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Hey everybody. I have a lot to share with you today. We have our court hearing that’s happening today in Ontario, Canada. We’ve got conversations still happening in British Columbia, new strategies happening in New Zealand and in Australia, and here in the United States. I have an update for you on our military project, as well as other conversations that are very important to the profession.

A lot going on around the world. So, good morning all of our warriors. My name is Baron Hoy. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, December 12th for your weekly update. Um, first all I, we’re very excited. We’re about ready to launch our bill of rights. I’ve been talking to you guys all about that and I’m gonna be asking a lot of favors of a lot of you to help spread this message.

It’s the best way we know to show the line that we’re drawing in the sand on behalf of chiropractic. Um, and we need your guys’. Spread it. Our goal is to get it into the hands of as many chiropractors around the world as we possibly can, get them connected to us so that we can communicate with them, um, let them know what we’re doing and hopefully attract them into the tribe.

I have so many of you guys that are asking me, how can we help you get more people under the umbrella? Um, and this is a tool that we’re creating. One, to let the profession know who we are and what we’re doing. But secondly, to get arm you guys with some information to be able to spread to your colleagues so that we can grow this thing.

I think everyone agrees the work that we’re doing is necessary. Um, there’s a place for us in the profession. There’s actually a need for us in the profession, but we’ve gotta slowly get through the apathy that happens in chiropractic. And this Bill of Rights, I think is going to really help set that apart.

We’re very excited about it. We’ve been working very hard. I know I keep teasing you, but we should be launching that within the next week as we get all the infrastructure behind it put together. So be on the lookout for. All right, let’s go ahead and dig into our updates for today in New Zealand. So it’s been pretty quiet in New Zealand.

New Zealand

Um, I’ve been sharing with you that we have a couple cases that we’re still working on of those that were kind of, uh, you know, really went after, during the mandates that are happening. Those are starting to wind down a little bit. Cannot thank our attorney Lisa, enough for her work there. She’s been just such a stronghold for us and what an awesome warrior she is and, and will continue to be as we look at different strategies in New Zealand.

I’ve shared with you before that we’re talking with the association. There’s some things coming, um, and collaborations with other. Uh, interested parties that we’re gonna start really forming a strong foundation. I think everyone knows that something else is coming at some point. Um, New Zealand was probably hit the hardest of any of the countries that we’ve operated in, and we wanna make sure that we have a good footprint that if anything goes down again, that we’re well prepared to handle that.

So, lots of things happening in New Zealand as we head into the holidays. We expect things to continue to be fairly quiet. Um, but we’re, again, it’s all about infrastructure and strategy and that’s exactly what we’re building there in New Zealand. So, be on the lookout as I have further conversations. Uh, very excited about my visit out there.

Again, I will be out to you guys the week of the 6th of March. Um, I will be having meetings on the seventh and the ninth. So the seventh I’m going to be in Auckland the ninth. I’m going to be in Christ Church. I’ll get you more information about times and, and actual locations, but if you’re in New Zealand, please.

Make the time. I’d love to meet with you. I’d love for you to invite your colleagues and your friends. It’ll be a great time of fellowship. We’re doing town halls where we can address questions. Um, our team will be there. It’s gonna be a phenomenal opportunity to really create some energy, um, in the new year as we start targeting some other issues that are facing chiropractors and allied health in New Zealand.


So, I love you all. Can’t wait to get out there and meet you in person and see your beautiful country and just know that we’re continuing to have conversations and moving forward. All right. In Australia. Um, man, there’s still so much going on there. We had a call this week. We’re still looking. If you recall, one of the issues during the mandates were your guys’ PI insurance.

And we looked at, you know, we were working with some individuals and the idea of maybe creating our own, trying to find a carrier that wouldn’t really have the stipulation that if you’re not vaccinated, and it wasn’t an issue of being, not being vaccinated. Let me be clear, this is. A lot of you, we were very clear to you that you don’t need to do anything because it’s all about if you were actually found guilty of something, if you, that the actual stipulation within the policies is that you’ve been, you’re not following state or local, uh, regulations.

And so obviously one of those at the time was being vaccinated. So, um, I want you to know we’re looking, I, I, we’ve had conversations with other PI and companies. We’re actually looking to have a conversation with Guild as well, um, and really start figuring out really where we can protect our people the best.

So I don’t want you to think that we’ve forgotten about that. We’re having continued calls. I’m very thankful for a ACC or ACA rather. Um, we’re talking with them, working with them. We’re all working together, which is how this profession should operate. I could not be more thankful for Alex and. Over at the a c a and who they are and what they’re doing.

Um, and excited to really collaborate on a lot of different fronts as we look for the best way to protect our people there in Australia. So, uh, also wanna let you know that I’m, I’m having, you guys are doing a great job of introducing me to a lot of leaders in your communities. I’m setting those, those meetings up when I get out there, um, so that we can, again, as I stated in the New Zealand update, We have to start building our infrastructure.

Right? Right now things are calmed down. Um, there’s not a lot of rhetoric. It’s, it’s very interesting in Australia because we’re starting to see the liability side of this for the medical community, for opera, for all those individuals. We just saw New South Wales that they’ve removed every fine that’s been issued during the mandates, um, because they’re realizing that they weren’t legal.

A lot of like, dust is starting to settle in Australia with all the draconian efforts that we’re having, um, taking place there. So we’re trying to capitalize on that as well with our team. Looking at the opportunities to re, to build a better foundation. Again, we believe that this isn’t over. There are things that are going to be coming.

Um, even aside from that, our work that we’re gonna be taking on with. As we continue to build those strategies and network and talk to attorneys and get all that stuff put together, um, that’s the power of this quiet right now. It’s not that we’re sitting back and twiddling our thumbs. It’s that we’re building infrastructure, we’re gaining intel, we’re trying our best to put ourselves in the best position to actually achieve the goals that you’ve commissioned us to achieve.

So lots going on in Australia as well. I’m still waiting on that last little bit of funding for our lawsuit. I, I’m, I’m convinced it’s gonna get. Um, our, our attorneys are ready. I know I keep talking about it and it seems like I’m kicking the can down the road. Please know, I just, we can’t trip that trigger until we know we have the resources we need, and we, as the defense counsel have been.

Really fighting a lot of battles across the world. So our resources have been spread pretty thin because of those battles. And, and we’ve had a number of people that have decided not to support any further because there are no longer mandates, which I understand. And we expected that to be the case. So we’re kind of ramping up in this new wave to get and solidify our network of people there in Australia.

And that’s part of my visit, um, which I’m excited to come out. Um, we’re solidifying that I already told you. I’m, I’m kicking it off in Sydney. Heading to Brisbane, heading to Sunshine Coast over to Melbourne. And then, uh, we will end my tour in Adelaide at the a Acc Concordia. So I’ve been telling you about those dates.

Please, please, please make sure that they’re in your calendars. Um, I, you know, we may be reaching out to some of you to help us find locations, uh, specifically in Melbourne and. Sydney, um, we need to find a location to kind of do our town hall. So we’re gonna start reaching out to you on those matters, um, and make sure that we get that solidified, uh, as, as soon as we can so that you guys can all plan accordingly.

But a lot going on in Australia. Again, I, I don’t want you to think because there’s quiet. That there’s not work being done. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done in Australia, um, and we’re still having those conversations. So thank you to all of you that have been sending us your contacts. Um, please continue to do so as I, again, continue to solidify my schedule.

I wanna make sure that I’m meeting with everyone and maximizing my time out there. This isn’t a site scene going and checking out Australia. I, I’m there to work and I wanna make sure that I’m taking advantage of every day that I’m there, making sure we’re building a stronger infrastructure for the profession of chiropractic and for our allied health friends.

South Africa

So, all right, that’s it. In Australia, South Africa, man, we love our South Africans. Uh, our goal there. Is really to start building a better infrastructure. I shared with you last week that we’re starting to interview new attorneys. We’re looking at some of the framework you guys have it in, in comparison to the rest of the world.

You guys have, uh, pretty good there. Um, now part of that is because they don’t really pay attention to you, which has been the case in our country, uh, in our past. But we also wanna start building that framework, you know, Africa as a whole. Um, we’re trying to get a stronger, um, conversation. We’re trying to.

Better awareness and, and really unite everybody together. We’re talking in Nigeria. Obviously South Africa, we’re gonna be talking to some other countries as we’re networking and people are bringing us together. So lots of things that we’re gonna start doing there in Africa and South Africa, um, as we’re building this infrastructure.

So you guys have been amazing. You’ve been supporting us, you’ve been watching your videos. I know there hasn’t been a lot of activity there, um, recently, but I just want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you. It’s not like we look over you. We’re still having these conversations and we’re gonna continue to defend your rights there as well.


All right, Canada, this is, uh, this is really ground zero for us right now with a lot of work we we’re doing around the country. Um, obviously I don’t have a major update for you in bc. Um, you know, we’re still dealing. I just had a conversation with our attorney. About the x-ray issue. So we’re still pushing that thing forward.

Uh, these things, it drives me just as insane as it drives most of you, how long these things take, um, and how slow that needle moves when it comes to the legal system. Uh, but things are still being done. We’re still gathering information. We’re ready to go. We’re waiting on actually the college at this point to be able to schedule that judicial review.

Um, but that should be any time I’ll be getting an. Um, from, uh, our attorney, a more detailed update here in the coming days. So hopefully I’ll have more for you next week as it relates to that. Um, you know, the a g M happened, uh, we have some concerns and questions there. You guys showed up, which was fantastic.

We appreciate you for doing that. Uh, but we’re still digging deep there in BC and Ontario. Big news today, um, we actually have our hearing with the college. Um, we’ve been talking to you about that issue there of, of them having inappropriate. Penalties as it relates to some of the violations that they seem to be, um, you know, putting out there.

And so we’re, we’re excited about that. I’ll have an update for you next Monday on what that hearing did. But today is that hearing. We’ve been talking with our attorneys, been doing a lot of work. We have a lot of great experts to support our position, and we’re confident that, uh, at the very least a college is gonna be put on notice that they’re not gonna be able to behave that.

But we’re very confident in our ability to help this doctor and set an example moving forward of where the college needs to go. So that’s happening, um, right now in, uh, in, uh, Quebec. Um, still having, we’re having calls with our fire team, putting together, we’ve retained the attorneys. Um, you know, things are starting to move there.

We’re gonna, you’re gonna start seeing some work up in that area. Um, as we really start strategizing, figuring out what issues we want to take on first, uh, but be prepared to really see more information. We’re gonna be doing some webinars up there, really opening up the communication with the doctors there.

Our goal is to get a couple hundred people engaged in Quebec. That really helps us in our positioning when we’re dealing with the college, when we’re dealing with other regulatory bodies to represent that many people. Quebec, please be on notice. We’re gonna be doing some stuff up there. We’ve got a great team, um, that is working and we’re gonna be coming to you very, very shortly with a strategy and plan.

Um, so be on the lookout for that and Alberta as well. We’re still working on a number of issues there in Alberta. Um, you know, we’re, we’re wanting to do some webinars here in the coming days, really explaining to you what we’re doing, explaining. The, what’s been happening with the college, there’s actually been a lot of things happening with the college.

Um, and we’re starting to see them back down a little bit, which is a great, great thing. So lots of stuff still happening in Canada. Uh, please pay attention as we put emails out in midweek, um, when things are happening. So, uh, yeah, we just can’t thank you guys enough. We need to continue to grow. Right. We need to continue to share that message with our colleagues.

The Bill of Rights, which I opened up with, um, is gonna be a great resource. I’m also gonna be making a tour just like I’m doing in Australia and New Zealand. I’m gonna be putting a tour together in Canada, um, probably start definitely in Ontario. So we’ll be letting you know about dates that when I’m coming up there, uh, doing some town halls, getting to know some of you and having some more in-depth conversations.

United States

So just know that we love and we appreciate you there in Canada. All right, United States. So, uh, lots of great conversations happen and I gotta tell you, I’m pretty excited. If you guys remember, oh, I don’t know, maybe three or four months ago I was explaining to you about the footprint and the infrastructure of our profession.

Um, I was talking about C C e, ev, uh, uh, N B C E, F C L B, you know, all of these organizations, um, that really are the framework, whether we know it or not, they actually. Are the pipeline that creates the flow of chiropractic here in the United States. And they’re all amazing individuals. Really. I know most of them personally.

Um, I know their hearts are pure, but things have just happened the way they’ve happened for centuries, and there hasn’t been a lot of people questioning that, at least not in a productive way. And so we’ve been having those conversations, not only with them, but other major stakeholders within the profession.

And I’m so honored to tell you. These conversations are starting to produce fruit. Um, we’re, we’re having productive conversations where we’re challenging the status quo. Looking at really where the profession is, you know, us coming on the scene has actually created a little bit of a stir because we’ve proven a specific point that you can rally our profession when there’s work being done.

When you’re transparent with communication, when you’re transparent with your finances, when you’re, and I’m not saying these other organizations are not, so don’t twist my words and I don’t want any hate mail coming at me. But we proved a point that we don’t need to sit there and wait and ask for permission.

We know what needs to be done and we’re just gonna do it. And then people are voting with their checkbook, right? They’re, they’re deciding if they like what we’re doing, they’re gonna continue to support us. If they don’t, they stop. Which is really the most democratic model that I believe there is. And, and it’s how we get things done.

So these conversations are, are really productive in creating a different framework. I can’t give you a lot of detail for obvious reasons. I don’t mean to play cloak and dagger with you, but I want you to know I’m very, very excited about these conversations. Soon we will be coming to you, letting you to know the fruit or letting you know the fruit that these conversations are producing, but I need you to know that we’re continuing to push, we’re continuing to have conversations.

To challenge the ineffectiveness of certain parts of our practice to or of our profession, to really challenge really relationships that have existed forever, that haven’t produced appropriate fruit. Not because we’re the end all be all, and we have all the answers, but because we’re willing to stand up and say Our profession deserves more.

And here’s my challenge to you chiropractors in the United States. You need to demand more from your profession. Now, with that said, it means you need to step up and do more as well, right? We, we love to sit in. In the bleachers and start yelling at the coaches and quarterbacks. But that means you need to get up.

You need to get in there. You need to start being a part of these things. And that’s the revolution that we’re starting, right? I, you know, I want you to be the revolution. I don’t want you to wait and cheer it on from the sidelines. So I want you to know we’re leading. I’m happy to be the tip of that spear, but you’ve got to get engaged.

Get engaged by being a part of us. Get engaged by being a part of your state association, by being a more vocal member of your national association by asking questions. Being a leader in your community and in your state. There are things that can be done that’s productive, not divisive. We love fights. We love challenging and picking at each other, but we’re not very good at being constructive and collaborative to actually create a better product on behalf of our profession and more important.

The communities and the patients that we serve. That’s what’s happening with these conversations, and I’m happy to be the guy that disrupts a lot of what’s been happening, to create a model that is best for everybody involved. It isn’t about us. We don’t gain from these conversations as an organization.

But I feel it’s our responsibility. God has called us to expect more, and that’s exactly what I want. I wanna expect more out of the effort and resources and time and energy and money that people are spending to on behalf of chiropractic. We need a better return out of that. And so we’ve gotta start thinking differently.

So all of that to say great conversations are happening. I’m very proud of our organization. I’m proud of those that are willing to talk with us and that we’re really setting a foundation through things like the strategic plan and collaborations. Organizations, amazing things are about to happen in the framework of our profession, and very, very honored and privileged to be a part of those conversations.

Now, uh, what’s going on with our military update? Man, I’m telling you. I, I gotta keep telling myself that we truly are in the best country in the world, having worked in these other countries. Now, it’s true. Even as frustrating as our legal system is, and our politicians are, and I’m telling you what the N D A A has been a head scratcher.

They’re using it as a political chip right now as the Republicans won the house. And are taking the house over in January. We’re seeing the, the Democrats are now using the N D A A as kind of a token piece. Um, so what I thought before was happening was that the N D A A was gonna have a continuing resolution to march, where the new legislature would then finish up the document.

We’d be able to get our language in and we’d may be able to move forward with our project. Um, now what’s happened, they didn’t do a continuing resolution, now they’re using it as a bargaining chip. Um, and it does appear. Um, that they’re just pushing it through with no amendments. Um, however, they have removed a few things.

One good notion, um, and left the house that voted out of the house this past Thursday. Um, and they did take out the vaccine requirement. That wasn’t our issue. Obviously, we’re very strongly opinionated on that issue, so I’m happy for our military. They’re no longer gonna be held hostage to be vaccinated, um, when it comes to the Covid vaccine and things of that nature.

So that’s a positive in the N D A A. But I’m still very frustrated with how our government works because they’re just not willing to do what’s best for our country. They’re playing the political game of scratching each other’s backs. We’re waiting to see if it gets out of the Senate. Um, there are still some, you know, some nuclear bombs inside of that, that we’re not sure the Senate is gonna pass the language as it went through the house, but it very well.

If that is the case, I’ve already worked with our legal team. We’re already collaborating with other people in the profession, and we are gonna move forward. We don’t need our language in the N D A to make this happen. That just really gave us a little bit of support when we went to the D O D. We’re gonna make it happen anyway.

We’re already working with a team. I’ve already got a great group of people that we’re working on the infrastructure of the pilot project, being very collaborative, pulling others in as part of the conversation, and we are gonna have this pilot. We are gonna move forward. We are gonna. The value of chiropractic, we’re just gonna go at it from a couple different angles.

I want you to understand this game. We knew that when we started as the C D C, that these were gonna be long game issues we were taking on. Nothing was gonna be overnight. We weren’t gonna get to storm the castle and the next day it was ours. All of this stuff is about persistence, beating down the door.

That’s the reason we have the economic structure that we do, that we can sustain the long-term battle. And I don’t have to be out there fundraising all the time. So we knew this was gonna be a battle. It’s been three years. Um, we’re gonna continue to work at it. I’m never gonna. Because our military are worth the fight, chiropractic is worth the fight.

So please don’t be discouraged. Trust me. I have my moments where I get irritated and I get after our team and say that these results are un unacceptable. But at the end of the day, we’re playing in an arena where there are no constants, there are really no rules. Um, things happen. Very, very fluid. And it’s all about the backroom conversations.

So we just need to get a little bit more creative. We need to get a little bit. Stealthy in our approach and make sure that we’re coming at this from multiple different angles. And every time we fail, we learn. Failure is not the destination, it’s the process. And so we’re never ever gonna quit on this issue.

We’re never gonna quit on any issue. We just get smarter every time we go through. So unfortunately, And I’m gonna be transparent with you. I told you guys that from the very beginning, our strategy did not pan out in this legislative session. So we’re gonna re regroup. We’re putting a plan together, already working on it.

The good news is all of the support we had, we’re not losing any of them in the new legislature. So we still have everyone there that’s been supporting us from the beginning, and we’re gonna continue to push forward. All right guys, so here’s my conclusion for you this week. Um, and, and I’m telling you, I, you know, this week has been interesting because of the N D A A issues because of what’s going on in Canada.

Um, some of the conversations we’re having in the other countries, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed, and I’m human. I gotta be honest with you. There are days where the weight on my shoulders is more than I can handle, and it’s only by the grace of God that I get through it. And my prayer time and my prayer warriors, thank you to all of you that email me and tell me you’re praying for me.

That means more than you know, and I, I really do appreciate that. But at the end of the day, we have to realize that the things that matter to us, the things that are important are the things worth fighting for, right? Nothing comes easy if you’re, if you’re a chiropractor in the United States or anywhere for that matter, you didn’t take the easy path to do that.

Some of you have been very blessed and God has blessed that path for you, and you kind of walked into a great situation and it’s been great for you since day one. Most of us, that’s not the case. We had to borrow and steal and do things with money. We didn’t have to be able to build what we’re having, and it’s a fight every single.

Not that it’s not worth it, not that we don’t have rewards and ha have some blessings in the midst of that, but it’s a fight every single. I’ve shared this with you before. One of the things that I love from our forefathers, the generations that came before us in our profession, is that they literally loved it enough to lose themselves in the process, not in an unhealthy way, not where you’re out of balance.

Some of you are out of balance in your life and you’re way too focused on your business and not your family, or not your relationship with God or whatever your spiritual, uh, choice is. I’m talking, they were committed enough to a cause that God had put on their heart that they were willing to sacrifice their own freedoms.

They were willing to sacrifice their own resources and wealth on behalf of the profession. We don’t have much of that today. Uh, I don’t say that accusatorily to you. I don’t know if accusatorily is a word, but we’re gonna say it. I don’t mean that as an accusation to you. It’s just a reality. We don’t have that leadership that we once did.

We don’t love it enough because we’ve kind of gotten lazy in how easy certain things are. And you may look at me and say, Baron, you’re nuts. It’s never been easy for me. It’s far easier today than it was 50 years ago. Uh, I’m telling you, you know, here in America especially, We have no right to really complain about anything in comparison to how life is in some of these other countries.

So it is the easy, and we don’t love it enough. We feel like chiropractic owes us something. So when I said earlier that we, we de we should demand better results, we deserve better results. That that isn’t, that we, you know, we’re owed anything. It’s that the efforts and the resources and the time and the money that we do put in should be producing better results because we’re not being strategic enough.

We’re not coming together. We’re duplicating way too many resources. We’re fighting with each other rather than together. Those are the things I’m talking about, but this is worth it. You know, we, we sometimes just say, screw it, I’m done and I’m gonna go put my head in my hole and I’m only gonna worry about my four walls.

We have to change that mentality. The apathy and chiropractic. Cannot continue. We have to care enough about it to get pissed off, to get pissed off, to get involved. Angry people do stuff oftentimes, it’s not the right things, but they do stuff. I need you to get pissed off. I need you to demand better out of yourself, out of those around you, out of your leadership and your state, and in your nation.

We deserve better. The world deserves a better version of chiropractic than it’s been given the last 20 years. We are committed to creating that. So my message for you at the end of this message, at the end of this update today is we deserve better. But that starts with you doing better. , even if you’re doing great, I need you to do better.

I need you to challenge other people around you. I need you to challenge your team. Have a staff meeting and ask them, are we literally giving our best every single day? Are we committed to this mission of changing the world through chiropractic? Remember, our mission is to create, it’s to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world.

We believe the way that that happens is defending the rights of practicing chiropractors, creating an. Where you can freely tell the story of chiropractic, but we believe it’s gonna happen. I’m telling you it’s gonna happen in my lifetime or I’m gonna die trying because it, our world deserves it. Our patients deserve it, and our profession has a service to give, and our world is going to get more receptive to receiving it because it’s what’s right.

It’s what’s just, and it’s what we’re put on this earth to do. So don’t ever stop moving forward. Don’t ever stop believing in the truth that you get to be a part. Every single day, the fight is worth it. We are resilient. The fight is going to be eternal, but we are going to continue this process and they’re gonna be those after me.

They’re gonna come and continue that process because this is worth it. So you’re worth it. And I love serving you in this capacity and we’re gonna continue to do so. So I’m gonna end today. It’s been a long video. Um, I, I just want you to know how much we love you, how much we appreciate you. The work we’re doing is awesome.

Um, I’m excited about it. I, I’m honored to do it, and we’re gonna continue moving the needle on behalf of our profession, and we will make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. We love you. We appreciate you. Have a great week. God bless. We’ll talk to you next Monday.