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Good morning everybody. This is Bharon Hoag, the Executive Director of the Chiropractic Defense Council, coming to you today, Monday, December 5th for your weekly update. Um, so before I get into each of the countries, I just wanna share with you some overall things that are happening here at the Defense Council.

Um, we’ve really been working on this project called the Chiropractor’s Bill of Rights. It’s been, uh, It’s been quite a, a project. We’re very excited about it. We’re gonna be launching it here very soon. Um, and we’re gonna ask for your help. So when we launch that, you’ll get a separate video. You’ll get access to the Bill of Rights.

Um, we’re making this as kind of a rallying call for the profession to stand up and say, we believe these are the rights of our profession. So, uh, looking forward to getting that out to you soon. So be on the lookout for that. That’s gonna be happening in the next week, week and a half. Um, we’ve also been really looking at infrastructure and building our fire teams across the different, uh, countries that we’re working in.

I want to explain to you what a fire team is. A fire team is really a group of individuals that we work with in that country that are kind of like our boots on the ground. They’re the people that we run everything by. One of our concerns as an organization is we never want to go into a country and just start imposing our will.

Um, we wanna make sure that we understand what’s going on there, that we’re listening to the people on the ground, that we’re doing the work that they’re asking us to do. We, again, we don’t have our own agenda, that we’re out there trying to push. We’re there to defend the rights of practicing chiropractors and allied health around the world.

And so, It’s, it’s, you know, when we do that, we’re conscious of knowing that we don’t know, uh, a lot about these new countries when we first get in there. So we’re creating these fire teams and they’re my kind of, my people that I work with. Um, we run everything through them before we do anything in that particular part of the country.

They are, um, a part of that, they’re in agreement and we’re moving forward as a cohesive unit. Um, so we’re building those now, now that things have calmed down and we don’t have a lot of, uh, fires burning all over the place, um, we’re able to really put some time and energy into our infrastructure. So we’re doing that.

In the United States, we’re doing that all over the world, making sure that when the next thing hits, which we’re already starting to see, you know, remnants of that, uh, legislation passing in different countries, that looks like they’re preparing for something new. Um, we wanna make sure that we’re ready to go and we can execute even better than we did, um, the first go round.

So please. Be patient with us as we’re building that when we tap on your shoulder and ask for your help, we would love for you to jump in with us on that. Um, but, uh, we’re excited about this infrastructure and really growing our ability to impact and serve the profession of chiropractic. So, Right enough with the, uh, basic intro, uh, let’s go ahead and get into our updates.

New Zealand

So right now we’ll start with New Zealand. Um, in New Zealand. I had a call with our attorney. One of the cases, uh, we were working on, it appears that that is, has come to conclusion, so we found a satisfactory. Um, status for our doctor. Um, however we are gonna keep working at that. I had a long conversation with her, um, explaining that we, we really need to look at some of the activities of the government over this pandemic period.

And there needs to be a day of reckoning. There needs to be, there, need to be held accountable. So we’re gonna start partnering with other groups, um, really working to make sure, again, that we’re putting infrastructure in. That we’re setting precedent that should they ever want to do anything like this again, that we have a little bit more on our side to fight back.

Um, we’re very proud of those individuals that stood their ground and continued to practice and did what they did. We’re happy that we could provide that hedge of protection and we will continue to do so, but there’s also a time to make sure that we’re letting them know. Were there and, and that they cannot continue to do that kind of draconian efforts without having some type of accountability.

So I don’t have a lot of specifics on that. I have our legal team digging into that, looking right now. Um, I’m gonna be meeting with the association here in the next week and a half, two weeks to get an update on where we’re at with the marketing efforts. Uh, I sh I’ve been sharing with you guys there.

We’re also looking at where some of the discrimination lies and your ability to refer for x-rays, your ability to do diagnostics with your government, insurances, things of that type. So, uh, still lots to do in New Zealand. We love you. We, we, we’re not gonna leave you hanging there, um, but we’re continuing to build that infrastructure there as well.


So thank you so much for your support and spreading the word in New Zealand. Uh, now we’ll get to Australia and Australia. We, uh, again, it’s very calm. We, we keep seeing, um, more change. I actually was just reading an article that the government is actually removing fines that they had issued during Covid for not being vaccinated.

We’re starting to see a little bit of, of rine, but I’m telling you, Australia’s very interesting because in one breath we see. Them starting to acknowledge and admit and removing mandates and doing things. And on the other, we see these crazy pieces of legislation that are coming through that are essentially giving power back to the local governments for them to be able to put more mandates in place in the future.

So it’s been an interesting transition with our legal teams, um, as we’re having these conversations watching, we know New South Wales put some some stuff out here not too long ago. But nothing has been very dramatic. We don’t see any major issues on that front, but we are continuing to watch Now we’re also digging in, there’s two other projects we’ve been working on.

One was the PI insurance. We’ve had a great call with a PI company. We’re now having some conversations with some other stakeholders within Australia to make sure that when we roll this out and we, we give you this information, um, that we’re not inadvertently hurting anything on the other side. So we’re doing a little bit of due diligence.

Um, we’re having those calls, this coming. And, uh, I’ll be back to you and hopefully we’ll be able to announce to you that we found a company that’s gonna keep you, allow you to keep your anatomical rights, um, and not lose your PI insurance in the process. So be on the lookout for that. Um, appreciative to Dr.

Tim Lemine and, and, and a number of people that have been a part of that process. But we’re happy to have found, uh, somebody that’s gonna let you maintain your rights and you don’t ever have to fear. That in the future. Uh, the second thing, obviously has been our lawsuit. You know, we keep, I keep getting so close to getting that last little bit of money.

Um, and, and I, you know, you gotta be careful when you have people giving you money. You can’t push ’em too hard. You need to be patient. So I’m still waiting. We’re, we’re about 60,000, uh, short. Um, but we’re, we’re continuing to push forward. I, I don’t want you to think that we’re giving up on that. We are not.

We’ve come too far. And we’re gonna continue to push forward. I wanna remind you how important this lawsuit is. It’s not even about the mandates that were existing, it’s about the government’s activity moving forward and, and how they need to move forward before they can mandate any type of experimental, uh, health or intervention.

Um, that there is a protocol. The TGA has a process. The government did not follow that, so we’re holding them accountable. This is kind of, We were talking about in New Zealand that now is the time to go back to these governments and hold them accountable for some of the decisions. Now that the data is coming out, now that we have more evidence to support our position, it’s important that we let them know, you know what?

You can’t do that moving forward. We’re not going to allow it to happen. And that’s what this lawsuit is about. This lawsuit transcends Australia. So those of you in other countries that are watching this portion of the update, We want you to know how important this legislation is not only to Australia, but the entire world.

It sets precedent making sure that governments have to follow due process. They cannot be influenced by special interest groups and pharmaceutical companies under the auspices of saving humanity. Um, we know that now we see that in retrospect, everything from the shutdowns to the mandatory vaccine. To the mandatory quarantines.

All of those things we have found now were really the absolute worst, uh, action they could have taken. Now, I’m not accusing them. No one knew what was going on at the time. There were a lot of lies being prep or perpetrated, but now we know and we have to prevent that from ever happening in the future, and that’s what this lawsuit is about.

It’s about really setting a precedent. In country. So it’s a massive piece of litigation and we’re not gonna give up on it. We’ve just gotta continue to get the funding. So, um, you know, we’re working on that. I, I just don’t want people to think we’re avoiding that topic. Um, and we’re gonna continue to press forward.

So, uh, last thing in Australia, we are continuing, uh, the plan. My trip, I want to keep reminding you, I’m coming out there. I arrive in Sydney on the 21st of February. Um, I’ll be there for about five days and I’m headed to Brisbane. We’ll be up there for the t p event. If you haven’t gone to that event, I highly recommend if you’re in that area, um, to be a part of the remarkable, uh, practice.

Uh, you know, you get with Bobby, you can, I’m sure there’s gonna be marketing going around all over Australia, but that’s gonna be a phenomenal event. I will be there. We will be speaking at that event, sharing with you guys. What’s going on? Um, once I’m in Brisbane, I’m gonna head. Sunshine Coast. We’re gonna do a town hall there.

Um, then we’re heading over to, uh, Melbourne. Um, we’ll be doing a town hall in Melbourne, and then we’re gonna be over in Adelaide for Concordia. Would love to see you all in Concordia. Um, you know, I know our, our Perth, our Western Australia people. If you guys can come over to Adelaide, that’d be fantastic.

I’d love to meet you and. See you have a time of fellowship and really create a new energy moving forward. Um, we’re still doing our due diligence on opera. I’m gonna be having a meeting with all of our stakeholders on that topic. Very soon we’re gonna be partnering with other organizations where when I’m in Australia, I’m gonna be meeting with a number of, um, key legislators, key warriors that are on our side, freedom Warriors.

Um, and we’re putting together this arsenal and we’re gonna be very, very strategic. How. Forward to make sure we’re setting up a better foundation for our allied health, for our chiropractors, um, in Australia. So lots of stuff still happening in Australia. We love and appreciate you please keep spreading the word.

Definitely let people know about our visits as I have the locations and times of the town halls. I will be making those known to you. Uh, but I just want to keep that on your calendar so that you, uh, make time to, to come find me somewhere across a. All right, South Africa. So, uh, I shared with you last week I’ve had some calls with some of our people.

We’re looking at new attorney firms in South Africa that are more specialized in some of the work that we’re gonna be going after there. Um, you know, we’re excited about digging a little bit deeper into South Africa. You guys really haven’t had a ton of issues, but. We wanna really build that infrastructure.

South Africa

You know, I was talking about the fire teams at the very beginning of the video, and we’re building that in, in South Africa as well to make sure that we’re keeping our hands and, and feet on the ground knowing what needs to be done in South Africa. So we love you guys. Uh, appreciate you guys supporting us and being a part of this.

I know we’re pretty small there at this point. There hasn’t been a huge fire. Um, but I’m learning a lot. I’ve been talking with a lot of different parts of Africa, Nigeria, and other parts, learning really what the infrastructure looks like around there, what issues that we may be looking at in the future and making sure that we’re prepared, um, in Africa, uh, and as well as South Africa obviously to, uh, be there to step up for our people.

So, not a lot happening in South Africa, but we definitely are, are still keeping our, our ears to the ground, making sure we’re paying attention to what’s going. All right. That brings me to Canada. Now, Canada, I’m telling you guys, we are doing just a ton of work in Canada. Um, you obviously already know about the work we’re doing with the X-ray issues in bc.

Just had an AGM in bc. Thank you to all of you. We sent you a number of emails encouraging you to be a part of the agm. We had two resolutions, three actually, cuz one was uh, um, Offered by the floor that all of them passed. Uh, that’s very important. It sets a strategic position with the college when we move forward and fight on the legal side.

So it’s very important to have those things. We’re having additional meetings. There’s still some things going on that we wanna hold them accountable to. Um, but in bc you know, I appreciate everyone jumping out and doing that. Um, obviously in Ontario, Still working on our rep, our case there, and going after the college.

Um, where, you know, I think I shared with you LA the last time I gave you a specific country update, but one of the important things in Ontario, um, obviously when we did the judicial review as it related to the, the board member that we do not believe should be there, um, they obviously, the college ruled that no, it’s appropriate.

So we’re actually taking it out to the courts. This is important for two reasons. Number one, um, it lets them know we’re not backing down. They’re gonna spend. A considerable amount of money defending their position, and we feel we have ’em soup to nuts on this particular issue. The second thing that it allows us to do is air their dirty laundry.

Now, because it’s in the public courts, it’s a public matter and the college is gonna be publicly shown to be behaving. Inappropriate. I’m not doing this because I’m, I’m vindictive or I’m trying to drag anyone through the mud. I’m doing it because people need to be held accountable. Um, I’m doing it because they cons, they just insist on continuing to have inappropriate.

Behavior through that college and we’re not gonna let that happen. I know they actually just put out, um, in a newsletter, thank you to all of you that have sent that to me, that they’re trying to change the bylaws of who can run to be on the board where it used to be you couldn’t have had an infraction within the last three years.

They’re wanting to change into five and we know why they’re doing that. They’re individuals running that they don’t want. It’s that kind of stuff that I have issues with. Um, you know, there’s, there’s zero reason for them to be doing this kind of stuff unless they have an ulterior motive and they’re wanting to continue to, to do.

Draconian ways, and so we’re not gonna let it happen. So we’re very active in Ontario. Our legal team is phenomenal. I’ve shared with you from the beginning about that I’m gonna be doing some interviews with our legal teams in Canada because they’re just the perfect example of what the Chiropractic Defense Council stands for and what it is we’re trying to do, um, across the world.


And Canada just happens to be. That place that we’re formulating it right now. Um, so lots of stuff going on in Ontario. Had a great call. We created our fire team in Quebec. Uh, we’re starting to do a, a massive outreach there. I also got an email, we’re gonna be doing a kind of a, a contributor drive in Ontario as well.

Just lots of things that are happening, um, throughout all of Canada. Um, Alberta we’re starting to work on a couple of issues there. Their colleges, again, just ignoring requests. Um, and we’re, we’re gonna, we’re, I’m just very proud. I have no other way of saying it, that I’m excited about the work that we’re doing in Canada and it’s setting a great footprint and a great model of what we’re gonna be bringing to every country as we move forward.

So our Canadians, man, we’re spending a good amount of money. We’re doing a lot of work there. We need your help. We need to continue to grow our representation in Canada. Right now we have about 580, uh, contributors in Canada. We gotta get that over a thousand. Um, not only for the economic impact to make sure that it’s a sustainable model to keep throwing resources there, but secondly, It’s so important that we’re representing a good number of Canadians, especially in each province that we’re doing the work in.

United States

So, um, you know, we just ask your help to continue to share these videos, continue to share the information that, that we give you so more people can get connected to what it is we’re doing. Um, and then United. States. So let’s talk about the United States. It’s been, uh, been fun for me here. Obviously this is the largest accumulation of chiropractors.

It’s where it all started for the Defense Council. Um, but I, you know, working in these other countries, I have learned the freedoms that we have here in the United States and the model that protects us better than a lot of these other countries. As an American, you know, it’s very easy to get all up in arms about how dysfunctional our government is, but at the end of the day, it sure does give us more rights.

And so I’m thankful for. In that regard. However, we’ve still got a number of things that we’ve gotta work on here in the United States. You know, I, I, I got back from Cairo Congress, their annual convention meeting with a number of state associations, learning about some of the things that they’re dealing with.

I have a call this week with a number of national organizations as they’re starting. To understand who we are and what our role really is. They’re kind of opening up to the idea of collaborating with us on a number of issues. And so I’m excited about getting that done, and I’m excited about bringing our profession together to start working on major issues and each of us doing the things that we do best rather than.

Any one organization trying to do it all. That’s kind of how it was always supposed to be. Uh, but I’m excited that, that we’re creating that conversation through the profession. Um, I was actually just at a fundraiser, uh, this past Thursday in Indianapolis meeting with a number of large, uh, personalities, individuals as we’re continuing to push.

Our military project. Um, as a review, we’re working to get a pilot project created, um, at one base in the United States where they’ve properly staffed enough chiropractors to make it available to everybody on that base. And then we’re gonna show the data of the difference between those people that got chiropractic versus those that didn’t.

And I wanna be very clear, this is not a. Neck pain, low back pain, pain type study. This is a study about how they weren’t injured, those that were injured, how they got back into duty faster. Um, how there had better reaction times, all of the things that show the vitality that happens through life. Now, this isn’t a.

Philosophical agenda, but I think we would all agree no matter where you sit in the aisle of your belief system of chiropractic, that it’s very important that everyone understands. Being adjusted. Seeing a chiropractor has greater implications than just pain management. Obviously that’s a huge issue, but right now in our military, And here’s a little psa.

For those of you that wanna get more involved with military, maybe you have a base in your area or whatever the case may be. They don’t really, they should, but a motivating factor for them right now is not opioids, is not pain, is not reducing, um, the, the expenditure in healthcare. That’s kind of been our flagship forever and that, you know, as I’ve gone through now three years of having meetings with very high ranking, um, military personnel, very, uh, very, um, strong politicians that sit on very key committees in our government.

What they care about right now, the biggest issue they have is how they’re losing men and women in service because of un, you know, accident related issues. Meaning they weren’t blown up, there wasn’t, you know, any type of a service related, um, massive injury, but they’re losing them just to the chronicity of neuromuscular skeletal issues.

And not only that, but we’re also losing a little bit of a leg on the production, especially in our Air Force and, and, uh, in our National Guard. You know, our pilots, you know, they have a lot of pain and, and so they, they have to juggle this narcotics prescription versus keeping them functional, right. And, and air ready.

And so there, there’s a lot of these issues that they’re facing right now that they don’t know how to deal with, are not equipped. And that’s exactly where we come in. So this pilot project is specifically to show the effectiveness on chiropractics, uh, on the whole. Keeping them healthy, keeping them at their peak level and and reducing the injuries, reducing the chronicity that happens with most of these men and women as they serve.

That’s the message we want to tell. Then once we’re in there, we can start going to the pain side. We can go and do the other things, but it’s so important that we’re in this education process of our military, that they understand globally the impact that chiropractic can have. We don’t wanna be funneled into one little corner like we have in our history ever since, you know, we we’re very happy.

With this little box that they give us. We don’t wanna do that now. We have too much data, we have too much information, and we’re more than willing to stand up and be put to the test. And that’s exactly what this project has done. So in March, they’ve, they’ve kind of punted the ndaa, which is the spending bill.

They’ve punted it into March into the new administration, uh, or excuse me, new legislature. And so we’re working right now in the house. I’ll be heading to DC in January to really lobby this hard. We’re gonna get our language added into the ndaa, um, in the house because it has to go back to the house now, then it’ll go to the Senate.

We still have all of our supporters. We didn’t lose anyone in this midterms. Um, so we’re really positioned well. But part of what I was doing at that fundraiser Thursday is getting other individuals from other states and key political figures and military figures to understand really what it is we’re after and what our goal is.

So it was a. Beneficial, uh, meeting. Um, and we’re gonna just keep pushing this thing along. So we have amazing lobbyists and, uh, you know, we’re gonna be successful in this. So we’re still working, we’re still structuring, we’re still building and figure out the issues, um, that we need to take on in the us.

So, lots going on all over the world. Um, I’ll end with this. Just, uh, you know, I’m gonna start giving you kind of a positive thought at the ends of these videos. Um, you know, a lot of information thrown at you. I think you can see by the updates the magnitude of work that we’re doing at the council, but I don’t ever want you to lose sight.

I had a phenomenal conversation with a friend this week. Uh, she was struggling. Dealing with issues from her past and, and really feeling like that was her identity and that she was ashamed and embarrassed because of, of the path that she’s taken to get where she’s at. And, you know, it was an awesome time to fellowship and pray with her and remind her that at the end of the day, everything that got us to where we are right now, we need to be thankful for, uh, not saying that we need to repeat it, not saying that we shouldn’t learn.

But we have to be thankful for our past because it created who we are in the present, and it’s also dictating what we will likely become in the future. Right? And, and so what we have in this moment in the present is an opportunity to take all of the knowledge, all of the information that we’ve gathered from our past, all of the information we have coming into us right now, putting that together to make better decisions for the future.

That’s exactly what we need to do in chiropractic. We have learned a lot from our. We have learned a lot about what doesn’t work. We can look over the last 30 years and see how we’ve kind of been circling the wagons and shooting inwards that we haven’t organized well. We haven’t created the infrastructure that is sustainable for the way that our world operates today, but we could sit and complain and blame and do all of those things, but none of that’s gonna change our future.

Or we can stop and say, okay, we’ve learned from that. We understand what worked and what didn’t work, but now it’s time to be honest with ourselves and say it’s time to create something different and new. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do here. There is no judgment for any other organization in this profession.

They’ve done everything they can do. They’ve done exactly what they did to get to where we are, but now we have an opportunity to have a conversation and move forward as a profession. It’s not about vitalism versus mechanism. It’s not about straits versus mixers. It’s not about your technique versus their technique.

It’s about coming together to tell our world who is in desperate need of what it is we have to offer and let them know, number one, we have a solution, and number two, we’re willing to fight. They we’re in a position to stand our ground, that we have rights that we are going to fight to protect. And as a matter of fact, we’re gonna be better at it than you are because we have a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves.

That is why I do what I do. That is why we do what we do here within the Defense Council and one chiropractic because we have an opportunity. God has chosen us right now in this time in history to play a role. Now the beauty is we get to decide what kind of role we wanna play, right? There are opportunities in front of us to stand up and.

Enough is enough. And there are some of us that have done that and they’ve done that on an island, not anymore. We are gonna stand behind anyone that is standing up for truth and for what is right, and we are going to defend and we are going to make sure that our message is heard. So I just want you to feel that same way in your practice, in your town, whatever you might be dealing with.

I don’t care how six. Successful you may be or how close to failure you are. You have an opportunity right now to take all of that past information, all of the current information, and be thankful for that and use that for you in the future. I’m excited about where chiropractic is going, right? There’s an adage that everyone always says, there’s never been a better time to be a chiropractor.

Well, I’m telling you right now, there hasn’t been. Because right now we have learned so much from our past and there are now people that are willing to stand up and have honest, diligent conversations about the future, and we’re gonna make better decisions moving forward. You have my work, the chiropractic will be the number one healthcare choice in the world during my lifetime, or I’m gonna die trying.

And I’m standing here at the front of this line asking you to follow us, asking you to bring your colleagues, to be a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves, that has no individual political ties, that is just committed to getting the story of chiropractic everywhere we possibly can, and we’re not watering it down in the process.

That is our commitment to you. We are here to defend the rights of practicing chiropractors. We are very thankful for our allied health that have jumped on board because you don’t have organizations like ours and your specialties, so you’re jumping on because we have a lot of the same issues and we are gonna continue to defend you as well.

As long as our paths are aligned, you are welcome and un and under our roof. So I am excited to be here. I’m honored to be a part of this. I’m honored to be fighting and serving with you as we continue to make this story beautiful. So we love you. We appreciate you have an absolutely incredible remainder of your week this week.

We’ll be back at you next week with more information. God bless guys.