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All right guys, you got me. I’m gonna do something that I thought I would never do, but I have to do it because I need you to communicate with me. And so we’ve created our Facebook group. Now, my concern for doing this is that it’s gonna be a place for people to come and complain, and it’s just gonna be a negative place.

I’m not gonna let that happen. What I want. I want an area where we can share information. You can get real-time updates on things that we’re doing, and it’s a place for you to communicate with our team about areas of weakness that you see throughout the profession. Not a place to come in and get on a soapbox and start complaining.

It’s a place to come in and figure out how we can create solutions that advance this profession. We can’t do this work without you communicating with us. So this Facebook group is designed for you to have another access point to us and we can engage with you. I promise everything will be read, we will respond, and we will engage with you.

You to join, jump in, and then read with us as we’re going through these processes of finding out what’s happening all over the world. So I look forward to chatting with you as we get through our group guys, we appreciate you and we’ll see you online.

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The Chiropractic Defense Council exists with the singular purpose of defending the rights of practicing chiropractors around the world.

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