way. Unfortunately, in the past, chiropractic has been very reactionary and whenever we. Just kind of an open door. We just take it. We can’t do that here. This is very, very pivotal that this research doesn’t just show great chiropractors helped with back pain, they reduce drugs.

We’ve got a bunch of those stories. We’re wanting to show the performance side of chiropractic that not only are we, you know, eliminating the need for certain drugs, eliminating. More severe types of treatments, but we’re actually reducing injuries. We are, those that do get injured are recovering faster.

We’re creating better performance and output from our men and women in uniform. We have less separation from the military due to non-combat-related injuries. So these are the things that we’re wanting to really track and, and monitor. I’ll be sharing more information on that structure because again, one of our keys is transparency in the profession.

Um, but we’re gaining really grounded. Like I, we finally have. The support. We finally have all of the tools that we need to move this thing forward. And it looks like we’re not even gonna have to wait for the N D A A. Um, we’re gonna be able to move this through appropriations, um, as we have the support we believe at this point to do that.

So, lots of stuff happening in that regard as well. Um, my travel season’s gonna be picking it up here in the us. I’m gonna be, be at a number of events around the country, uh, making sure that I have an opportunity to meet some of you. I’ll give you those dates and information as it happens. And then, um, I’m also excited to be, continue to have conversations with other state organizations, helping them with various issues, um, making sure that the rights of our chiropractors are protected, so, That is it.

My goal this week was to keep the video shorter. I’ve been getting really long and I know that’s a lot of time for some of you guys to commit to. Um, I’m also gonna be, I, I gotta figure out the technology, but I’ve had a few of you, um, comment that you still liked the segmented, even though we have the chapters.

Um, so I’m working on some technology. Features to be able to do that. So please hold on. Um, and I promise that I’m gonna do my best to make this information as palatable as possible cuz we want you to stay plugged into everything that we’re doing. So, all right guys, let’s get to my conclusion for this week here.

Here’s. You know, I, I told you that 2023 was gonna be a huge year for chiropractic. And I believe that now more than ever, as we continue to have these conversations, you know, we started this thing, you know, my shirt says, don’t tread on me. That was one of our real, logos or mantras, if you will, as we were getting into this in the early 20 2020s.

But I, I’m telling you now, this is a matter of, not even don’t tread on me, but it’s a matter of now we’re gonna step forward, get out of my way. , right? Like that’s the question now, like, and I say this to even a number of people in our profession, and that’s probably gonna irritate someone and, and I can’t help how people take the words I say, I just know how I mean ’em when I’m saying them.

But it’s time to get out of the way. Like we are finally creating momentum. We’re. Finally doing the work that needs to be done. We’re collaborating with multiple organizations because we all specialize in something very specific, and then together we become an unstoppable force. This idea that one organization does everything has not ever worked and will not work, not in today’s world.

What has to happen are people specializing in specific things and then working together to achieve massive outcomes, and I’m excited about doing that with a number of organizations within chiropractic and, and, and we’re taking these organizations, witnesses, we go into other parts of the. Because that’s how it’s supposed to work, and it’s not how it’s been working.

Everyone’s been trying to stay in their own silos, do their own thing. No one knows what the other hand is doing. There’s lots of duplication and just a tremendous amount of no results, no one’s fault. People are working, but the infrastructure’s broken. And so we have been creating a model. We’ve been reaching out, sharing all everything we have with anyone that’s willing to listen and work together.

And after two and a half years, it’s finally paying dividends. Those seeds that we’ve been planting in the profession for the last few years are starting to grow. I couldn’t be happier. So here, here’s my close for you today. Not only are we gonna stop people from stepping on us, but we’re also gonna push ’em the hell out of our way because chiropractic is ready to grow.

Allied health people are all of the people that we have and our little referral sources for our patients. We know we can’t do absolutely everything necessary. So we have a number of people. We have acupuncturists, massage therapists, um, natural paths, all these different people that we work with to make sure that we’re providing the.

A possible form of care that we can for our patients. They’re all coming with us through this process. That’s why I love that we have all of those other specialties tied in with us as well. Because of the work we’re doing for chiropractic, we’re also doing for these other areas because they have very similar problems.

So I need people to trust and believe in this infrastructure. I promise you. We are doing things that have never been done and we’re creating generational change, and none of that can happen without you. So not only don’t shed on me, but now I’m gonna ask you to get out of the. All of those are stuck in the way things used to be.

Let’s create a new path. We wanna make ’em better than they’ve ever been. And we believe that’s possible. We believe we have the product, we have the knowledge, we have the ability to get this done. Now what we’re creating is the infrastructure to ensure that that’s carried out appropriately. And so, I’m so thankful for all of the organizations that have been willing to collaborate with us on individual projects.

It’s been an honor. Um, I’m excited about it. And man, we are just, Getting started. So we love you, man. We are going to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world because it’s what’s right. It’s what’s just, and it’s what’s needed for humanity. And so I can’t wait to continue to work on that with you.

We appreciate your trust. Make sure you come to see me at these events that I’m going to. I travel in part to spread the word, but I also do it because I want to meet with you guys. I want to give you a hug, man. I wanna give you a high five, and I wanna celebrate this amazing thing that we’re a. As we’re changing the world through the professions that we love.

All right guys. That’s it for this week. God bless you, and we’ll be talking with you very soon. Have an incredible, incredible week. Be well.