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Update South Africa 11-14-22

Good morning, South African chiropractors. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, November 14th, for your weekly update. Um, so I just got back from a pretty crazy weekend. Um, as you can tell from my voice, uh, this is my, uh, 13th weekend in a row of traveling.

And so I’m, I’ve, I’ve about had it . So I’m happy to be home for the holidays here in the United States and be able to buckle up and start preparing for next year. Um, but this particular weekend was very special because I was meeting with the leadership of the chiropractic profession. All of our national organization, state organizations, major vendors that.

Work within the profession. Um, and it was a, that’s important to you because what we get to do, every time I go to these events, I get to share more about the work that the CDC is doing and it, it really brings an awareness to our profession. Obviously the United States is the largest accumulation of chiropractors and chiropractic organizations, and so getting them to understand the work we’re trying to do in other countries is very, Um, getting them one, not only the financial resources, but just the awareness and making collaborations.

And I was able to do that, um, with a number of different groups, um, explaining where we fit, where we want to plug in with them, and it’s gonna prove to be a very beneficial, uh, relationships moving forward. So a very good weekend. Um, as far as you in South Africa, I will be talking with, uh, one of our contacts there in South Africa this week.

Um, really learning, again, more, sharing some of the things we’re doing, making sure we’re connecting with the right legal teams to really start working on some of the issues you guys have shared with me as far as marketing, as far as getting access and the ability to refer and things of that nature. So gonna start digging in, in, in South Africa, uh, looking forward to that.

Um, and then obviously around the rest of the world. Last week I kinda did one video for everyone sharing. Kind of what we’re doing. Um, so it gives you a better glimpse of where we’re at in the rest of the world as well. So things are moving forward. We’re excited about the work we’re doing, um, and look forward to digging in a little bit deeper there in South Africa.

So we love you. We appreciate you. We’ll talk to you soon. God bless.

So we love you, we appreciate you, God bless your week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please excuse any errors.)

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