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Well, we’re in the middle of our holiday season. Just had Christmas, getting ready for New Year. Lots of things going on. Uh, not a lot of activity from a government standpoint as most countries are, uh, celebrating the holidays. But I do have information for you today about where we’re headed, where things are going in the new year, and some updates about my visits to New Zealand and Australia.

So lots of information for you today. Good morning, our Defense warriors. My name is Baron Hoig. I am the Executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, December 26th for your global update. Um, so I, yeah, just our opening message. Obviously, I pray that all of you guys had a phenomenal Christmas this past weekend.

Um, everyone traveled safely. I know here in the United States it’s our winner and us. The massive storm moved through the East coast, uh, Midwest to East Coast, and temperatures are lower than zero. Sorry for the Florida people having to deal with low temperatures. Um, but, uh, you know, a great time to kind of bunker in your homes and, and celebrate your family.

So we appreciate, uh, and hope that everyone had a phenomenal holiday. Now we’re heading in. To that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s. Um, you know, not much happens during this week. A lot of people take this time off. So if you’re taking the time off, I pray that you’re getting rejuvenated and you’re renewing your vision, right?

The first of the year. Always a phenomenal time to set new visions and a, and new goals for the new year. And 2022 was not a great year for you. What a great opportunity to say what 2023 is going to be. Uh, obviously we do the same thing here at the Defense Council when we’re looking at objectives and things moving forward.

Hope that for you, hope you have an incredible New Year’s celebration. Um, no matter what’s happened in this past year, and it’s been a crazy year, uh, 2022 is probably more volatile than 2021. Just with a lot of mandates and things changing and evolving and work being done. Um, but 2023 provides an unbelievable opportunity and that’s, that’s gonna be what my focus of today’s global report is going to be, are the opportunities that we’re seeing around the world as we do work.

Um, you know, there are still things that we’re fighting against that are still lawsuits that are happening, but there are opportunities in this new year that I think we all need to be focusing on. So that’s gonna be the emphasis of today’s talk really. How, how do we get to the point where we believe we start manifesting?

We speak into being the reality that we wanna live in. In our world, and obviously at the Defense Council in one chiropractic, our goal is to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. Part of the way that we do that is obviously by defending the rights of practicing chiropractors and allied health where we can.

But we believe in doing so and creating those opportunities. It allows for better communication. It allows us to tell the story better, which we believe is powerful enough to change the environment around us. So what can we do in 2023 to actually make that a reality? So I wanna share that with you as I give you updates through each country that we’re operating in.

So let’s go ahead and get started with that. So let’s talk about New Zealand. Obviously in New Zealand, we went from arguably the most repressed country that we have worked in, just with the way that that government legislated shutdowns, did all of that stuff really repressed. Those, those chiropractors and allied health.

Just my hats off to you guys, man, you guys were such warriors. Those of you that chose to continue to practice and, and hide under our veil, I’m proud of you. I, I, I can’t believe the strength that you have. Not that I’m taken away from anyone that chose to close. Those are individual decisions and I have no.

Whatsoever. But man, I, I, I just have a ton of respect for those that have remained open and fighting through this process. Obviously, we saw the mandates lifted, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done in New Zealand. Um, you know, we’ve got some marketing issues. We’ve got some parody issues that still exist throughout New Zealand, so I’m excited to get out there in March and really start meeting some of these people.

Meet a lot of you personally. Where we can start looking at some of these issues. I love the relationship we have with the association there. Um, excited to be continuing to work with, uh, Cassandra and, and Hayden and all of the group there as we move forward. Our legal team is phenomenal. Lisa has been incredible, uh, to work with.

We’re looking at expanding those legal representations as we get into more political-type issues, um, there in New Zealand. A lot of things that we’ve been working on are setting the foundation for where we want to go. What we want in New Zealand historically has been very pro-chiropractic, pro-natural healthcare, but our gov, your government there has still been very blinded by the medical lies.

And so we wanna take, really take advantage of the history of New Zealand, bring that to the forefront, and really bring some ammunition to work with the association in the areas of marketing, education, and sharing. The truth about chiropractic in your nation. So we’re excited about doing that. Our first step’s gonna be getting out there, meeting with people, having key uh, meetings and re and building key relationships so that we can continue to push this forward.

New Zealand

So our New Zealand people. Thank you. What an amazing year it’s been. You guys have been incredible. Um, we’re honored to be by your side. We’re honored to be fighting with you. And we’re gonna continue to do so. So, uh, we do still have a couple of cases that we’re working on there that are kind of reminiscent of the mandate period.

But, um, you know, we’re, we’re feeling like those things are starting to fade. Um, we’re honored to still represent those chiropractors and keep moving those things forward. Uh, but we’re really looking to move forward and set a better foundation. Everyone believes something else is coming. Uh, we don’t know what it is.

We don’t know when, uh, but we do wanna be prepared and that’s the work that we wanna do there in New Zealand. So we love you, we appreciate you there in new. All right. Our Australian people, uh, man, you guys have been incredible as well. What a phenomenal force of humans that we’ve put together in Australia.

And I cannot thank you guys enough for jumping on board. We’re honored to do the work that we’ve been doing there, um, with all of the mandates and really giving covid safe plans and, and risk assessments and all of the things that have happened over the last year in Australia. It’s been an incredible ride to have over a thousand Australians connected to our organization.

Showing the strength of what we’re doing. Um, and it’s also put us in a position. We’re now getting the attention of other organizations. We’re able to start doing some work. We’ve been talking a lot with the Australian Chiropractic Association and working with them. I expect in 2023 you’re gonna see a lot more collaboration, um, on certain projects with us and them.

I have such respect for David and Alex and, and the team there, and I look forward to building and strengthening that relationship. Um, what we’re also, we’ve been looking at things. Practice, we’ve been talking to you or your PI insurance, um, and looking for options and, and giving you guys really avenues you can go where you’re not really held hostage in any particular way.

Uh, obviously working with each of you in your individual states as there have been mandates or health orders that have been put out, our legal team has just done incredible work, really defending and protecting and giving you guys the outs that you need there in Australia. Uh, but our big, big thing in 2023 is our lawsuit.

As well as going and, and working with opera. You know, we’re starting to really dig into those conversations. I have a number of meetings that are scheduled in Australia with key, uh, legislative individuals, with key political individuals, um, that we can start having this conversation of really. What work needs to be done with opera?

How can we really partner with our allies? We’ve really been fighting with Allied Health and natural health providers this entire time. We’re thankful a lot of them have chosen to, to no longer be a part of the Defense Council. I get it as a lot of what we do as chiropractic, but very honored to be working with them and we expect to be partnering with them as we go after our opera issues and we’re starting to create a better foundation and framework for chiropractic to.

And Allied Health to advance within Australia. So that is our target for 2023. We really wanna create a better foothold, create a better acknowledgment, you know, partner with the ACA, make sure that we’re altering the reality that exists there and we’re giving our providers the strength and the freedom to tell their truth.


Things like marketing and being able. To share the chiropractic story and all these other issues that I know have been limitations for chiropractors and allied health in Australia. Those are on our, on our radar for this year, and we’re excited to do that kind of work and cross our fingers. We’re gonna be launching that dang lawsuit that we’ve been working with.

We’re continuing to raise money for that. We’re very close. I know I say that every week, but again, um, you know, we, we just gotta do it the right way. So, um, a number of people have stepped up and we’re so thankful for those individuals and we will be kicking that off. For sure, um, that’s going to happen.

We just thank all of you for your support, your help, and your trust in us, and keep communicating. A lot of you guys have been great, uh, especially with my trip coming up. So we just put out on our telegram, uh, the dates and times that we’re looking for venues for me to do town halls when I’m in Australia. So we’ll be in Sydney, Melbourne.

And Sunshine Coast, we’re looking for a space that has maybe 40 to 45 people. Uh, hopefully, we have more than that. I don’t know. I don’t know, really know what to expect as we go into these cities. Um, but we wanna have a town hall, and I just need some ideas. A place you guys live there, you know, those areas.

So if you have, uh, even you have a large clinic where we could, you know, a house that many people, or maybe you’re a part of a club or your church or something where there might be a meeting space, um, it’s not gonna be violent. We’re not gonna have protestors, it’s not gonna be anything like that. It’s just gonna be a time of fellowship and, really bringing together a time of question and answer.

And hopefully, by then we’ll have a little bit more strategy with our opera, uh, what’s going on there and, and we’ll get a chance to deliver that information, but really more of a meet and greet. I really want to meet you guys, so if you guys have, uh, access to space, um, please reach out to either myself or Tim that’s in the Telegram group.

Uh, obviously you can reply to this email as well if you have, uh, a place for us in Sunshine Coast, uh, central Sydney or. We would greatly appreciate that obvious. In Adelaide, um, and in Brisbane, we’re gonna be a part of, uh, the remarkable chiropractor’s event in Brisbane. And then we’re gonna be a part of Concordia, um, which is the Cala accs, um, event.

That’s going to be an Adelaide. So we’re gonna be at those locations, but in Sydney, um, Mel Melbourne and uh, sunshine Coast. We need. Actual location. So if you could help us out, that’d be fantastic. But I’m very excited to be out there. Um, I will be releasing the dates and times for my entire schedule very soon.

Um, but would love for you guys to plan accordingly to make sure that we get a chance to see each other. I would sure love. It’s also a great opportunity to invite colleagues where they can meet me personally, hear what we’re doing, what we’re. Because we still need to grow. We need to get a larger group of people as we take on opera.

That’s gonna be a massive lift. Um, and we need the numbers. And so we’re really looking to start growing as we put a plan out. We believe that’s gonna motivate a lot of you, um, when we’re moving in that direction. So, uh, can’t wait to see you guys in February, man, it’s only a couple months away. Um, we’ve been talking about it for a while, but it’s, it’s coming.

So excited to see you guys there. So that is our update for a. South Africa. Um, so again, not a lot happening there. We really were kicked off initially when we were going after the colleges that were forcing vaccinations for our chiropractic staff as well as the students. Um, that has subsided. Um, the work there.

Attorneys did a great job there. Uh, proud of that work, but we are starting to look at other issues. You know, we’ve been talking, I told you before, we’re looking at some other legal counsel that are gonna be. Uh, geared to take on some of the types of issues that our doctors face. Um, but I’m really excited to start digging in Africa in general.

It’s going to become a target for us. We’re, we’re having some conversations in Nigeria, um, other parts of Africa, but South Africa, you know, we, we just love our people there and we love, um, you know, who you guys are and what’s going on there, but we want to help you make a stronger foothold. So in 2023, our goal there is to really.

A strategic model that we can start going after and really working towards to have a better foothold there in South Africa. So I, again, I could really appreciate your guys’ feedback. Um, we’ll be doing more webinars, we’ll be doing more things to reach out to the African nation in general, uh, but South Africa specifically, uh, because we’ve been there so long and we’ve got a little bit of activity there.


So, um, we’re looking forward to building that. I’ll have more information for you as we have those conversations, but looking forward to talking with you all very, very. All right. So Canada, uh, Canada, man, you guys have been the hotbed for us lately. We’re spending a lot of money in Canada. We have a lot of things going on.

I think right now we’re up to five lawsuits that, or defense cases that we’re taking on. I need to be careful with my terminology. Um, but we are, we’re very active there. We’re very active in British Columbia. Um, we should see in this first quarter that x-ray issued, dissolve. Um, our team is very confident.

Obviously as we got near the holidays, things slowed way down, but we’re expecting to have that judicial review, uh, in January and then really pump that thing up, um, and, and remove that language. Uh, we also have some other cases. That are moving forward in British Columbia. Their investigation process case that, again, we already won that, this is them appealing it, so we’re defending the appeal.

Um, but our team still seems very confident in the work that we’re doing there. Um, we we’re looking a little bit in Alberta. We have some issues that we’re gonna be taking on, uh, with the college in Alberta as it relates to them certifying specific type of equipment for chiropractors. They’re just not willing to.

Again, it’s, they’re just being lazy. There’s zero reason for them not to do this. So we have our legal team working on that, uh, as well as looking at marketing issues. All of Canada really, we have some issues with how they’re allowing chiropractors to be able to communicate chiropractic, very restrictive, uh, limiting you guys allowing other more common types of healthcare to be more on the mainstream because there’s no way for you guys to compete, um, in that arena.

So we’re looking at working on those types of issues. Communicating with the colleges in a more effective manner. I think they know we’re there for real. Um, obviously in Ontario we’ve got our, our, our case that we’re taking on very strongly in Quebec. We’re starting to dig in. There’s, it’s really bad what’s going on up in Quebec and we’re excited to put our, put our hat in the ring there.

Um, we’ve already retained our legal team. We’re now starting. We’re gonna be doing some webinars. You guys will be hearing about that here soon. Um, and, and really excited to, to spread the wealth, uh, of the strength of what we’re doing as a C D C throughout all of Canada. Again, I, I’m very thankful for our relationship with C N A C and the leadership there.

Um, our fire teams and each of the, the provinces that we’ve been working with, it’s just been incredible to meet these amazing leaders and these amazing people. Throughout these countries as they rise up and help us become more of a value for you. So Canada, man, we got a lot of work going ahead. So going in 2023, we really want to continue our foothold.

We want to continue to put the, put pressure on the, the Ministry of Health. We wanna put pressure on our chiropractic colleges, letting them know that. The way that they used to do work isn’t gonna happen anymore. We’re, we’re gonna be running people for seats within colleges. We’re gonna be really working to look at the universities and how they’re graduating students and are we really putting forward the best foot?

Are we really ensuring the, the, the longevity of our profession? That’s not a philosophical statement. It’s really more of a logistical statement. Sometimes our profession doesn’t operate very well here in the United States. We have some issues with the way that our profession. Operates as a whole, which is why we’ve been largely ineffective to make major change.

And so the Defense Council doesn’t believe that all of that is our responsibility, but we do believe it’s our responsibility to force the conversation. We’re getting a very unique purview in working with all of these chiropractors all over the world, and we wanna start forcing conversations where our profession is realistic, about where we’re standing and where we sit.

Are we doing the work that needs to be done? Are we doing what’s in the betterment for mankind? Right? You. I’m so thankful for, for our friends in Australia putting together this movement called Man’s Greatest Gift to Man, right? That was a book that was authored years ago, and it’s a phenomenal concept that chiropractic is man’s greatest gift to man.

And, and we need to make sure that our profession sees it that way, that we operate that way, that we move with that confidence, and that’s what we’re gonna be doing in Canada and we’re wanting to bring everyone together. We have to grow our numbers. In Canada, our strength, the work that we’re doing there is, is.

United States

And more people need to understand it. So we’re gonna be coming forward with all of that information here in the very near future. So we’re excited about 2023 in Canada. All right, so in the United States, uh, we’ve been doing a lot of different things. Uh, over the year I’ve talked about a number of different avenues that we would be capturing within the United States.

Um, primarily our biggest project has been our military project, really trying to get chiropractors as commissioned offices in the military, making sure chiropractic is more accessible to our active duty members. Um, we’ve got a little bit within the veteran community, but it’s, it’s really non-existent for active duty.

So we’ve been working on that. Um, obviously our goal was to get in the N D A A, the spending bill, the defense spending bill, um, through politics and a number of issues with the, the midterm elections. That thing just. Crushed. Um, you know, they just kind of pushed it through. They made a bunch of deals. They shut a lot of things out.

They were not allowing any more amendments. The good news is in the aftermath of that, we did, or a couple things that changed. Number one, they got rid of the mandatory vaccine, um, out of the bill. So therefore the military is no longer mandating the vaccine. That wasn’t our fight. Uh, obviously we were against that.

We were very happy to see that language. So that’s at least a, a step in the right direction. The second thing that was in there, after review at the end and the last minute, they did add some language about doing funding pilot projects. They set a pile of money aside to do pilot projects as it relates specifically to improvement in healthcare in our military.

Now, that wasn’t there originally. We’re not sure if that got added because there were a number of amendments like ours where we were trying to pitch specific pilot project. But nonetheless it’s there. So our lobbying team is immediately grabbing that. I’ll be going to DC in, uh, late January. I’m gonna be lobbying the d o d lobbying, key legislators, lobbying the White House, really trying to use that language to our advantage to get some of that money.

We might even get more than the half million we were looking for, um, to really be able to do a pilot project, right? Our goal is to be able to show a. The effectiveness of chiropractic on the whole person, right? Not just with pain reduction. We know we can do that. There’s a lot of data that supports that.

We wanna show what health looks like for the whole person. I think it’s very important that chiropractic stops taking little snippets and, and make sure that we’re consistent and explaining the impact of the adjustment on the whole person. We’re seeing that in pockets of the va. If you look at what’s happening in Fargo, North Dakota and their va.

Uh, I think now they have six chiropractors, um, because they’re looking at whole health. They have been, they’re no longer in the alternative medicine or spine area. They’re being considered as experts in whole health, and therefore they’re being more widely adapted in the whole hotel, or excuse me, the whole hospital.

Um, and, and they’re actually being considered. Primary care there, which is absolutely fantastic. Not because we’re trying to speak the medical verbiage, but because we’re really using chiropractic for whole health. It’s, it’s a phenomenal story. So we wanna take little projects like that and make the d o D in military aware that you’re already doing it.

Why aren’t we doing it for our active? Why are we waiting? It’s. So these people are already destroyed and they’re, they have early separation from the military before we start giving them that kind of care. So we’ve got a lot of ammunition, we have a lot of support now. Um, now it’s time to drive it home and get this done.

So that’s gonna be our, our big goal for our military project in 2023 is to get that pilot started. Um, we’re already working in the back end with a number of. Amazing people to build out what that pilot looks like. We’re not doing that on our own. We’re gonna be pulling in a number of people, um, so that we can address that when they give us the green light, we wanna be able to move on that.

Um, so that’s happening. So we’ve also been working on a number of other discriminatory type issues, uh, within chiropractic. Um, you know, looking at D R T physicals, looking at the other types of issues, um, that have been related, uh, around the, the country. One of our goals in 2023 though, however, is to start working closer.

With state associations, um, really looking at where there, there’s some limitations in state by state. We’re doing this in other countries. We wanna be doing it here in the United States as well. Um, so I’m excited. I had a great event in Cairo Congress updating the states on what we’ve been doing. I’ll be reaching out to them again in the new year.

Figuring out how we can help, are there things that we can do to support them to remember The, the goal was for us to take the, in the focus off of the state association so that they’re not burning political ties or legal ties, burning resources that they need in other realms, but still get the work done that needs to be done in the state.

We never wanted to do their job. We wanted to come in as a support. To the state to be able to do the work that they just really haven’t been able to do, but they know needs to be done. So we’re excited about amping up that level this year and really partnering closely with these state associations and doing that work.

You’re also gonna start seeing, we’re partnering with national organizations as well. Um, we’re having great conversations with some leaders within our profession about really. The defense of the profession fits really what does that look like moving forward and being sustainable. And I’m very excited about those conversations.

Uh, obviously once those are, are. Fermented and those are actually in place. We’ll share that information with you, but we’re very excited to be partnering and working together, which is what our professional should have been doing the whole time. But egos and personalities and all of those things have gotten in the way.

But I’m excited that these, this opportunity that 2023 brings is gonna open up doors here in the United States to do so. We’re continuing to have conversations with C E M B C E, looking at really this process in which we create chiropractors in the United States. Obviously I’m very married to that with my daughter just graduating Sherman and her going through that experience.

My son will be started in life, um, in October of 2023. And so, you know, I’m very intimately engaged in this process and realizing, you know, that colleges are in a no win situation. The, the, the, the issue is the right hand’s not talking to the left hand. And we’ve created this really cumbersome model that that really creates a, a nightmare for the colleges to actually deliver what it is the profession is asking for.

So they need. Um, and so we’re willing to have those conversations and really dig in and figure out what that framework looks like. Again, not all of this is our work to do, but we can force the conversation. We can get the people in the room and start having these things work and really be a conduit for change, which is what our profession needs.

Uh, it’s unacceptable that our profession in the United States is as segmented as it is after all of these years. So 2023 is going to be the year that we’re gonna start. Those conversations really force people to come together, and we wanna see significant change. We have amazing things happening, like the chiropractic strategic plan.

I’m a fan of what they’re doing. I’m a fan of how they’re. Things together, but they need support. They can’t do it on their own. And so we wanna create this environment where the work they’re doing within the strategic plan can actually work. And so we wanna do our part in that regard as well. So a lot of things are gonna be happening in 2023 here in the United States.

Obviously, we’re always gonna be watching out. If there’s another attempt at a pandemic or anything like that, we’re gonna be ready to go. Our legal teams are in place ready to move, and we’re gonna start making this happen on a larger scale. So, Well, that’s the updates for each of the countries. Um, you know, we’re, we’re expanding in 2023 as well.

We’re gonna be going into the, the. Um, Scandinavian countries in, in Denmark and Norway, um, Iceland. Those, those conversations are happening. There’s just not a lot working yet, but we’re gonna be expanding into those areas. I talked to you a little bit about South Africa and, and Africa as a, as a nation, uh, Nigeria and different parts.

Um, Brazil, we’re starting to have conversations in Brazil as well, and South America. So lots of things are happening as people are getting a better understanding of who we are in the Defense Council. But here’s my message for you going into the new year. Listen, we could easily continue to carry the baggage of our past as long as we want to carry it.

And our profession loves doing that. We love living in the past. We want things to be like they were in the eighties. We love to point the finger and blame the A c A, the I C A, whatever our state organization. The fact that we have two state organizations, all, all of these are realities. I’m not saying that there hasn’t been issues in the past, but living in that, Does not get us where we need to go in the future.

So here’s my request to you and all of those that you associate with. It is time to let go of the past and look to the future. Things are changing. We are learning slowly, but we’re learning from our mistakes in the past. Organizations are rising up that are doing the work that needs to be done. We’re excited to be one of those.

There are conversations happening that have never happened in the history of our profession before, and that is to be celebrated. I realize. As an every day in your clinic chiropractor, you may be like, well, Baron, that’s all well and good, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I get it. I’ve been around the industry for 26 years.

I totally understand all of the rhetoric that’s typically communicated, but I’ve always promised to be direct and honest with you, and I’m telling you. 2023 is going to be an impressive year for the profession of chiropractic in the United States. We are doing things that’s actually all over the world.

I shouldn’t even pigeonhole that to the us. Um, but it’s going to be changing as we’re bringing the profession together, as we’re forcing conversations. But here’s what I need from you. Two things. One of the things that everyone acknowledges, whether it’s a a, a state association, a national association, a consulting group, it doesn’t matter what it is, that there’s apathy.

In the profession of chiropractic, meaning that we’ve given up, we just are done believing that anything can change. So all we do is we put our head in our hole and we focus on our own world. Understand that I was one of those people years ago. I get it. But we’ve gotta change that. I’m asking you to no longer be apathetic in believing that our profession can be something different.

I’m asking you to start speaking into being that we can actually come together, we can find common ground commonalities that allow us to work together to better our world. We know that chiropractic is man’s greatest gift to man. It is. It is an unbelievable profession that literally can change the, the face of how mankind operates.

We know this because of the effects that we have in our clinic every day. Imagine if that was scaled worldwide. On a larger level, guys, we have the ability to eradicate certain conditions and, and not because. Fixing the issues, but we’re allowing our bodies to actually be self-regulating, self-organizing and self-healing.

Right? That is the power of the adjustment. That is, that is what makes us who we are as a profession, and I don’t care what level of the scale you’re on with that. Mechanistic versus vitalistic. I don’t, I don’t care about any of that. What I care about is we all know the power of the. That’s why you got into this profession, and if we can actually come together and let that song ring louder around the world, we have an opportunity to do something that no one before us has.

And we’re in a world now in this time in history that is listening more than the world has ever listened before. The opportunities presented to us in 2023 are so huge. I cannot even contain all of the opportunities and ideas and things that we can work on. Here’s my commitment to you going into the new year.

I am going to be bigger and bolder and stronger in the things that we do because we have a limited time to do it. Every year that goes by is one less year that we have to achieve this outcome. And so that’s my commitment to you. What I’m asking is, are you with me? And when I ask if you’re with me, I mean that in two different ways.

Number one, are you willing to continue to support what we’re doing and stay plugged in? Yes, that’s economic in one regard, but the other regard is to continue to watch the videos, continue to stay plugged in, to continue to share them. With those around you so that people know what’s happening in the profession and we don’t have an entire profession of ignorant people about what’s really going on in the world.

The second thing I ask when I say if you’re with me, is I need you to help me spread the word. We need to grow this. I don’t wanna spend thousands and thousands of your dollars of your guys’ money marketing. I would rather spend that money on the cases and fighting the fights that need to be fought. But if you can help me spread the word where I’m not spending money trying to attract people into our.

Into our world, under our umbrella, then, then that makes it easier for me to spend the resources in other areas. So spread the word. We have to grow. Our goal by the end of this coming year is 10,000 people connected to us. Right. I, that is our goal Now. I’ve got a marketing team in place. We have the Bill of Rights that’s gonna be coming out in the new year.

Um, that’s taken a little bit longer, which is okay. I didn’t want it to get lost in all the holiday stuff. So we’re gonna be launching that the first week in January. But it’s gonna be huge. It’s a, it’s our line in the sand of the profession, and I need you to share it. I need you to resonate with other people, encourage other people to jump on board.

33 US dollars a month. That’s it. 33 US dollars a month. I know this model works. It’s already worked thus far. Imagine if we can get 10,000 people doing it and them staying plugged in and being aware of what’s going on with chiropractic around the world. That is the power of this organization. So I’m all in and I’m gonna continue to move forward.

I’m asking that you stay connected with me in those two ways. Stay involved, stay engaged, and then spread the word to those around you. If you can do that for me. I promise you, everything I just talked about, the opportunities in 2023 will happen. There’s no way it can’t happen if we can come together because our truth is too strong.

Our power is unmatched. If we come together and we move as one unit, And I believe we can do that knowing that the rights of chiropractors need to be protected. So, all right, long video today. A lot for you. Listen, I wish you the happiest, happiest of New Year’s. I will be back at you, uh, in the new year. Uh, the next video will be our first video of 2023, and we’re gonna continue to hone.

Don’t expect, we’re gonna have a lot to update you on as the holiday season tends to shut things down. But I’m excited to come to you in 2023, um, with a renewed vision, renewed passion, and, uh, pushing this thing forward. So we love you. We appreciate you. God bless you. Thank you for loving what I love.

Thank you for being connected to what we’re doing and know that we are stronger than ever and we are gonna move forward in a mighty, mighty way. So we love you. God bless you. Happy New Year and we’ll talk to you next week. God bless.