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Update Global 11-07-22


Good morning, CDC family. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, November 7th for your weekly. So I normally do these videos independently, one for each country, but today I, I was praying about it this morning and just got done with an event that I’ll tell you about here in a second.

I don’t have much of a voice and I felt, you know what? I wanna do one video for everybody so that you guys can get caught up. I apologize a little bit for the length of this video. as I’m covering all of the countries that we’re really operating in. But I do feel it’s time to share our big picture with everyone.

I’ll be back to the individual videos next week. But yeah, this is what we’re doing this week, so hopefully you’re okay with it. As we’ve been very busy. I’m so blessed with the work that we get to do around the. And every time I turn around, we’re having new conversations with new parts of the world, and I’m learning how vast our profession really is, but the differences, but also the similarities that we’re facing in different parts of the world.

Just completely humbled at the work that I’m getting to do and the amazing people that I’m getting to meet. So you guys know right now we’re active, meaning that we’re doing work, we’re paying for legal work in four different countries very actively. So it’s the united. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, those are the countries that we have been working very diligently dealing with.

Things like vaccine mandates, dealing with licensing, board issues, dealing with attacks on our ability to do x-rays, our attacks on the ability to treat children, all the various things that we deal with in those countries. We’re active in South Africa as well. We have not really fought. We did do some work initially.

With the colleges down there that were making it mandatory for students to be vaccinated and chiropractors that were faculty to be vaccinated. We’ve done similar work like that in Australia as well as in Canada. But we’ve done that in South Africa, but we haven’t really been in a massive fight there.

But we’re looking forward to start doing some work to really. Work on some of the issues that have repressed the message for chiropractic in South Africa as well. We’re also starting to have talks in Norway and Denmark and Sweden and Iceland. So the Scandinavian countries as we’re learning what’s happening there and the differences in the different countries.

But the similarity on the Scandinavian model of chiropractic had a very good conversation with a couple of doctors from there. And so we’re doing a lot of work and in Australia we’re still working on some remnants, some vaccine mandates. What started happening in Australia as the mandates were being removed because of the health orders, which would be the government imposing that new legislation started coming up, that empowered local governments to be able to continue to do these as necessary.

So our legal team’s been working on that. We’ve been really investigating. We’re starting to move into building relationships with legislature There. In Australia. I’ll be headed out to you guys. Very excited about that trip in February, I’ve been telling you about that. So I’ll be spending two weeks in Australia, one week in New Zealand doing town halls.

Meeting with all of you. Meeting with key leaders of the government. In both of those countries so that we can continue to really spread our roots and build a stronger foundation as we head into a new world that none of us really know what that’s gonna look like. But there’s work to be done to enable our ability to strengthen chiropractors and our influence throughout the healthcare system in Australia and New Zealand.

Been doing a lot of work there. I have some great people that I’m looking forward to meeting with. Again, same in New Zealand. We’re working, we have a couple remnant cases. I think we have three cases right now that we’re still defending chiropractors who are under attack by the health ministry.

But we’re also starting to work on different issues where there’s been bias to chiropractors where they’re not able to refer for x-rays or they’re being told that, they can’t order even specific things which they should be able to do based on the scope of their practice in that country.

But yet we still have employers and other individuals that are limiting that ability. So we’re taking that work on as well. Have a great solicitor there in New Zealand, for those of you in the United States and Canada. Those are attorneys. They call ’em solicitors there. And so we’ve got a great team, very great team in Australia.

We also have a great team in New Zealand, also in Australia. We are so close to launching our lawsuit against the Australian government. That lawsuit is very different than anything that’s been run anywhere in the world. We’re very excited about this. We’ve already spent over $300,000 preparing this.

We’re doing fundraising right now to be able to get the last amount of money that we can give our legal team so that they can run it right. Whenever A case like this, you have to prepare for the interrogatories. That’s when the other side, the defendant is coming at us with different accusations or questions and all the work that needs to be done to handle their questions and objections.

But then assuming, not assuming when we win, because we are on the right side of this issue, there’s appeals and all of those things. So our commitment to our legal team. As we would get them the money ahead of time so that they can run this thing without being fearful of losing the funding throughout the process.

So we’ve now been on like a four month fundraising. We’ve had amazing individuals that have given us money. We’ve had some private individuals within Australia that have given us up to $50,000. We’ve got. People here in the United States that have been giving us money. So thankful to Donnie and his team and their belief and support in us and just other individuals that are looking at that.

So we’re very close. We’re about 80,000 away from being able to launch that particular case, and so I’m excited about that. I think we’re gonna get there. I’m having conversations with other individuals as well that the lawsuit is so pivotal because what it does is it challenges a government’s ability to create a mandate in the future when there.

Therapeutics that are effective. All of our countries have these protocols. We have it in the c the Centers of Disease Control have to be careful with cdc, considering that’s our name. But every country in Australia, it’s called the tga, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, they all have these protocols that are supposed to be followed before anything is admitted into that country as a a vi, a verifiable, and a viable healthcare option.

Clearly, that did not happen with the vaccine. Everyone just. The Centers of Disease Controls opinion and ran with it. They didn’t follow their own protocols. So this particular lawsuit is going after that. We’re gonna show how they did not do their job, and if they’d done their job, they could have saved so many lives that were horribly affected by that forced vaccination.

So that’s a very important, unlike any other case that’s been run. We’ve had a number of different attorneys, solicitors, barristers look at it and everyone’s saying, This one’s got a good shot of getting through but we’re taking our time, we’re making sure we have the funding, we’re making sure we’re going the right path because as all of a lot of cases have been entered into and a lot of ’em have been lost because there wasn’t the preparation.

So we’re very pleased with our solicitors barristers that are behind, that we’re raising, still raising the money. If you know of someone, we’re I would definitely love to have their support so that we can get this over the finish line. So that’s what we’re doing in New Zealand and Australia. In Canada.

Good Lord, I could do a 25 minute video on the work that’s happening in Canada. What an unbelievable country. What a resilient group of chiropractors. That have been so repressed under their regulatory boards and their various provinces. And so we’ve really been digging in. We are now very active in four different provinces.

We’re really starting to build in Quebec. We’re working in Alberta, working in Ontario, working in British Columbia. And still building in other parts of the country. But we now, I think, have nine or 10 cases going on in Canada that we are funding and working on all of them to really protect the rights of the practicing chiropractors.

In British Columbia and in Ontario. We’re doing a lot of work with their going after the colleges, but their inappropriate behavior, we know about the x-ray issue in British Columbia. We’re also working on the college’s methodology of doing investigations is under challenge, and that’s looking very good in our favor.

And then in Ontario, we’re doing the very same thing. This coming week actually, there’s a case that will be going in. We found that the college is actually operating inappropriately, and so we’re going after that structure to really create a better framework that follows their own policies and procedures.

But it also gets rid of someone that’s head hunting after chiropractors. So we’ve told you from the very beginning, we will not back down. We will stand strong and we will defend the rights of our chiropractors and we will take these people down. It’s what we’ve been doing for over a year and a half, and it’s what we’re gonna continue to do, not because we think we’re bigger and better, but we’re functioning on a truth premise and we do not have fear anymore associated in standing up for the truth of chiropractic.

And we are honored to be able to do this work with you guys and Canadians. You are no longer. We are working wonderfully with the cac. We’re gonna continue to work on issues with the limitations that you guys have and your ability to communicate chiropractic, your ability to use testimonials, your ability to do things that we take for granted here in the United States that you guys have never really been able to do the same thing in Australia and New Zealand.

You guys aren’t even allowed to talk about the success of your care there. So these are all things that the defense counsel is very committed to. The chiropractic has a protected arena to operate and tell our story. The world deserves to hear who we are and what we do. That’s the beauty of what our profession has to offer.

But when we’re censored, when we’re controlled, when we’re segment segmented, and we’re isolated and independent, It’s very hard for our profession to rise. The whole vision of the Chiropractic Defense Council is to bring us together under the belief system that we deserve to have a defense system that allows you to speak your truth.

And we’re gonna continue to do that. It’s been an amazing model. It’s working well, and we’re gonna continue to build that. We’re excited about that. So in Canada, lots of cases, lots of things going on. So far we have been successful in every endeavor that we’ve taken on. We have not lost a battle yet anywhere in the world.

You’re gonna start hearing more. From us as we rebrand our websites, rebrand our messaging, our social channels just got rebuilt and it’s time for us to tell our story. We’ve done a lot of work on relatively a little amount of money for the scope of work that we’ve been taking on. And it’s time that we’ve gotta go to that next level.

I’ve been telling you guys that for the last couple of weeks, We need to grow Canadians. I need more Canadians. We’re spending more money in Canada than we’re bringing in at this point. And I, and that’s okay. That’s the way we’re structured, but that’s not sustainable. So we need to continue to grow.

The work that’s being done there is just incredible and I can’t imagine a chiropractor not being in support of what we’re doing. And it’s 33 US dollars a month. It’s less than one adjustment a month that we’re asking for you to be a part of what we’re doing in Australia and New Zealand. I’m excited about my trip.

As I stated, I’ll be out. Really in the very early spring, late winter. Not for you guys, it’s the opposite. It’d be your your summer. , but I’m excited to get out there and get in front of people and continue to grow it. But we, this works, our whole methodology works, which was proven. It’s sustainable and workable, but it only works to the scale of what we’re growing to now.

If we can get the people on board, if we can get the people giving us the $33 a month, again I can’t tell you the amount of work we’re, we’ve already done, but what we’re capable of, if we have the resources and I can continue to expand our legal. And continue to expand our resources team. The things that we have planned and the things that we’re gonna be doing are just epic.

Never been done in the profession. And I’m not saying that out of arrogance. I’m saying it out of excitement that we have something special here and now it’s time to really take it to the next level. The good news on that, I will tell you, as we are starting to get recognition, people are finally understanding our vision and our mission, understanding.

We’re not a threat to any other organization that exists in the profession, and they’re starting to see where we fit. We’re getting more and. State associations and national associations around the world coming to us saying, Hey, we’re dealing with this. Can you help? And the answer is almost always yes to some capacity.

And so we’re very excited about that Now. We’re not looking for the problems that are coming to us, which means that people are understanding our personality. We just got some money from an individual group in Canada, and I tell you, I got their letter today. And man, what a blessing to have people say things like, They’re excited that there’s finally an organization standing the ground.

Not that’s a slam on any other organization, cuz all of them are amazing and have been doing their own thing. It’s just no one’s been able and willing to do what we’re doing, which is to really hit this stuff head on and hold other organizations accountable outside of our profession. Whether it’s a regulatory board, another healthcare specialty governments hold them accountable to the way that they’re treating chiropractors and cuz we have nothing to lose, right?

We have no political relationships that we’re worried. We have no membership that we have. Really ask their permission. The way we’ve structured this organization is to be lean and mean and we can react and get the things done that we all know that need to be done. So lots of stuff going on in the us.

We’re still digging into our d o t. We just retained that new attorney that’s working on a letter right now for all of those that have been discriminated against when it comes to doing DOT physicals for certain employers. Our lobbying team is digging deeper into our federal issues as it relates to.

Being able to do preop physicals for our FBI our CIA, all those government agencies that are not currently allowing chiropractors to do those physicals. So we’re working on that type of stuff. Obviously, looking at legislation like what happened in California the the hush legislation, meaning that you’re not allowed to speak your mind if it goes against the government or keeping an eye on all of that.

Looking at it, most of it’s rhetoric and propaganda. But we don’t want to see it grow or become systemic. So we are working towards that stuff, working with our lobbyists as well as with our legal teams to figure out what our options are there. And then obviously our military work that we’ve been doing.

And this is why I have no voice and I’m gonna end the video with this. I know I’m already at 14 minute. But I had the unbelievable distinctive honor annually to attend the Patriot Project’s military ball. Dr. Tim Nove and I are phenomenal friends. I’ve been with him from the very beginning when he started his project.

Most of you in the United States know what the military project is, but for those of you in the other country here in the United States, our government or our military does not recognize chiropractic. They don’t cover it within their insurance. We can’t serve and the capacity as chiropractors in our military currently.

So it’s our last frontier here in the United States of getting completely integrated into the healthcare system of our country. And so we’ve been working on that for a number of years. And the Patriot Project is a specific organization that goes out and starts serving these men and women at different military events.

And they also get chiropractors to raise their hands stating that they will treat our. For free, if they fit into a certain classification, a Gold star family, Purple Heart, active duty family, and or men or serve as men or woman. So Tim’s just done an incredible job. He’s celebrating his 10th year did it against the grain of how things operate in our profession, which is another reason I love him so much.

But this weekend we had our military ball in Canton, Ohio. Over 850 individuals in a room. And mind you, only maybe 90 of those were chiropractic people. The rest. Military individuals, first responders, police and fire people that are very committed to the military. And the entire event is to explain to people the importance of getting chiropractic integrated into the military.

Dr. Nove has been steadfast from the very beginning about unapologetically explaining that there’s a place for chiropractic in our military. And rather than lobbying and suing and doing that stuff, he’s been doing it through the service side by just starting to serve these individuals and doing so. In the United States, the single highest recognition you can get as a service man or woman is the Congressional Medal of Honor.

There are only 65 living. Medal of Honor recipients in the United States. The Patriot Project has 14 of them on their advisory board. That’s important because it’s the largest accumulation of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in any organization in the United States, with the exception.

Of the mental, of our society, right? So that’s a significant accomplishment to have these unbelievable heroes and people of dignity to be stating that our men and women in military need chiropractic. So this military of all and every year is their annual fundraiser where they get their money to be able to send people to these military events, to introduce people to chiropractic, and then get them connected to chiropractors back in their hometowns.

That’s the whole vision of the Patriot Project. Just to listen to these. Unbelievable heroes. Stand on stage and talk about the importance of chiropractic. It was incredible. So I’m telling you the work that we’re doing is making a difference. I’m honored to tell you the work that, that the one chiropractic and the CDC is doing with our military project is we’re finally getting the attention of our legislature.

We’re getting the attention of the d o d and we currently have language that we’re being told. And you, with this kind of stuff, you never do it until it’s actually signed into. But we’re being told that our language is in the ndaa, which is the spending bill that will be signed before the end of the year by the Senate.

And then obviously by the president. And in that language it allocates a half a million dollars, specifically from the DOD to put chiropractic on one or two military bases here in the United States so that we can actually start showing the effectiveness of proper chiropractic care. This means 20 to 30 chiropractors on rotation in a single base where there’s real time.

Access to chiropractic, to our men and women in uniform, and we know what the effect of that will be. We understand how that’s gonna happen. So it’s been a long time coming, getting the military and the United States to do much of anything different is a, is not easy, but persistence breaks down resistance and we’re not gonna stop.

And so we’re excited about that work. Just got notified from our lobbyist about that. And I cannot wait to be telling you when that thing. and we now have a viable pathway to start showing the effectiveness of chiropractic to our military. Lots of stuff going on. I’m at 18 minutes now, and I told you this was gonna be a little bit longer and I apologize, but I just feel it’s important for all of you to understand everything that we’re doing and the things that we wanna do.

The opportunities that we have are obviously largely dependent on the growth of our organization. So I’m unapologetically asking you. To wa rewatch this video, hear everything that it is we’re doing. And that’s really a snapshot. That’s not everything we’re doing, but those are the major talking points.

But we need to continue to grow. We’re spending a lot of money every month on, on legal defense all around the world. And so we need to keep that sustained. So I’m asking you to share this with your colleagues. If there’s an opportunity for me to do a Zoom meeting. To attend a meeting to be able to share the vision of the Defense Council, please reach out to me and let me do that.

We need more people. I know there’s apathy in the chiropractic profession. I get it. I’ve been in the industry for 27 years. , but we’ve gotta change, right? We cannot continue to solve problems with the same mindset that created them. And so we have to change that mindset, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

So I am more honored. I consider myself the luckiest person in the profession to be able to serve in the capacity that I get to serve. But I’m asking for your help. All of you all around the world, let’s come together. Let’s understand that our profession is worth fighting. We owe it to chiropractic to do this work, and so I’m asking you to partner with me and the best thing you can do for me right now is spreading the word.

So any way that you think that we can do that, please reach out to us. Otherwise, please know we love you. Again, I apologize for the long video. I don’t do this that often, but I feel it’s important for everyone to hear everything that’s going on occasionally. And that’s what’s happening this week because I don’t have much of a voice left.

Thank you again to Dr. Tim Nove and the Patriot Project for another incredible weekend. Thank you to all of our heroes, men and women in uniform that serve in all of our countries to create a defense mechanism for our freedoms. And thank you for being a contributor to, to this organization that allows us to do this amazing work.

We love you. We appreciate you. God bless you. We’ll be back at you next Monday. Have a great.

So we love you, we appreciate you, God bless your week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please excuse any errors.)

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