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All right guys, man, you are catching me. Absolutely fired up today. I’ve got so many information updates on what’s been going on in my trip to Australia, headed to New Zealand. I will be there Tuesday. To hang with the Kiwis there in Auckland. Just lots of stuff going on. Updates in the United States, updates in Canada.

So lots of stuff this week, but man, sit back and get ready cuz I’m pretty dang motivated. Good morning, our warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, March 6th for your global update. My intro is just a reminder, I’m going to be shifting.

These videos, we, you will not be getting a video next week. I’m going to every other week just so that I can make sure that these things are fooled with information you care about. Things that matter. I don’t want to be the video that you just shove off because you don’t have time to watch it.

Also, when we come back in the new version, You will have links just to your country and then the opportunity to listen to the whole thing as it relates to what’s going on with the Defense Council all over the world. So a little bit of a different format when we come back at you. So we will be back at you.

Let me look at that date so I have it back. So you will not get anything on the 13th, but we will be back at you on March 20th, and then it’ll be every other week after that. So thank you for your patience and your tolerance. Just wanna make sure everybody is aware. So here’s my theme my intro for this.

It’s just momentum. Again, this tour that I’m on right now throughout Australia and then headed to New Zealand next week, it’s been incredible. It reminded me of the work that we do, so all of my amazing Australian friends. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. So amazing. I literally just got off the stage at Concordia here in Adelaide.

I’m recording this on Saturday… But it’s unbelievable energy. I thank you so much for making me feel validated. The work that we’re doing, being validated, it’s been an incredible couple of weeks over here in Australia, so I’m just thankful for that. But man, we have the tiger by the tail.

We, we’ve got momentum, we’ve got things that we can do. There are structures being built, there are relationships being built throughout the profession, all over the world that are creating an opportunity for chiropractic to really elevate. The actual impact on the world around us. And so I’m so honored to be just a small part of that movement, but you guys buying into that.

So wherever you’re watching this from, wherever in the world, just know that, man, we are so blessed to be able to do this work, but we have so much more ahead of us. We are going to protect your rights. We are going to move chiropractic into a better position to become the number one healthcare choice in the world.

And it’s all because of this momentum and the support and the belief that we have with all of you. So thank you so very much for that. All right, let’s get into our update. So obviously New Zealand. I don’t really have any new pertinent information other than reminding you I will be there this week. I will be in Auckland.

I’m at the college, the New Zealand Chiropractic College had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Holt herein, in Adelaide, and so excited to be on the campus. We will be there Tuesday night. On the seventh we will be there on the campus in the lumbar room, on the campus of the college. And I’m excited. I really hope that we can bring a lot of people there.

I have so much to share with you about what’s going on, the vision, and what’s happening. I’m gonna be meeting with our legal team and some people on Monday. So you’ll be getting some really fresh information about what’s happening in New Zealand when we talk to you on that Tuesday night. So we’ll be there at 1,930 hours.

On the campus in the lumbar room for our Auckland event. Then we will be in Christ Church on the ninth at the number four bar. So that’s just in Christchurch. We have a special room pulled off. Happy to share a be with you. But you really wanna get as many people connected as we can give you a vision of what’s happening there in New Zealand as well.

And if there are anything like what we’ve been experiencing here in Australia, it’s just gonna be a phenomenal time of fellowship, hope, and growth. Please make the time to come and see me when I’m over there. I’m excited about that. So that’s where we’re at with New Zealand, right?

In Australia. Guys, man, again, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much for welcoming me. I’m pretty convinced I’m gonna spend a lot of time over here at this point. We have so many amazing opportunities over here that I think will benefit the rest of the world when. Figure it out here. But I do want to continue to remind you about structure in Australia, right?

A as we’re taking on these new marketing initiatives. And if you didn’t make it to one of the town halls, I will be doing a special video that we’re gonna be giving out. I’m gonna do two special videos, one summarizing what we talked about in the town hall and what our next steps are in Australia, cuz we have an awesome plan that we’re getting ready to roll.

But also I’m going to be doing a video that really explains who we are so that you guys can help us grow to 4,000 Australian chiropractors attached to our organization. I, we’ve got a big vision. I’m confident we’re gonna achieve it because it’s the right thing and we have so many amazing opportunities.

So be looking for those special videos. I’ll send them in a separate type of email as resources for you guys. So that you can get a big picture of what’s going on. But the important things that have happened on this journey for me, we’re meeting with other groups like Amps a m n. I got a chance to sit down with our legal teams on both fronts and really do amazing work and get on the same page and fire them up just as much as I’m firing you guys up about the work being done.

So I’m excited to say that our lawsuit, we’ve been working on. It looks like we’re gonna be handing that off over to amps and an m n. We’ve done the work. I’m very proud of the work that’s been done. Our legal team is still very passionate about that, but it’s really not our fight anymore. It’s an ivermectin fight.

It’s a fight about mandates and things of that nature that will ultimately impact us. But the suit is moving forward. So that’s the important thing. Those of you that contributed to it and supported it, I don’t want you to think it was wasted. It definitely wasn’t. We. One of the best pleadings that really can be created is 120 pages which are phenomenal.

And that work that we’ve done is now empowering these other organizations to continue to move forward. So we have really good opportunities to make big weight, but we also wanna be respectful about the work we specifically are doing. And we’re gonna start collaborating with other organizations that can help us raise the money to continue to push that pleading through.

So excited about that was awesome. Thank you to some of you. Most of the relationships and meetings that I’ve had while I’m over there are due to you sharing your contacts with me and me really having the opportunity to meet with them while I was over here. So I’ve literally been busy every single day.

I think I had one. So far in Australia that I was just relaxing up in Newa, which if you haven’t been there, it’s amazing. I had a great time. So I did have one day in my two weeks here when I wasn’t working. But I, it’s been amazing. The conversations, the relationships, the infrastructure, and the collaborations that we’re making over here are absolutely incredible.

So I’m thankful again to you guys. Be on the lookout as we continue to update, but that’s, that, that’s a positive thing for me because the suit is going to move forward. It’s just gonna move forward more appropriately. And we’re gonna be able to put our resources into what I’m really excited about, which is freeing you guys up to be able to communicate the story more appropriately.

To my Allied Health. I, again, I know I talk about chiropractic a lot because we are a chiropractic organization. Part of my other reason for meeting with amps and other organizations is I want to find a home for you guys where it’s a, they’re working on issues that maybe are more directly available to you.

Although, obviously Covid was with everybody. This marketing thing, I do believe is gonna affect everyone. We’re gonna work with our allied people as well. If you choose to follow ours. We’re just not gonna have quite the resources available for you that we do for the chiropractic space, because that’s our world.

I shared this at my town hall meetings, and we’d love for you to stay with us. I really do. I’m honored that you’re here. I’m honored that you trust us, but I wanna be respectful that you’re putting your money where it’s gonna have the most effective for you. And I am encouraging you that if you feel a little off with us, you do reach out to amps and maybe look and see if they’re a better organization.

If you’re with us, you’re still under our prevail veil of protection. You’re, it’s not wasted. But I just do feel bad because sometimes I get on my chiropractic soap box and you are sitting there wondering, okay, but what about us? So reach out to me independently if you want to on that topic, I’ll help you.

Or if you wanna stay with us and you’re on board, then we’d still love to have you. But I will be doing a video. Specifically about our agenda moving forward. As I shared with you in the town hall meetings, we’re done talking about covid. In Australia, it’s not, that’s no longer our focus. Our focus is moving ahead and really defending your rights and the areas where you’ve been censored and restricted.

And we’re excited about that. We’re using very similar strategies to what we use during C O V D to be able to give you the empowerment to move forward. So be looking for that information coming out soon. I know that’s a little. I’m still building it out, but we believe soon you’re going to be able to tell your story.

You’re gonna be able to respond back to patient testimonials. You’re gonna be able to do things that opera has yet to this point restricted you from doing so. We’re excited about that. And I will give you the full structure of that on a separate video, so be on the lookout for that. But Australia, thank you.

You are going to become my new part-time. I’m excited about our opportunities here. It’s gonna be very beneficial for mankind in general. So thank you so much for that. All right. South Africa, I shared with you last week. We actually add my events over here. I’ve started to talk with some individuals.

We still have that vision that we wanna work over there. Some of the things that we’re doing in Australia are actually going to. A benefit to our strategies there in South Africa. So I am working a little bit closer with some legal teams really redeveloping our infrastructure there, and we’re gonna start digging in on, on moving those things forward in South Africa as well.

I apologize. You guys have been amazing. Thank you for your patience with us as we’ve been very busy with other countries. But I just don’t ever want you to think that we’ve forgotten about you our small tribe that we have there. We look forward to growing that and being more impactful.

All right, Canada. I did have an opportunity to communicate with both of our legal teams over this last week to get an update on the case that we have going on in Ontario. Had a really good day. And hearing this week it was been, we’re. I think that tide is turning. I think we’re standing up and we’re showing the college that, what they’re doing just isn’t working and our legal team is just killing it.

I couldn’t be happier with that team. In British Columbia, we are still waiting on the return judgment on our appeal case, or I should say the college’s a PO case, they’re appealing the decision that we’ve already won. So we’re still waiting on that, but still very confident. I did have another conversation with our council there and she’s still optimistic that’s gonna come back in our favor as well as x-ray.

So there’s been a lot of activity of getting more information to our legal team. They’ve been talking to some expert experts in this particular arena. We’re gonna turn up the pressure a little bit and we’ve gotta just force this judicial hearing. We’ve. Move this thing along a little bit.

I feel like we’re more prepared now than we have been, so we’re gonna turn that up a little bit. So I should, when we come back at you in two weeks I should have some updates for you on the timeframe for x-ray, but I’m to, I’m done playing around with this. It’s time to kick it up.

We’ve got the data, we have the information. We’ve proven that they were really on an agenda with that, so we’re done. I like it. It’s time to, to move this thing forward, so we’re gonna. Ramping those things up with our legal team as well. So yeah, Canada is great. I will be in Cbet, or excuse me wrong, I will be in Calgary on the 18th and I would love, love, love to see you.

I really would love your help. That’s a fundraising event for us. We’re spending an insane amount of money in Canada, which is fine. That’s what we’re here for. But it would really great to help get people there. I’d love to meet you in person. I will be talking at the. And share with you again, some of our strategies and visions of what we’re doing there.

So I’d love to see you in Alberta on the 18th and the bottom of this email. You will see a link to get more information on that and register a hundred percent of your registration fees. Come to the defense counsel thanks to Dr. Steven Fransen, so I promise you it’s gonna be an amazing weekend.

I got a chance. To sit and listen to one of their immersions here in Australia. It was incredible, my first time really sitting through one of those. What an awesome group. So it’s gonna be worth your time. You’re gonna get great value and you’re also helping us. So please attend that event. We want a lot of people there.

So that’s coming up in two weeks in Calgary. We would love, love, love to see you there. So please go and register for that event in Quebec. We’re still working on, we’ve been putting information out. Elections are coming up. We wanna make sure that we’re running people that are passionate about doing what that organization is designed to do.

And so we’re not looking to, Chicken pick and do a coup. What we’re looking for is strong people. They’re gonna stand up and make sure that college and the registrars are doing what their job is rather than head-hunting chiropractors. And we really want people to step up.

If you’re interested in serving in any of those positions please reach out to me and I’ll get you connected with the right people and we’ll help teach you up and make sure you understand what it means to serve on. The order. Lots of stuff still going on in Canada. We love you. Please register for the March 18th event.

All right. In the United States, literally just this morning, I had a Zoom call and we found a legislator to actually champion our appropriations request. So what this means is we’re going to the government and asking them to designate a million dollars specifically to do research on two bases in the United States where we’re measuring the effects of chiropractic care on the issues.

Early separation from the military, reduction of injury, recovery speeds, performance outcomes, all the things that we know are true with our athletes we’re wanting to do with our military. We finally have offices that are willing to champion that. And so we’re now moving forward. The appropriation language is gonna get put in.

We have got bipartisan support. We’re very excited to be pushing this. We finally have some traction. We have all the data and information we need, and I’m hopefully gonna be giving you information on that. Thank you. Thank you to all of you that have reached out related to the military.

I know that’s a passionate topic. In the United States for chiropractors to wanna serve our men and women. So we’re excited about those, the two bases and one of them that we’re going after is Fort Bragg in North Carolina. And then the other one we’re gonna I’m hoping it’s an Air Force base.

It might end up being in Georgia just because it’s close to Life University. So we have some opportunities there. But I’m not sure, but I, I know one of ’em is bragged because of the special forces and the way that infrastructure is currently structured. We have an opportunity to just plug into something there and it has a better opportunity for success because the culture’s already somewhat open to it.

Lots of variables. We’re working on the dynamics and the structure of the study itself. We’ve got a great team working on that. But l I’m just very pleased that we have some solid steps moving forward. We believe we’ll know this relatively soon. This isn’t, we don’t have to wait for the next N D A A.

We don’t have to do those things. The appropriations matters can happen right away. So as soon as that gets done, I’m excited to see that thing play out. So good stuff on that front. All right guys. Let me get to my conclusion for this video. Again, trying to speed through some of this stuff so the videos aren’t quite as long.

Just a reminder, again, I will not be giving you a video on the 13th. Your next video will be the 20th. They’re coming every other week moving forward. And I’m going to break them up so you’ll get the intro. Your country and then the conclusion, right? So they’ll be back to the five to fif, 10-minute videos that they were in the beginning.

But there’ll also be a link for you to see the entire video in its, or see the video in its entirety and what’s going on in every country. So I’ve been listening. Thank you for your feedback on that. But here’s the deal, man. We succeed because of you, not only because the economic impact that you provide us with your monthly contributions but with your information, with your feedback, giving us ideas of things we can do that are more impactful.

But I need your help. My Australians, we have a goal of 4,000 chiropractors. To be connected under connected us this year in Canada, we have a goal of a thousand chiropractors connected to us in Canada. U.S. we really need to grow there. I’m gonna be hitting the seminar speed circuit later this year.

And I really want to continue to grow our impact with what we’re doing with our military. Also, regarding the issues that we’re starting to face, I just got information today. We have a chiropractor in Washington that they’re going after for not wearing a mask. They want to take our license. So we still have battles that we’re fighting to protect the rights of our chiropractors.

And so I need you to continue to support us. I need. To understand the framework of what we’re doing. We are taking on so much. We’re very thankful that we’ve been able to carry it, but we’ve got to grow. Our overall mission is 10,000 chiropractors. By the end of this year, and I need your help doing it. So you’re gonna start seeing some new marketing things coming from us as well.

Lots of stuff happening, but man, I’m just so blown away and thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve in this capacity and to work with all of you to really move the needle for the profession. So we love you. God bless you this week. Do not ever stop telling the story and love chiropractic. To actually do something that makes a difference for it.

We’re here. We got your back, and we’re gonna continue to love and serve. God bless you. Have a great.