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02-07-2022 Canada Update

By February 8, 2022Breaking News


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So proud of you Canadians and the work that you’re doing up there, man. The the convoy, the protests, the attention that you’re getting around the world, and you’re inspiring so many people. Today, I’m gonna talk about the impact of all of that type of stuff and really what’s going on in the world and how we think it is gonna impact Canada. So welcome Canadian chiropractors.

This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council, coming to you today, Monday, February 7th, for your weekly update. So man, love watchin’ what you guys have got going on up there. I know you guys have about had it. You’ve got a prime minister that is literally off the deep end, but the world is starting to shift, and they’re not going to be able to continue to have the tyranny that they’re having forever, and so I’m very excited to see the Canadian citizens stepping up, making worldwide attention. So we now actually have 10 countries that have moved this virus into a seasonal flu category. They’ve gotten rid of all of their mandates, masks, as well as vaccine passports, vaccine mandates. All of that type of stuff is just gone, and that’s just continuing to grow. So there are another four countries that did it last week. So I think that snowball’s gonna continue to roll, and I think as more information comes out about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine, as the strength of natural immunity comes out, as more data, if you saw last week, we posted on our Facebook page the John Hopkins report that stated all of the interventions they did, the shutdowns and all of those things, were absolutely ineffective and caused a ripple effective other issue. So as all this stuff’s starting to come out, it’s getting harder for these countries and these leaders to continue to state that they have a state of emergency, and so that’s good news for us as a whole. I know immediately that doesn’t help. I get emails every day of Canadians explaining the stupidity of what’s happening and how the rules are impacting their lives, and we understand that. More specifically, to the work that we’re doing, we now have nine students that we’re working with with the colleges, as well as the exam board, excuse me, yeah the universities, rather, not colleges, universities and the exam board to make sure that they can continue their schooling, take their Part C without having to be vaccinated. So I’m actually meeting with my attorneys on Monday, today, actually, and we’re gonna be looking at what our next steps are as far as legal action to force these institutions to allow these students to continue their schooling. Our whole reason for existing is to protect the rights of practicing chiropractors, and so that’s our lane that we stay in. We’re trying to work with other agencies and other groups that may step out and work with regular civilians and lay people as their schools or sporting activities or things of that nature. I got an email this week from someone that was a explaining the double standard between vaxxed and unvaxxed. If you’re unvaxxed, you have a quarantine. If you’re vaxxed, you don’t have quarantine when you come in contact you, and I get it. I mean, it’s all very annoying. It’s all very frustrating, and there is a double standard because there’s no common sense to anything that’s happening right now, and we are doing our best to work with them. . However, I’m talking about YouTube. We’ve been using that platform now, rather than Vimeo, and so I’m asking that you go and like our YouTube channel. Make sure that you get real time information. We do our best through our website, through emails, through social media channels to get you information and keep you updated, but we’re also trying to take advantage of some of those abilities that these programs have, and by you liking our YouTube channel, any time we post anything new on it, you automatically get updated, and you don’t have to be notified by us. So I want you to take a second and go and like our channel. That way, you’re connected with us, and we can make sure we get information to you real time. So we’re gonna continue to push forward. We are really excited about the days that are coming ahead as we gain more ground. We’re gonna start getting proactive instead of defensive, and it’s just gonna be a good day. So I thank you so much for your support and who you are and what you do. Continue to love and serve in your communities, and know that we’ve got your back if anything goes down. So have an incredible week. We’ll be back at you next week. God bless.