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All right everybody. Today’s gonna be something a little bit different. You’re gonna be getting a, uh, more emotional side of Bharon today as I’ve literally just fulfilled a dream of mine, uh, this weekend, and I can’t wait to share with you what it means to me, what it means to chiropractic, and hopefully, it’ll touch some of you.

So we have some great stuff for you today. Uh, good morning. Our really, our, our fighting nations out there. Uh, my name is Bharon Hoag. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, December 19th for your weekly update. Um, so a little bit different today. Um, I’m not gonna be doing chapter updates by each country.

Um, not a lot has been going on. I don’t have any major updates for you. Nothing that can’t wait until next week. So, um, but this week there’s just a lot. We have Christmas that’s gonna be happening before our next video update. Um, but I’m, uh, I’m in location today. I’m actually in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Um, my daughter graduated from Sherman, uh, school of Chiropractic, and I’m, I’m just, uh, it’s been an incredible day. I literally, Just got back from that ceremony. Wanted to record before we get into some of the festivities this evening. Um, and so I wanna share with you kind of my experience sitting through that graduation.

I think we lose the majesty if you’re watching this no matter what specialty you might be a part of. We, get lost in the day-to-day and, the frustrations of owning a practice, dealing with obviously a lot of the regulatory and government overreach that we’ve been dealing with over the last few years that I think we forget the majesty of what we’re really a part of.

I got to sit and watch 53 kids graduate today listening to their stories, watching their journey, you know, being very close to it as my daughter went through the process. Um, for, for my family. This is just incredible. I, I’ve been in love with chiropractic for over two decades. Um, and to have a child that wanted to do it, uh, is just incredible to me.

You guys know that she’s been in school. You know, my son is gonna be headed to Life University in a year. So as a parent that is head over heels in love with chiropractic. , it’s just phenomenal to sit there. I was literally in tears, the entire service, listening to what it means to be joining this incredible profession, and watching these young, passionate, intelligent, vibrant people literally becoming chiropractors in front of my eyes.

And, it was just the most emotional experience. And as I’m sitting there. You know, the first thing that hit me was, why have we lost that? Why have we lost the bigness? Right. You know, it, it, you know, I just, Dr. Marcus in Australia. You know, I’ve worked with him for a while now and you know, he’s getting ready to launch.

You’ll see some stuff coming out from us Man’s greatest man’s, the greatest gift to man. Um, and as I’m sitting in there just watching these young students with all of their excitement and everything that they’ve been through if you guys remember the sixth quarter, right? You remember the process of getting through chiropractic school and sitting there and being at this pinnacle moment where They are now ready to go out and actually change the world.

It’s just such a phenomenal reality. But we lose that. We lose the roughness of the world of responsibilities, of paying overhead and getting into business and dealing with insurance issues and dealing with other regulatory things that we have to deal with. We lose that passion that we had when we were in school.

And that’s, that’s really what I want to just challenge you for this week. We have to fall back in love with who we are and what we’re doing. All of these other things are realities that we have to deal with, but if we lose our WHY, if we lose the passion, if we lose the reason why we’re doing what we’re doing, then all of that effort is worth nothing.

What we’re trying to do with the Defense Council is marry. That passion with our purpose, right? You know, you can have purpose and not be passionate about it, but when you’re passionate about your purpose, then man, it opens opportunities and it changes your purview and gives you the belief system and the confidence to move forward even when it doesn’t make sense.

Right? When we started a defense council, many of you, you know, were like, I can’t believe you guys are standing up saying chiropractors shouldn’t be vaccinated, and you guys were willing to stand up to governments. It was because of that purpose and that passion. We want chiropractic to be the number one healthcare choice in the world.

The only way that happens is if we come together and if we have a commonality that we’re both passionate and we’re driven towards a similar purpose. That’s where the change happens. And today I got to experience that. I got to experience that with my daughter. Um, all of them, the students that she’s been going to school with and I’ve gotten to know over these last three and a half years.

And I, I just, I want you to remember that because that’s what makes all of this worth it. It’s that patient, right? It, it’s, it’s the impact that we make on our communities. That’s why we do what we do. So my challenge this week really, It’s just to fall back in love with your trade, fall back in love with that version of yourself that started that where you literally felt like you were gonna change the world.

When you stood and cross that stage, no matter your profession, whatever, you had a ceremony to get licensed to be able to do what you’re doing. I want you to go back to that day, and I want you to remember that excitement. I want you to remember the energy that that group of people that went through Helen, back with you, created, and the vision and how you hugged each other and you couldn’t wait to see who was gonna do what and where they were gonna go.

and then life happens and you lose that. I want you to get that back. We are entering into a stage in our, in our world that we need leaders. We need leaders. We need healthcare leaders more than ever, and our profession is primed to be able to step up and do that. Right now, more than ever, there’s an opportunity for chiropractic to tell its story for you to fall back in love with who you are and what you do to not settle.

If you’re in a country that has rules and regulations that don’t allow you to, I don’t know what that process is. I told you guys from the very beginning, I didn’t know how, but we were gonna protect your right to practice without having being vaccinated. I don’t know how, but we’re gonna make sure that we create a reality where your regulatory boards are not repressing you or holding you hostage because of massive fines or penalties on fictitious claims.

These are things that I, I don’t always know how we’re gonna do it, but I have the confidence to believe that we’re going to do it because it’s the right thing and it’s worth fighting for. Imagine. Just imagine if we can get 15,000 people in our profession believing that we are enough to fight for, to stand up to the way things currently exist in certain parts of our world, to really expand chiropractic to a level that it really does become.

The primary healthcare choice in any country because we’re allowing this, the truth of chiropractic to be told. And we’re doing it because we have passion and we have purpose. And our purpose is bigger than ourselves. It’s about our ability to impact those around us. And I know, I know some of you watch these videos cuz you want to get the nitty gritty, and I apologize that from time to time I’m just bleeding my heart onto you.

But I, I just cannot tell you how blessed I am to watch this amazing profession become such a foundational part of my family and how excited I am the, the renewed vision I have watching these students and challenging me. Why am I not doing that in my own clinic? Why am I not doing that in, in the other areas when I’m working with our board, or I’m working with state associations, or I’m working with other national organizations?

Why aren’t we leading. With that purpose and that passion that we did in the very beginning. So that’s my challenge to you this week. I want you to lead with purpose and passion. I don’t care what obstacles you have in front of you, there’s a way. There’s always a way if you care about it enough, if you’re passionate enough about it, and if you love the work that we’re doing, then help us spread the word.

Share our videos each week and let people know that we’re an organization that is extremely driven to ensure that chiropractic has its day and that day is coming because we’re gonna make sure that it’s a reality because of people like you. So, all right guys. A shorter video this week. Again, uh, hopefully you don’t mind me sharing my heart with you from time to time.

Um, you know, we will get back to the updates next week. Um, and I wanna leave you with this as a Christmas holiday, and I don’t mean to preach or get on my, my soapbox, but I hope you remember the, the reason for the season of Christmas, right? Well, no matter what your, your religious beliefs are, I, I don’t, I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable.

And even if you’re not a Christian, from a historical perspective, just looking at history, you understand that Christmas was the birth of Christ. Right. That, that was a time where there was hope in the land, right? That, that there’d been these, these prophecies forever and then now all of a sudden we have this baby, right?

That’s, that’s in Jerusalem. And, uh, and, and we have this hope that something is coming. If you are a Christian, you understand that that’s a fulfillment of God’s promise and that the birth of that child really, we didn’t know it at the time, but the birth of that child was really because of how much he loved you.

And that that child was eventually gonna pay for the sins of man. What an incredible season to celebrate the love and the giving and the serving that gets to happen, right? We know from Life University and Sid Williams that we give for the sake of giving love for the sake of loving and serve for the sake of serving, right?

We do these things not because of what we get in return, but because it’s merely an overflow of our heart. So as we enter the Christmas season, Don. Caught up in the chaos of, of living up to the world’s expectations of presence or making sure that every kid has that perfect thing. This is a season to remember how much you’re loved.

This is a season to remember how much, how important it is to love and serve those around you. That is the purpose for this holiday. And so I hope that you have that this week. I hope you get that passion and that purpose. And then you remember as we celebrate Christmas, that it’s really about being loved and about being cared for, and someone carrying enough to send their only son to die for you and your sins.

What an incredible, incredible reality. So, Listen, guys, uh, again, you’re just getting my heart dumping on you. I apologize. Uh, hopefully it’s a blessing to you in some way. Uh, we’ll be back at you next week with the updates, but until then, Merry Christmas. Have an absolutely incredible week this week. Know that you’re loved and know that you have an organization that’s fighting to ensure that you have the right to live and practice as you choose.

And, uh, together we’re gonna ensure that chiropractic’s the number one healthcare choice in the world. We love you. God bless you, and Merry C.