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Update Australia 02-21-22

By February 21, 2022Breaking News

Great things are happening in Australia. We have a big win that one of our legal teams was a, a very fundamental part of we’re also starting to see more and more cases getting thrown out as we’re representing providers across Australia. And more importantly, things are really unfolding across the rest of the world. And the narrative that they’ve created is starting to fall apart. So I’m excited to give you these updates today. So good morning, my Australian chiropractors and allied health professionals. This is Bharon Hoag the executive director of one chiropractic in the chiropractic defense council coming to you today, Monday, February 21st for your weekly update. So the first, really big win, um, one of our, uh, part of our legal team, as you know, we have, uh, you know, solicitors and barristers across all of Australia, but one of them in Queensland was a, a fundamental part of stopping, uh, mandates for fire and police in Queensland.

And it was a, the first time that we’ve seen across the entire nation where we’ve actually prevented this to go into effect. And so that’s a very, a positive thing. There were unique circumstances to that particular situation, but it’s still showing the strength and the arguments that we’re presenting and gives us even more strength as we get ready to introduce our legal case in Queensland as well. And I do wanna reiterate to you that, although we’re introducing our case in Queensland, this is going to affect the rest of Australia. So it’s not just specific to that particular state. Um, but we’re very, very happy about that. We’re also still running our track record of a hundred percent success in representing, um, individuals across Australia that have complaints against opera or a health officer stops in or any of those particular situations that are happening. Um, our legal team is just the, the best.

They’re absolutely the best. I’ve gotten so many positive emails back stating how much better people feel after they’ve talked to our legal team. So I just wanna give everyone a little bit more reassurance of what’s going on and what we’re doing and how that’s impacting, um, the rest of, of you in Australia, that we are fighting back. We are winning this narrative is starting to really break apart. So we’re very thankful for that. Um, and so I want you to know that now, even more importantly, across the rest of the world, we’re really starting to see things completely fall apart, um, which is a phenomenal thing. And I do expect that to continue to happen, um, in Australia as the pressure mounts on, on your legislature and your lead leadership, when they’re losing really the foundation that they’ve built, their entire essence of these mandates on, um, we have reports coming out of different countries. Yeah, you heard me, right. Countries are coming out stating the natural immunity is far more effective than, than vaccinations. We’re having more and more countries that are removing everything, including masks. Um, so it’s starting to happen on, on waves. Literally it’s every day, we’re seeing something new in another country. That’s actually stating that this particular virus is nothing more than a seasonal flu. So we’re very optimistic that coming soon. Um, we’re gonna start seeing a lot of this stuff lift. So I, I wanna take a second and I just wanna, I wanna thank all of you. Um, you know, you guys spent a lot of time thanking us and saying, you’re so thankful that we’re here, but man, we couldn’t do this. If it wasn’t for you, if it wasn’t for those individuals standing up saying, I will not be told how to live my life. I will not be told what to put in my body or the body of my family. And it’s because of you that we’ve been able to do this. I’m so impressed with our Australian brothern and sisters that, that have just stood up and been willing to trust us and our process as we go through this, I know there was a lot of skepticism in the very beginning, but I’m so proud of you.

I’m proud of the work that our legal team has done and our ability to represent all of you and your rights to maintain your freedoms of choice. So I want you to know we’re already gearing up and I’m gonna continue to tell you this because I don’t want you to feel like this was the only battle we’re gonna face. The defense council exists to make sure that we’re defending your rights in every area. So I want you to know we’re already working and talking, doing things like the malpractice insurance, the PI insurance that we’ve been talking about with Dr. Ian. Um, it’s very important that those of you that are chiropractors. Um, and right now we’re just doing this for chiropractors. We are talking about doing it for allied health professionals as well. But right now on this first wave, we need chiropractors and we need you to be willing to step up and, and reach out to Dr.

Ian and put your name forward. As someone that’s interested in creating our own PI insurance, which takes the dependence off of Guild or whoever else you’re using currently, our ultimate goal is to be able to eventually get prices down, to be able to be able to sustain where whenever the world breaks apart, as it did in the last couple of years, we’re not held hostage by these particular sure. As like we were during this time stating that you have to be vaccinated or you’re not gonna be covered. These are things we can control within that process. So Dr. Ian is doing a phenomenal job, so I need you. I I’ll have the, the email below as well, but I need you to email him insurance chiro, So chiro, uh, insurance chiro, So reach out to Dr. Ian, let him know you’re interested. If you’ve already emailed me on that, I’ve already given him your contact information.

This would be for new people chiropractors right now. We’re just looking for chiropractors that are interested in having a conversation with him about that insurance. We right now at about 400 providers, we need to get to about 800 in order for this to have a chance to work. So we’re, we’re halfway there, but I know there are more of you that would be interested in doing this. If you have the conversation with Dr. Ian. So please reach out to [email protected], and he will get you that information. So please make sure you do that. Lastly, I wanna remind you about the resources we have on our website. Just go to defend, go to Australia, and then go scroll down to the resources. We have documents there of how you need to handle yourself. If you get a random visit to your office, what to do, if you have a complaint filed against you, all of those types of things, we have those resources available for you on our website, so that you don’t feel alone.

You feel prepared, and you’re not caught off guard with anything that happens in the last probably month, month and a half of this craziness. So we love you. We appreciate you. Things are going our way. We are going to win this. I promised you that from the very beginning, and it’s definitely trending to that direction. So thank you again for who you are for loving what we love and for being a part of this amazing family at the CDC. So have an incredible week, uh, we’ll be back at you next week, unless there’s something to come at you sooner, but we love, we appreciate you. And thank you so much for doing what you do for your community. Have a great week. God bless.


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