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All right everybody. We got another week here. Lots of stuff going on. I wanna share with you about my trip to Australia. I am here now. Um, share with you what’s happened as we’ve had these meetings. I also wanna share some updates on what’s going on in other countries. Lots for you today. So good. Morning, our warriors.

My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, February 26th for your global report. Um, kind of my intro today. Um, a lot’s been going on, uh, but I wanna share with you kind of what you can expect moving forward. Um, this trip to Australia has opened.

My eyes to several different things, things that I was already kind of suspected, but just as I’ve gotten a chance to sit in a room with a bunch of our contributors and talk to them, um, I’m gonna start changing up these videos yet again. I know that I’ve done that before. The format’s gonna stay the same, but I’m gonna move to every two weeks.

Um, I am gonna keep reporting. Um, you’ll get one today. I’ll have one for you next week, but then we’re gonna move to every other. I’m doing that for two reasons. Number one, I wanna make sure that when you watch this thing, there’s always really pertinent information that you care about. I don’t want to just feel like it, and I think some of you, thank you for being honest.

Were sharing with me that Yeah, Bhaaron, sometimes we can tell you’re. You’re kind of trying to find information to speak about rather than having pertinent information for us. So I, and our viewership has started to drop a little bit, and I think that’s just because I’m coming to you a little bit too often.

Things aren’t moving as fast as they were moving at one point where. Weekly updates were necessary, and if we find that things are moving that fast, we will increase that frequency again. Um, but it’s a, it’s getting a lot for me when I’m traveling and doing these things to be able to have that information for you readily good quality videos, things of that nature.

So, um, I, I just want you to know that you’ll have one this week. You’re gonna have one next week, and then I’m going to start doing it every other week after that. So I’ll get through this trip because there’s just lots of information to share with you. Um, even everyone, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the country, in the world, um, what we’re figuring out here in Australia is going to affect everyone, um, worldwide.

So, just be aware of that change that’s going on. I’m also gonna try, to be more factual. And just get you the pertinent information and shorten these times. I, I’m getting more people also saying they’re getting a little long and so on, so, and I know some of you are just our warriors and you love everything, so I, I appreciate you.

You’ll email me and say, Bharon, no, everything’s perfect. You don’t need to change anything. I appreciate that. But we do want to continue to evolve. We want to continue to become stronger at this and make sure that what we’re communicating about you care about, it’s things that apply to you so that we keep our viewership up because things can move very quickly as we know in the world.

So that’s kind of my update. Um,, I’ll also just kind of share with you in general how amazing it has been to meet our Australian people. Um, you know, I, I’m excited to be doing this around the United States as well. As we start getting into. Into our, our movement there, uh, as I’m traveling around doing different events.

Um, but it’s been awesome to do these town hall meetings. And so, I wanna thank you guys for taking the time to come out and meet with me, share with me your concerns, and share with me your support. It’s been an honor and I have, I have just, a phenomenal vision of where we want to take things moving forward.

So, alright, that’s enough for the intro. Um, thank you again for, dealing with that, and you’ll start seeing a little bit of a change to our format. So let’s kind of get into the country by country. All right, New Zealand. Um, I’m gonna be at you next week, man. I’m excited. Um, I will be there on Tuesday.

New Zealand

Remember, it’s going to be at the chiropractic college. We’ll be in the lumbar room, and we’re starting at 1930 hours. Um, I’m telling you,, I have lots of stuff to share with you. I’m excited. The work we’re doing here in Australia affects what’s going on in New Zealand, um, and I’m excited to be there.

And then in Christ Church, we will be there on the ninth at the number four bar. So again, download those flyers. You’ll see them in this email. Um, make sure that you get the addresses and all of that. Most of you should know where the colleges in Auckland are. Um, but I’m excited to be with you guys there, starting to talk again with our legal team, um, and the association.

I’ll, I’ll have. More information for you the following week as I, um, you know, have those meetings when I get over there. So, still, lots of stuff going on in New Zealand, but for right now, please, please, please make the time to get to one of these meetings where I can meet you in person, we can talk, I can share with you what’s going on, um, and we can have, uh, um, you know, just a time to fellowship together.

It’s been incredible here in Australia and I wanna do the same thing in New Zealand. All right. My Australian people. Um, man, incredible. So I’ve done as the point of this video, I have done Sydney, I’ve done Brisbane, um, and I’m excited on Tuesday, tomorrow when you’re watching this, uh, we will be in the Sunshine Coast at Coast Chiropractic Koana.


Um, would love, love, love to have a great turnout for that event. Again, it’s been amazing to meet with these chiropractors, um, share with you the vision. We have really exciting stuff in Australia, so please make the time to do that. And then I will be in Melbourne. Um, we’re at Cahill Chiropractic. , um, there in Melbourne and we’ll be there on the 2nd of March.

Um, excited about that as well. Thank you, Dr. Both Dr. Mark and Dr. Dave for allowing us to use your practices for these meetings. Um, but really exciting stuff. And then we’ll be at the Concordia in Adelaide at the Sanford Hotel. On, um, on the fourth. So, uh, or the, yeah, the fourth. I’ll be speaking from 10 to 10 30 there.

And then I will be hanging around Concordia, where I have an opportunity to meet with more individuals as well throughout that weekend. So, um, definitely please make, make the chance to get to those events. But Australia, I wanna let you know, uh, specifically the plan. I’ve met with our attorneys. I got a chance to sit down with you.

Legal counsel this past week. Um, I met with the c a, um, executive director, c e o. Um, I’m going to be meeting with the president this week. Um, lots of conversations, lots of direction. Um, but more than anything, the opportunity that exists for us in Australia. It is very different. That’s one of the questions I’ve been getting a lot of, um, like why, why do you care so much about Australia?

And my dirty secret is I think we have an opportunity in Australia to do something that we can’t do anywhere else in the world. And the same applies to New Zealand as well. And that’s that you guys are small enough. and, and we have opportunities within your country that I don’t have in the United States or maybe other more developed areas.

Um, and so we have, a phenomenal legal team that we’re working within Australia. We’ve got a great track record, and, we have some momentum moving in, but we’ve got to continue to grow. We’ve got to continue to use the resources that we have, the collaboration, bringing people under one roof. And I’m telling you, I had a very, very, very honest convers.

With the ACA, c e o, and I, I get, there’s history. I’m not sitting here telling you that everything’s perfect. I don’t know. I didn’t do that kind of a deep dive, but I will tell you about meeting with him. He’s the right guy. Um, and, we did not have a single point of contention in those conversations. We made it very clear the work that we plan to be doing as it relates to marketing.

Um, our legal team is a hundred percent on board. I was able to debrief them, and get them on board with the vision of what we’re doing. And we are gonna start taking back your ability to tell the story of chiropractic. This has to be a rallying cry though, where this works because there is gonna be a lot of attention brought, there are going to be letters coming from opera, but just like we saw through the covid, uh, situations, when we have a very consolidated effort, we can defend very, very easily.

The masses because we’re doing a very similar argument. So I wanna work with and collaborate with the ACA on that. I don’t want to get into the job of marketing. That’s not our purview, that’s not what we do. But we wanna make sure that we’re utilizing the resources that we have around the world to ensure that Australians get access to chiropractic and they’re being able, and you are being able to tell.

Exactly what you wanna do. And this applies to allied health as well. So, you know, we, we’ve had some psychiatrists, we’ve had some, uh, acupuncturists at our meetings. Love, love, love having them there. We’re happy to continue to do the same thing for them where we’re giving you the freedom to start speaking the truth of your trade.

Um, again, we’re gonna be giving more information as we start this collaboration, um, with the a, c a and, and other, um, uh, avenues as we work through what’s going on in Australia. I’m very, very excited to give you the freedom and the support to know you’re not alone and we’ve gotta start telling the truth about our professions.

We have to give the general public the knowledge they need to make well-educated decisions, and our legal team is ready to support you in that process. We, our goal is really to just inundate. This market with communications and then really take on opera as a group. But I need the group to grow. I, I believe there’s value.

I think even just with Covid, just having the protection so you could continue to practice, but having the right to be able to communicate what you do in your clinic. and then have the support behind you. So you’re not worried about being de-registered or any of those types of situations. There’s a phenomenal, phenomenal opportunity.

So I’m asking you to continue to share this information with your colleagues. We have to grow our representation in Australia for this to work, but we know it can work cuz we did it through the Covid period and it’s gonna be the same with this. So I know some of that was a little bit vague, I’m talking more about that.

If that piques your interest, please get to one of the events that I’ll be at the rest of the next week and weekend. And we’ll be able to fill you in more on that. So, lots of stuff going on in Australia. Very, very excited. Thank you so much for your hospitality, um, and allowing us to, uh, uh, be a part of what’s going on here in your country.

All right, South Africa. So I told you last week that um, you know, we, we did make a pivot just because we ran into some hurdles to do the missions trip in South Africa, so we moved that to South America. But I am still having conversations. There are things that we want to do in South Africa that I was hoping to do on that trip.

I may still end up making a trip out there independently, um, to try to rally the troops and get everyone to understand what’s going on. We know that you guys have some restrictions as well, just like these other countries on the marketing side. We’re gonna be talking to our legal representation about that, doing a deep dive into really what those look like, and be able to give you the freedoms necessary to speak your truth.

South Africa

Um, but, I’m a little early on in the game there in South Africa, so be patient with me as we continue to dig that stuff up and, and supply those resources for you. Also, working with a group, really looking at bringing some stability and consistency throughout South Africa as well, so, Love you. I, I know we got a small following there, but we love you.

We appreciate you. I don’t ever want you to think that we, uh, take for granted your support, um, and what’s going on, but we’re excited to kind of dig in and, and get a little bit deeper within South Africa. All right. Canada, a pretty short one for you today. We still have all of our battles going. Um, I’ve been traveling, so I don’t have quite as detailed information as I usually do, but I do.


I’ve been seeing updates from our team in British Columbia. Um, for our X-ray cases, we’re still pushing forward on that, waiting for a date for that hearing. Um, I did communicate with our attorney. We’re still waiting on a decision for the process in which the BC or the British College, um, does their investigations, but we’re still very optimistic about that decision.

That should be coming. Any time. Um, we also, in Ontario, still have our court case that should be going back into hearings, um, this coming week. Uh, excuse me. Yeah. Then, no, it should be the week of the fifth, uh, sixth that we’ll be going back into hearings on that case. And I, I wanna remind you that I, I can never predict victory, right?

The courts. Unfortunately, the truth is not always what prevails in that kind of scenario, and you would hope that that’s the case. Um, but what we’re trying to do is just show them that we’re willing to go the distance. Um, I think that college thought that they were gonna be able to bully this process, but the fact that we’re doubling down and we’re sticking through this process to the end, um, is really.

Bewildering them to a, a certain extent, um, that I, I’m, I’m, that’s part of our goal. We, saw that happen in Alberta. Um, we saw that happen. Uh, we’re seeing that happen in Ontario. We’re seeing that happen a little bit in British Columbia as well. So there’s a lot of variables to the work that we’re doing.

Our strategy is not just one-dimensional. So please understand that, although I can’t predict how things happen, for example, um, the case with Dr. Hardick, if you were following him or watching any of his stuff there in Ontario and knowing that the courts just, uh, just a ridiculous decision to not honor the stay request of that bylaws change.

Um, you know, we’re gonna talk with them. We’re gonna look at our options. Our legal team is digging into that as well to see if we have the ability to go back after that because we still believe that behavior was completely InApp. But I want you to understand, all of our approaches are very multi-dimensional in what we’re.

But we’re not gonna stop pushing this forward. So I’m excited to get into Calgary, um, on the 18th. Um, that’ll be my first time really in Canada speaking at that remarkable practice—one day immersion, um, on the day of the 18th. So I’ll be there kind of sharing with you the vision of what it is we’re trying to do throughout Canada.

But we have an opportunity in Canada, very similar to what we see in Australia, New Zealand, to create a collaborative approach to hold these colleges accountable, put a stake in the ground to tell ’em that they, they’re not gonna be able to just do these things whimsically as they’ve been doing them in the past.

Um, and we’re honored to do that work. We have a phenomenal, phenomenal legal team there in Canada. We’re excited about that work. We’re looking forward to digging further in. Up in Quebec as well. Um, in Quebec. I’ll, I’ll tell you, you know, I’m encouraging you right now and I want you to reach out to me. We have our elections coming up in April.

We wanna make sure that we have people running for those seats. So if you’re at all interested or want more information, please reach out to me. I will get you connected with the right people to learn the process and what you have to do. But we’ve gotta continue to be willing to run. Good people that wanna see things operating in Quebec a little bit differently.

I, I know people are aware that we’re operating up there now. We’re continuing to grow our people as Contribu ships grow. Please continue to spread the word. Um, but we really wanna make sure that we’re doing a concerted effort. Remember, we’re very structured and calculating in the way that we go about these issues.

And so we wanna make sure that we have that done. So if you’re at all interested in running for a position, um, within the Quebec College or uh, council. Please, please, please reach out to me. Send me an email. I will get you introduced to the right people and we will get you on that path. Um, and the same in Alberta.

You know, we’re, we’re excited about the work that’s being done there. I cannot wait to be there on the 18th and to meet with some of you and collaborate and share the vision of what’s going on. But lots of stuff in Canada as always. So I’ll, I’ll have more information when I get it. I’m getting back into the States on March 10th, so I’ll be able to, you know, give you a much better understanding, of where things are at once I kind of debrief with my team, and when I get back in the States.

United States

So that is where we’re at with Canada. In the United States. I had a conversation with our lobbying team, about our military project. We have our dear colleague’s letter, and we now have our appropriations language drafted. Um, that’s going into those committees. Um, we’re excited, uh, about the conversations that we’ve been having.

We continue to meet with more ranking members and the different appropriations and, um, armed services committees. Uh, yeah, there’s momentum that’s moving right now. I feel good about it. The people that are on board the direction that we’re headed. Um, yeah, I’m looking forward to that. Very, very much so.

As I get more information, again, I’m out of the country right now, so I’m not as fluent with those conversations as I usually am, but we will be letting, you know, about that work there. But we’re excited about what’s happening, um, in the direction of our military getting access to chiropractic, so. Hi guys. Um, I’m gonna kind of end it for today.

Um, I will tell you gratitude is kind of my word right now as I’m meeting all of these amazing chiropractors here in Australia. Um, and just listening to their perspectives of what we’ve been doing and what they hope we can do in the future. We’re, uh, we’re creating something new. If you remember, we started one chiropractic with the mindset, uh, from a buck mini or fuller quote that says that you cannot change the existing reality by fighting it.

You need to create a new model that makes the old model obsolete. That’s what we’re doing, and I’m excited about the work that we’re doing. We need to get our profession to better understand the scope of the work that’s being done so that we understand the importance of what happens in Canada, what affects the United States, what happens in the United States, affects Australia, and so on.

Because when we can consolidate and we can reach our goal of 10,000 people connected to this organization. Amazing things happen like we are. We’re just able to do incredible, incredible work, and we’re doing it on behalf of the entire profession, no matter where you’re practicing. So I want you to get the bigness of what we’re trying to do.

I’m doing a better job of that. Our marketing team is gonna be releasing some information here soon. We want you to understand if you haven’t done so yet, download our bill of rights. Understand the big picture of what it is we’re trying to do. But my term is gratitude. I’m so thankful for all of you, um, and I can’t wait to continue to do this work and partner with you as we move forward to make amazing things happen around the world.

So we love you. God bless you. Have an incredible week, and we’ll be back with you next week. Be all guys. Bye-bye.