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We are excited to share our FREE & VERIFIED RESOURCES for Natural Health Providers in New Zealand. Legal teams, trusted advisors, and experienced health professionals have joined together to provide excellent information to help guide YOU through these incredible and changing times. Our video updates will keep you up to date with the latest legal battles. The downloadable forms will provide you with guidance and peace of mind. (As always, our resources are FREE, however if you find them valuable, your contribution would be greatly APPRECIATED!) 

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New Zealand Update


Please watch and forward this week’s update, it’s packed full of IMPORTANT INFORMATION and BREAKING LEGAL NEWS. We’re continuing to appeal recommendations and fines delivered by the ministry. However, we are starting to have conversations with nurses with other specialties throughout New Zealand. We’re ramping up a phenomenal group to challenge the government!

New Zealand Update


We are marching forward in our fight to help natural health care professionals to practice freely in New Zealand. It’s been an amazing fight so far but our legal teams are on top of the details. Tune in and watch this week’s updated for the latest information affecting YOUR practice. Please watch and share with your tribe to help us grow this movement!

New Zealand Update


The Chiropractic Defense Council is hard at work across the globe fighting for the right to practice freely. Very few places have witnessed the oppression of government mandates like New Zealand. Chiropractors and Allied Health Providers face challenges, they’ve never faced before. Watch our latest legal update with news from the front lines.
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