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Update United States 11-14-22

I just returned from a weekend meeting with all of the major leadership within the chiropractic profession. I wanna share with you those conversations, what we think is gonna come from them, and what you can expect in the future. So good information for you today. Good morning, our American chiropractors.

My name is Barron Hoig. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, November 14th, for your weekly update. Well, as you can tell, I really don’t have much of a voice left This. 13, uh, consecutively of traveling and hitting different events around the country.

Um, it’s been a wild ride. Uh, very thankful for the opportunity to do what I’m doing, but I am exhausted. So please forgive my, uh, my voice this morning. Um, but an incredible weekend. This weekend, I, I attended the summit meeting. For those of you that don’t know what the Chiropractic Summit is, that’s really an, uh, a meeting of all of the major organizations within the profession.

So you have. The ica, you have Clinical Compass, you have cce, F C B, um, you have a major, uh, uh, companies like Chiro Secure. Uh, all of the colleges, uh, are invited and can participate in this meeting. We come together twice a year. And it’s really in a spirit of communication, collaboration, and then mobilization.

It’s an opportunity for our organizations to share really what we’re doing and where there are opportunities to work together, really to stop the duplication of efforts and services. It’s really been an honor. Uh, we’ve been a part of the summit now for the last two years, um, really now kind of getting our, our, our feet beneath us as far as our involvement in that organization, and it was a great time.

Meeting with the chair, Dr. Dan Spencer and Lisa Love Smith, who is the executive director of that organization. Phenomenal. Just sitting and listening to these other organizations and the work that they’re doing, a lot is being done. I think sometimes we can get very cynical in our profession and not feeling like things are happening, but organizations like the Summit are important because this is where our organizations can sit down, share, collaborate, and then together we can mobilize moving things forward for the profession of chiropractic.

All of these organizations have one thing in mind, and that’s to strengthen and grow the chiropractic profession around the world. So it’s pretty amazing to be a part of. Lots of great conversations. I was able to start sharing information with Clinical Compass, who we are hoping We’ve proposed to have a partnership with them where they’ll start doing a lot of the digging for us to get the data and information we need as we go in for some of the battles that we enter into.

So it saves us from having to hire someone to do that when they’re already doing it. So it’s a great collaboration. With Clinical Compass, hopefully that we can pan that out here soon. Also, some great conversations with Sherry McAllister, Dr. Sherry McAllister from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Um, really understanding a couple of different aspects of where the CDC can connect with the foundation and help them. One is in the area of. When we have negative publications that come out here in the United States, um, against chiropractic. The foundation obviously is where people go to, but they’re not really suited to go after those things, Right.

They just advise how we should respond to them. However, the CDC can, we can file cease and desist. We can. Do things to publications that continually put out bad information and negative information without doing their due diligence. We have the ability to team up with the foundation to go after that and take some legal action against these organizations.

I’ve told you from the beginning, it is time that our profession stands up and actually defends itself appropriately. And we have the capability of doing that in conjunction with organizations like the Foundation. Not only that, but the work that we’re doing in other countries. Um, you know, part of that work is expanding the ability for the chiropractors to actually communicate the effectiveness of chiropractic.

Well, the foundation already has all of that work. They have wonderful sight founded information, put together, an amazing marketing pieces, um, that we can bring with us as we open those rights up in these other. We can use the foundation to ensure that chiropractors don’t mess up, right. Sometimes when we’re given the freedoms, we kind of screw that up by going a bit too far.

So our partnership with the foundation will be absolutely vital as we go into these other countries to bring good, tangible, real information that will help tell the story of chiropractic in a much. Better manner than we typically do when left to our own accord. So awesome conversations. This is why I love going to these events.

That’s why they’re so important for us to go so we can share our story, but also find collaborations that we can have, uh, working with these other organizations. So that was part of the weekend. The other part of the weekend was at the Chiro Congress annual convention, which is where, if you’re not familiar with the chiro congress, They are the organization that all state organizations will belong to.

So every year, all of the states get together. These are the executive directors, the presidents, lobbyists, leadership from the state organizations come together once a year, sit and round tables, talk, share, collaborate, figure out what, who’s doing what better than the other. Um, it’s a phenomenal time.

Always one of my favorite events to go to, um, every year. And I had an opportunity to sit and talk with some states and figure out some things that are going on in their area where the CDC can actually partner and help them to get through some of the, the issues that they’re dealing with. So, great weekend, obviously there’s lots of fun.

Um, got a chance to do a little bit of karaoke, which for those of you that know me, I, I, I enjoy popping off a song or two, so, uh, but yeah, I’m telling you it was a great weekend, furthered our cause, uh, and it’s very important for you. I, I, Hopefully you’re hearing this and you see some value in the collaboration and communication that’s happening between organizations and the profession, and we are spearheading that.

We’re making that a priority because that’s what our profession needs. It hasn’t happened historically, but it is happening now, and so we’re excited about that. Then we ended the weekend off with the, um, chiropractic strategic. Um, you’ve heard me talk a little bit about that before. If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend you dig into that.

It’s, it’s the chiropractic, uh, future, uh, strategic plan. Um, it’s, they’re doing great work. I’m learning more as I dig into this and talk to some of the leaders of the different work groups, but great things are happening in our profession. Our time is coming. What we need is our people to come. You know, we have tried to provide a safe place for people to connect, to get this information every single week, to stay plugged into what’s going on in the profession.

And have a home where you don’t feel like you’re isolated and alone. Um, I want you to share that with your colleagues. We still have very low participation numbers with any organization within the profession, which means the majority of the chiropractic profession in the United States does not belong to anything.

And so we wanna bring these people in. They need to come in and be made aware of the moves and the things that are being made, uh, the, the, the efforts that are being taken place and the work that’s being done. Because you need to have a say in that. And that’s why we want the communication. That’s why the CDC is such a vital part of your future, because we want to have that conduit, a safe place that’s an apolitical organization that’s not gonna drag you into garbage that you don’t want to know anything about.

Everything we tell you is factual, and the information that we have dug and done the due diligence to find so. Please continue to share this with your colleagues. We need to bring our profession together once and for all. So we love you. I’m out. My voice is done. Um, I’ll be back at you next Monday with some more information as we continue to dig through this work.

I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys sticking with us, supporting us, allowing us to do the work that we’re able to do around the world. We love you. We appreciate you. God bless your week. We’ll talk to you next Monday. Bye-bye.

So we love you, we appreciate you, God bless your week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please excuse any errors.)

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