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All right, we’re back at you. So much to share with you today. I’m gonna do my best to be a little bit more concise so that it’s not as long, but we’re gonna be launching our Operation Free speech in New Zealand and Australia, Canada. Man, so much to share with you about the cases we have going on there and in the United States.

Updates on our military project, and we now have some. Movement or issues up in Washington state that we’ll be talking about today. Lots going on, so make sure that you watch the entire thing. Well, good morning, our Warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council.

Coming to you today. May 1st, right? May 1st. Unbelievable. We’re already in May in this new year. Man, we have just got so much going on. So my kind of intro today is really a call to arms. Um, there is so much opportunity out there right now around the world to advance chiropractic by organizing and pushing forward the, the inroads, the connections, the opportunities that we are starting to see everywhere around the world.

As we organize as a profession and start pushing forward challenging status quo in a number of areas, and really holding these regulatory boards, these governments accountable to the way that they handle chiropractic. Um, I, I’m just blown away. Our attorneys are so fired up all over the world. Um, char, you know, we’re pretty much keeping them busy a hundred percent with our stuff, which is, it’s exciting because I don’t know that.

Ever before have we been able to have this many attorneys that are solely working on chiropractic initiatives, which is amazing, but our structure allows us to do this when we have a bunch of people connected to us, right? I mean, it’s not cheap to have these level of attorneys working solely on our work.

We’ve gotta continue to move forward. So you’re gonna start seeing in Canada, um, in New Zealand and Australia, we’re gonna be doing a huge push trying to get more chiropractors connected to us because of the amount of work that we’re doing in those countries. Obviously in the United States, I’m doing the same thing as I’m traveling around here over the next few months at different events, sharing the vision of what we’re doing.

And I, and I want you to understand that. You know, I’ve shared this before, but it’s so important for you to get that wherever in the world that we’re defending chiropractic, it matters to everybody in the world because if we lose ground in any of these particular countries, then it’s going to eventually start spreading throughout the world.

This is absolutely imperative. We’re not doing individual work with chiropractors who are not getting paid or individual things like that. We’re taking on major issues. Where regulatory boards or governments are repressing our profession or other specialties, um, insurance companies, wherever the case may be, where it’s a profession wide issue.

That is why this is so important, because if they’re going to put us in a box anywhere in the world, then there’s a chance at that spread. So those of you, I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Those of you getting this video, you’re already contributing and I love you, and I thank you for that. But what I need you to do is share these videos with everyone else.

We have such a unique opportunity right now, especially in Canada. I, I, I, I’ll share that more when I do the Canadian update. So if you’re interested, make sure you watch the full Global report. But I want you guys to understand it’s a call to arms right now is absolutely massive. We’re doing good, we’re doing great as an organization, but there’s more coming our way, and I’m not gonna put ourselves in jeopardy by taking on more than we can handle.

So the, the faster we actually grow our tribe and our contributors, the sooner we can take on all the work that’s starting to come our way, and we can massively move the needle forward to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. So please, please, please watch your unique country update.

And join me in spreading the word and getting people connected to us. It’s $33 a month. I mean, I, I can’t make it any simpler for you. 33 us a month enables us to be able to go forward and fight on the, the defense of chiropractors all over the world. So, all right, let’s get to our updates. New Zealand. Hey guys, man.

Um, we’re very close and I apologize. I know I told you in the last video that I would have stuff for you by this video. I, I’m really taking my time making sure that all of our ducks are in a row before we start encouraging you guys to go out there and tell the story. So forgive me, I. Um, I am, I am adamant that you will have this before your video, mid-May.

Um, we are going to be launching some webinars as well, so be on the lookout for that. I’ll be communicating with the association, um, with New Zealand Chiropractic College. I want everyone to be on the same page with what’s going on here. So our attorneys have been doing a lot of work digging into the regulatory code, making sure we understand where we can put pressure, where we need to stay away from.

All of that stuff is part of this. So there’s actually been a lot of work happening. I apologize you haven’t seen it. But it is coming. So we’re gonna be providing resources for you soon. We’re gonna be doing webinars for you soon, explaining what we want you guys to do moving forward. And this will be a joint and collaborative effort with all of the organizations in New Zealand.

So that is coming. Um, please be on the lookout for that. I promise you promise you, once it hits, it’s gonna be a phenomenal program. What you can do to help me. Is spread this message. We need to grow. We need to get to 400, um, new Zealanders connected to us in order for this to really have the power that we want it to have.

So yes, there’s an economic component because we fully expect the Department of Health is going to come after us, um, on some of this stuff. Our attorneys are ready to defend that. But we also wanna have the strength of this many individuals moving in the same direction. There’s such power in organization, and so I need you to help me spread the word.

Right now we’re at about 150 New Zealanders, so we have some work to do. Please spread it as we give you the information for webinars. Please share it with your colleagues. We really, really need to see this growth move in the right direction for us to be able to have the power. We need you to be able to tell the story of chiropractic.

You should not be restricted in what you’re doing. You should be able to share the effects of what’s happening, that your patients should be able to share their experiences. These are all things that we’re working towards in New Zealand, and so we need you to work with us in that effort. So beyond the lookout stuff’s coming, I promise you.

Um, we just need to make sure that it’s all ready to go and good and orderly. So we love you. Thank you New Zealand. We’ll be at you here real soon with some more information. God bless.

Australia. All right guys, man, I apologize. I know I told you on the last video that you would have stuff before this video. I failed to get that done, not because we didn’t do the work, but because we’re still digging in, making sure that all of our steps that we’re going to be taking, the way that we’re gonna be guiding you is an order.

Making sure that our resources, like Dr. Heidi Hoick and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Aca, everyone’s on the same page so that this is a consolidated effort to make sure that we’re supplying you with what you need to be able to go out and tell the story of chiropractics. So, I apologize. I just am, I’m unwilling to launch this thing until I know that it’s a hundred percent ready.

I would never ask you guys to do anything that causes your head to kind of come over the mound, um, without making sure that everything’s in order. Um, what I can tell you. Is that everyone’s excited about this. Our attorneys, uh, everyone’s ready. We, we feel like we’re really moving in a direction that is necessary to challenge opera.

Again, I want to reiterate that we’re not asking you to do civil disobedience. This is not, you know, some wild American coming into Australia telling you to defy the law. That’s not at all what we’re doing. We have scoured the administrative code through opera. We’ve looked at section 1 33. We’re looking at all of the areas where we feel they have falsely interpreted.

Previously and we’re challenging that. So what we’re asking you to do is to trust us. Hopefully we’ve garnered some support through the Covid issues. Um, and we want you to know that we’re gonna be doing the same thing here, but we have to start pushing a little bit to be able to have the freedom to tell our story.

So Operation Free speech is about ready to launch. We’re gonna be doing a few webinars. I’ll be sharing those dates with you fairly soon. Be on the lookout for that. But here’s where I need you. We need 4,000 Australians, and I am not embarrassed to tell you that number. This gives us not only the economics to be able to defend on the level that we know we’re gonna have to once this thing is launching, but also the power of that many people moving in the same direction.

It’s really never happened in our profession before, so we’re trying to do something that’s never been done. So I need your help. I need you to spread the word when we do these webinars, when we supply you with the materials and the videos and everything that we’re gonna be giving you to move you in the direction of being able to communicate your profession to your community, I want you to share this information with your colleagues.

We need to have more people connected to us. Yes, the economics, but more importantly, moving that many people in the right direction, right? We have to organize chiropractic to move because it’s time. It’s everything’s in our favor right now. The world is more receptive to who we are and what we do. We are the solution to the majority of the things that our healthcare system is looking for, what we lack as organization and moving forward as a unit.

That’s what we’re trying to put together. That’s why we’re including everybody in this, and we’re letting everyone know what’s going on and hopefully we can collaborate. And move together in a direction that moves the needle for chiropractic in Australia. So please, I need your help sharing this information with your colleagues.

You will be having it soon. I’m spending tons of time making sure that it’s accurate, but we’re moving in that direction and we need you to help us in that way. So we love you, we hope everything else is going fantastic, and uh, we’ll be at you soon. Also, reminder, I will be, um, in Australia again in October.

I’m gonna be coming to the Innate Summit, um, in Melbourne, and then I’m also going to be going to the World Federation of Chiropractic Event up in Gold Coast. So a lot, uh, we’ll be back. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Please, please, please make time to head to the Innate Summit. Um, uh, from what I hear, it’s one of the best events in Australia.

Um, and, and I wanna see you. So please make sure I’m giving you tons of notice. I’ll be there in October. Um, and we can’t wait to see you guys again. So we love you. Be on the lookout for those emails. We’ll talk to you soon. God bless.

All right, Canada man, I spent most of the day yesterday, um, with our attorneys looking at everything from our x-ray issue in British Columbia, um, to really going through the final summary of our case against the college in British Columbia, as well as it relates to how they do investigations and disciplinary action.

Um, I, I shared with you last week that, that the judgment came back. That the, um, college appealed the original decision. Um, the appeal did overturn the original decision. However, there were a number of things within the judge’s, uh, final judgment that we can still use. Actually, what they ended up overturning doesn’t affect us much at all.

It’s essentially how they have to report certain things. But the steps in which the college has to go through in order to do an investigation and to issue a disciplinary action, there was a lot of good stuff in that case that our attorneys are really scouring right now to be prepared to use in future issues.

So it was a worthwhile cause. Um, we didn’t necessarily get the big W that, that others probably would’ve hoped. And I’m not just spinning this, I know people have a tendency to spin things to make it, uh, look their way, but thi this particular issue, there are a number of things that we can use now to hold the college accountable to how it goes through its process of, of doing investigations and issuing disciplinary action.

So that was a worthwhile effort, but we’re still kind of scouring that, making sure that we know all of the ins and outs of that particular piece. As far as the x-ray issue in British Columbia, um, we have sent a, a masterful document. Our attorney spent a ton of time putting together, uh, about a 10 page document that outlines exactly what we believe the college needs to do as it relates to this x-ray issue.

We did hear a word from their last meeting in this, this past month that their meeting in June. They are going to be taking up this discussion again. We are gonna continue to provide them materials through our legal action and, and the judicial review process that we were a part of. We did get them on record stating that, that they would continue to look at all evidence to evaluate and make decisions.

We’re holding them to the fire for that. If in June they do not actually overturn or modify that policy to allow chiropractors to do x-rays as we did before. We will be going back at them because now they’re clearly not looking at all of the evidence. They’re not taking everything into consideration, and they’re just making a decision because it’s what they want, not what’s best for the general public or the profession.

So we are in a phenomenal position. Probably for the first time in this battle. We feel like we are in a great position to hold them to the fire. And if they don’t respond, now we have the ability to go forward and force them to. So we’re in a great position if anyone’s watching this from the college.

Any board members, uh, or council members? I’m not asking you. I’m not trying to give you an ultimatum. I’m asking you to do the right thing. You know that policy was forced through, you know, it wasn’t done in a proper manner. It’s time to change it. I don’t care about the past. I care about the future. Now is the time that we have to fix this policy to allow chiropractors to do what they’re entitled to do, both with informed consent if the doctor and the patient have a decision, may make a decision together.

There’s no regulatory board that should stop that process. So I, you know, that we’re excited about what’s going on on bc. We’re in a phenomenal position for this. I know it’s been a long battle. Those of you that have been asking about it, there’s been tons and tons of work that have been done, lots of money spent, um, getting this organized.

So we’re in a phenomenal position. Our legal team is completely briefed. We’re ready to go and push forward, so we’ll know more in June. On that x-ray issue there, um, in Ontario. Uh, so man, lots of things going on in Ontario. We have our major case that’s moving forward, um, with, uh, the college in Ontario. Uh, And I’m telling you, they’re, they’re pulling out all the stops.

They’re, it’s, it’s pretty hysterical to me. What they’re trying to do is push this thing along to where we run out of money, and that’s not gonna happen because we’re going to continue to push this thing forward, but we have such an opportunity to hold them to the fire. We’re gonna be doing a lot of stuff within Ontario to really push this college to start behaving appropriately.

The last five years have just been unacceptable. The behind the scenes decisions that are made to change bylaws, things that affect you, the registrants and the general public, the way they’re changing bylaws to control who can and can’t sit on the council. Um, all of these things. And then they’re horrific disciplinary actions that they’ve been putting out in ridiculous, and, and it’s important to understand the case that we’re fighting.

Right now in Ontario has to do with a prepay issue where the patient ultimately was okay and satisfied with the outcome, but the colleges continue to push this forward. They’ve spent. Estimating here, over $400,000 to go after a chiropractor, because there was a little dis misunderstanding with a patient.

This wasn’t sexual misconduct. This wasn’t fraud. This wasn’t anything illegal. This was the college just going after an individual. For no reason whatsoever and spending over $400,000 currently, and it’s gonna be more than that cuz we’re not stopping. This is the type of stuff that has to stop. I’m not sure that the registrar is actually communicating with the board members.

So if there are any, any council members that are watching this video, you need to start asking questions of Joanne. Like, I’m not trying to like single anyone out and I’m not trying to be a pain, but this is unacceptable behavior. This is not the type of case that should be. We’re at 24 days in court now.

It’s unbelievable what they’re doing and how they’re pushing it. And we have given them ample time and ample opportunity to settle this case to ensure that they’re not wasting the general public’s resources and they’re not wasting their time, but they. Are so hellbent to make sure that they win this, that they’re gonna continue to spend money over money, over money, and they’re not in a position to win it.

So I need the general public to understand, and when I say general public, I mean you chiropractors and the general public who they are supposed to be there to serve. Um, it’s ridiculous what’s happening and we are not going to let it happen. So now this takes a lot of money. They’re spending 400,000.

We’ve spent right around 200. So it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, the battle is necessary and Canada needs to understand, we have issues in Alberta that we’re taking on, dealing with mass cases and, and the regulatory board just not paying attention to their obligations. We’re doing the same thing in Quebec. We have the college in Quebec that’s outta control.

Canada, I need you to understand the opportunity we have to push back is unlike anything we’ve ever done. We’re already doing it. We’re already starting to push. What I need is Canadians to organize. I know this hasn’t happened before. I know that’s not your nature, but I need you to share this information.

We have such an opportunity to take back the ultimate authority in this country. And when I say that, I don’t mean like we’re in charge. I mean, we have organizations that are functioning the way they were intended to function, and we no longer have to live in fear of someone just having a hair up their nose and just start targeting chiropractors, which is what’s happened before.

We have so many chiropractors that are fearful of doing anything to get on the radar of the college, that they’re not doing what they should be doing, and that is not an appropriate environment. The environment should allow people to function within the framework of the policies so that you can serve your community to the highest level possible.

Not be afraid that Joanne and, and her team and, and all these individuals that are currently operating within the college are just gonna go and pick a bone and throw all these ridiculous disciplinary action against chiropractors. So, There’s so much work to be done and it can only be done when we organize.

Please share this information with your colleagues. We need to grow our tribe in Canada, and it only happens when you guys are spreading the word. I will be in Ontario the weekend of June 2nd at the annual meeting. I will share with you in greater detail what’s been going on there in Ontario and what we’re doing around the rest of Canada.

But I am so excited about the opportunity for chiropractic to stand up and push to move forward, to take steps in the right direction to empower our chiropractors. To continue to tell the story and to not live in fear over our regulatory bodies. So much stuff happening. Lots being done. But I need, need, need your help.

So please spread the word. Be on the lookout for different webinars and things that we’re gonna be doing throughout Canada to get people to understand. It’s a call to arms. I need Canadians involved. This has to happen because there’s so much work to be done in Canada, but I promise you on the other side of this, you can take a deep breath, you can start moving forward, and when we’re organized, amazing things can happen.

So I love you. I appreciate you Canada. We will be back at you in a couple weeks and I will share with you where we’re at with all of this stuff and more. God bless you. Have an incredible week. All right. United States man. Um, great stuff with our military project. As always, we were having a bunch of meetings with our legislators.

As a matter of fact, next week I’m going to be just inundated with, with calls with different representatives and committee members on the Armed Services Committee, really sharing with them. We have language in the appropriations committee right now for our project to be able to have chiropractic on two military bases.

I’ve shared with you before, we’re gonna have Dr. Heidi hok and her team. Part of that research, making sure that the data is correct, making sure it’s something we can publish, and also something we can provide back to the D O D, showing them the institutional need for chiropractic because we can help with things they care about, like early separation, like non-combat related, musculoskeletal, like prevention of injury, increased performance, all of the things that we know to be true with those that get regular chiropractic care.

We’re gonna be doing within that military project. So still not hitting any roadblocks. Everyone’s on board with this. We’re garnering support. More people are signing our dear colleague letter. More people are supporting us with our language that we’re gonna be putting into the N D A A. We are not messing around this year.

It is going to get done one way or another. So thank you. Thank you, thank you for all of you supporting us there. We did have a couple things to actually pop up. Um, in Washington State, our attorneys are starting to look at some mask issues. The, um, believe it or not, Washington, I, I’m getting conflicting information, but we will validate this one way or another, but they, they’ve still had a mask mandate for all physicians in Washington state, which is just asinine to me with the, the reality of what the data has supplied over the last year.

But whatever the reason, um, we have their. Health departments going after chiropractors for not wearing masks. So we’re looking into that, making sure that, uh, you know, our people are, are treated fairly there, working with a number of attorneys there in Washington, and then sharing information with our attorneys.

So we’re looking at that information as well. I’ve also been contacted by a couple state organizations. We’re early on in this process of looking at some potential discrimination issues in states. Um, and we’re gonna be pulling our attorneys in on that, so I’m super excited. That people are starting to understand where we fall, where we set within the framework of chiropractic, and we’re being utilized in the appropriate way.

So lots of stuff still happening in the United States. We’re excited about that. I can’t wait to give you guys the green light on our military project. I know everyone wants to make sure that we’re. More integrated into our military. So we love you guys. Lots going on. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Um, spread the word. We, you know, with the work that we’re doing in Canada, if you haven’t in the last few weeks or last few videos watched the global report, I’m gonna encourage you to do that. Um, US needs to understand the impact that other countries are gonna have on us, and so that’s why we’re so adamant about doing the work that we’re doing in these other countries.

Because we need to prevent it from ever coming to the United States. X-ray restrictions in British Columbia could very easily cross over into the Northwestern States. The issues that we’re dealing with, with regulatory overreach and disciplinary actions and, and, you know, all that stuff sets precedence that, you know, the US is gonna look at.

And, and we wanna make sure that that’s just shut down wherever it’s at so that it doesn’t spread. So even though I don’t have a ton of work here in the US, I. All the work we’re doing in these other countries are so vital to the, to us protecting the freedoms we do have here in the United States. So I don’t want you to get lost in that and feel like, ah, it’s not burning in my backyard, so I don’t care.

That’s the mentality that gets us in trouble. That’s how Communism took over in Europe, because ah, it’s not affecting me until it is. So we have to be preventative. The whole reason the Defense Council exists is to protect the rights of practicing chiropractors all over the world, because if we fight back and we become a very.

Thorny bush, they’re gonna stop messing with us. It’s not gonna be worth their time and energy. So we have to work together. We have to organize as a profession and continue to fight these battles because they’re not gonna stop coming at us. We need to get stronger, and we need to make it hurt when they do.

So we love you. Thank you so much, all of you in the United States, but please spread the word. I’m gonna be traveling around. I wanna see you where I can. I want you to come up to me. Talk with me, share with me the things that you’re experiencing and wherever we can help defend your right, we are definitely gonna do that.

We love you and we appreciate you. God bless you. All right guys. My conclusion is very short and sweet. We are on a mission. We are going to defend the rights of chiropractors all over the world. We need your help. We’re doing the work. I I, you can see the work being done, but we’ve gotta grow. There’s more work to be done and I can’t do it.

Until we’re growing, I, I, I feel like a broken record. I hate asking for this stuff, but I have to. I’m literally at the point where I’m saying no to things because we’re not growing, we’re not getting the contributor base we need to take on all of the work that’s coming our way. So please, please, please share these videos, um, all the countries that we have projects moving forward.

You’ll be getting that information here in the next week or so. But I cannot thank you all enough for loving and supporting what I love and support and, uh, together we’re gonna make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. It’s a mission. We’re gonna make it happen. So God bless you.

We love you. We’ll see you in a couple weeks and until then, never stop telling the story of chiropractic and know we’ve got your back. God bless.