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Good morning, our chiropractors and allied health professionals all over the world. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, November 21st for your weekly update. So here’s the plan. We had a lot of positive feedback when I did the world update a few weeks ago.

Uh, talked with my marketing team, got educated myself on how technology works. Uh, so here’s what we’re doing moving forward. I’m gonna shoot one long video, a world update, if you will, but we’re gonna put chapters in it so you’re gonna be able to just fast forward to the countries you care about. And you wanna know what’s going on.

If you wanna see everything we’re doing, it will be there in one video. So moving forward, rather than having individual videos by country, we’re gonna have one video with chapters in it that will now be able to give you the information that you care about without wasting your time. And I won’t worry so much about the length of a video because you can pick and choose what you want to do.

I’m learning. I’m an old dog. There’s some new tricks out there, and, uh, my team is trying to help me to be a little bit more effective. So hopefully the newer technology and this revamp will be more beneficial for you, um, as you try to stay informed on everything we’re doing. So, uh, hopefully this is a benefit to you.

New Zealand Report [1:16]

So now we’re gonna start with New Zealand. Um, had a good call with our attorney there. We have a couple of cases that we’re still doing. These are chiropractors, uh, and one Allied Health Professional. That was targeted by the government during the mandates. Obviously the mandates do not exist anymore, but they’re still prosecuting those that they felt were in violation of that.

Um, we’re actually excited about some of these cases and we’re gonna take them to fruition. Because it sets precedent moving forward. Um, there’s already talk around other parts of the world of bringing back masks, bringing back mandates of some sort as we enter the near the end of the year, uh, it’ll be very interesting to see how all this stuff plays out.

We’ve told you from the very beginning that we weren’t sure. Really what was coming, but we felt like there was gonna be a, a phase two of this whole thing. Um, so we wanna make sure that we’re setting precedent. Um, and in New Zealand we’re definitely going to do that. Uh, also working with the association there, we are gonna start, uh, supporting them and their, their marketing efforts that they’re doing.

And then also dealing with the issues, um, of you being able to refer. We’ve heard some complaints or issues of other hospitals not taking your referrals for x-rays or diagnostic procedures. Things of those nature that are clearly within your scope, uh, based, uh, uh, on your language there in New Zealand.

So we’re starting to work at those, working with our legal counsel, uh, to go after that type of stuff. So still, uh, very active. Um, we’re still working and, and I will again let you know, I am going to be coming to New Zealand. I will arrive in country on March 5th, 2023. I will be doing a meeting in Auckland and then a meeting in Christ Church.

So we’ll be there that Tuesday. So that should be the seventh. Of March, I will be in Auckland, and then the 9th of March I will be in Christ’s church. So I don’t have locations or times yet. I will get those to you. Uh, but I want you to put those in your calendar. , because I definitely wanna meet with you.

Australia Report [3:24]

I want to sit, have some town halls, really share with you kind of again, where we’re at on things, but also really start growing our influence there in New Zealand. So I’m excited to come out there and see your beautiful country. Um, so that’s kinda where we’re at with New Zealand, uh, now Australia. So in Australia, uh, very similar, obviously, you know, we’ve been working with our legal team.

We’re, we’re really evaluating what’s going on with opera. Um, this week actually, I have a meeting. A new PI company that, um, we believe we found an inlet, if you remember back during the pandemic, one of the. With your current PI company that’s associated to your, um, national association, they had issues with you not being vaccinated.

We have, we’ve found an organization that, that is not a requirement. I’m trying to work with them to do some collab, collaborative bargaining to get some cost reduction, things of that nature. So, Tim and myself are gonna be meeting with that individual this coming week. Um, and that will be, uh, hopefully I’ll have some good news for you there.

As far as what we’re doing, the opera, we’re currently building our plan and our structure. We’re interviewing a couple other attorneys, um, trying to broaden our team to make sure that we’re in the right preparation and we’re going after this as strategically as possible. We’re talking to a number of individuals, uh, making sure that we don’t create in inadvertently create bigger issues that we’re already dealing with now.

Right. Remember, The same approach we had in dealing with the mandates in the pandemic. We have to be very strategic. We can’t just go in, guns are blaring because a lot of negative things can happen with that type of an effort. So I know I’ve been talking about this for a little while and you’re probably wanting details, but I don’t have them cuz every time I talk to someone new.

You know, the, the viewpoint changes a little bit. So we have to know what we’re doing. We have to do this strategically. We have to make sure that all of our efforts produce an appropriate response rather than just going in and creating chaos. Um, so I should have more information for you definitely by the time I’m, uh, in Australia in February.

Um, so please, uh, be patient with us. But if you have information, if you have people you know that deal in that arena, that may have some information, we. We’re definitely doing all of that due diligence right now, so please send that information my way. Uh, as far as our lawsuit, um, we are getting closer.

I’m still. I wish that I could snap my fingers and have these people that have shown interest in giving us resources, just make it happen. Um, you know, but I’m still waiting. Unfortunately, we’re still pushing and digging for that. We’re very close. We’re really at the end of this, and hopefully we can generate that, the last little bit of that capital to give our, our attorneys a green light to introduce that piece of litigation.

Um, but that’s where we’re at with that. Now. My trip, I will be arriving into Sydney February 20. Um, I’ll be spending a couple days in Sydney, then I’ll be heading to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Um, Brisbane. We’re gonna be with the, um, remarkable chiropractor event, our remarkable practice, rather, t r p, um, and Bobby and Dr.

Steve Franson and all those guys. We’re gonna be in Brisbane with them. I will be speaking at that event. Um, you’re invited. I’ll be giving you more information as we get closer, uh, to how to be a part of that particular event. You should attend. In general, it’s an amazing organization. They do phenomenal work, uh, and we’re honored that they’re gonna allow us to share the stage with them.

But we’ll be at that event. I’ll also be doing something in the Sunshine Coast there, uh, early part of the week. Then I’m heading over to Melbourne. Um, I’ll be there, uh, we’ll do a town hall and then I’ll be headed to Adelaide. Where we will be at Concordia with acc. Um, really want you to go there. Again, all of our Perth in Western Australia, please, we’d love to have you come in, um, and be a part of that event.

That’s the closest I’m gonna come to your side of the country. So we really would love for you to be there at the ACC event in Concordia. And, uh, I can meet with you guys there so that by, by that time we will have a plan. I, God willing, our, our lawsuit will be in motion. Um, and I can give you updates on that.

And then our work with opera and some of the other issues that are going on. Um, I also am aware that SA just came up with a new health policy. We’re reviewing that right now to really see the implications there. I know a lot of the different states are looking at different pieces of policies and litigation or, uh, legislation.

Um, and, and we’re looking at all that we’ve been watching that we’re monitoring it, making sure that nothing really puts you in a vulnerable position. If you remember, I know the language has a lot to do with scaring you. It seems like it’s giving these unadulterated powers to the government. But at the end of the day, we, we have to remember their ability to enforce it is what we care about.

They can say what they wanna say, that’s dogma, propaganda. You know, none of that means anything if they can’t enforce it. And that’s really what we’re looking at. So please know that we’re not like turning a blind eye to this stuff. We’re watching it, making sure that you guys have the freedoms that you need and deserve to be able to impact the country and your communities the way you should.

South Africa Report [8:06]

That is where we’re going with Australia. Um, and I, again, we’ll have more information when we’re heading out. All right, South Africa. So I had a great conversation this week, um, with my contact there in South Africa, really learning what’s been going on with the schools. Um, you know, there, there’s still work being done.

If you remember, that was really our initial work that we did in South Africa was hiring. Legal firm and experts to be able to protect the rights of our chiropractic students as well as the faculty that work at the institution. Obviously, those mandates have stopped, but again, we’re trying to make sure that we’re creating a protection mechanism if and when this swings back around again.

Um, and so that work is still being done, um, in the money that we spent is still working to help with that particular outcome, uh, but also starting to look at some of the work that’s being done. Um, and maybe some of the overreach that’s happening from your regulatory body. Uh, with a couple chiropractors.

Canada Report [10:16]

So we’re, we’re wanting to make sure we’re doing that work extensively in Canada, um, in the United States and in other parts of the world. That’s part of where our protection mechanism comes in. If you have a complaint filed to your regulatory board, and obviously if you did something wrong, there’s a corrective process that should take place in that.

But if your regulatory body is just being very draconian, Really issuing horrible fines and unbalanced outcomes based on the offense, we’re there to make sure that that doesn’t happen. We’re there to keep them in check to ensure that they’re not abusing or targeting individuals for personal reasons. Um, and so we, we’ve heard of a couple cases and so we’re looking into those to make sure that we can defend, uh, the rights of those individuals.

Also looking to bring on a few different attorneys. We want someone that’s got some experience with regulatory issues, but we also. Find someone that has more civil rights type, uh, work so that they’re on retainer. As we said, we feel like things are gonna start taking a little bit of a turn in the new year.

We want to be prepared to make sure that South Africa stays independent, that you guys have the freedoms that you deserve and your ability to continue to practice. So, uh, still really digging into South Africa. I’ve been telling you that the last couple of weeks. And, uh, you know, we wanna make sure that we’re, we’re prepared for whatever may happen there.

So, we’ll, we’ll give you some updates on that, um, in the coming weeks. All right. Now I want to talk about Canada. And Canada. Man, I’m telling you, just a lot going on in Canada. Very active in British Columbia and Alberta. Um, Quebec and Ontario. So we have those four, uh, provinces that we’re actively working in right now in British Columbia.

Obviously, we still have our x-ray issue. Um, should be seeing some activity with that very soon, if not the very beginning of the year. Um, been really waiting on our legal team to get all of their ducks in a row. From my understanding, that’s done. We’ve done all the due diligence, we have all of the experts, we have all the data and information we need to plead our case for the judicial review.

That date should be getting scheduled anytime I, I actually have a contact into my attorney to figure out kind of where we’re at on those things. But from what I understand, we’re ready to go on that. We feel very well positioned to, uh, recant that, um, we know that your, uh, general assembly is, is coming up soon.

Um, we’re gonna be issuing, uh, we’re gonna be doing a call there in BC. Um, early next week, uh, next Tuesday, we’re gonna be doing a call just bringing everyone up to speed on the resolutions that are before the ag. Um, as well as, you know, kind of where we’re at on different things there in British Columbia.

So be on the lookout for, um, that webinar. You should have already received an email from me, those of you in bc we sent that specifically to our BC members. Um, do we want you to be a part of that? Share that with your colleagues. We wanna make sure that we’re prepared for that, uh, that ag meeting that’s coming up in British Columbia.

Uh, we also have another suit that we are working on. Uh, we’ve been on it, we’ve already won it. Um, now we’re just defending it as the, the college has been appealing that, um, that’s moving very slow because it’s in their hands. We’re not pushing it because as we sit right now, it’s in our favor. So we’re just defending the decision that was originally made.

But if there’s any activity on that, I will continue to put that up. We also obviously have elections going on for the college. Um, making sure that we have the right people sitting in the right position. So still a lot going on in British Columbia spending a, a good amount of money there still. Um, in conjunction with the cna.

I, I appreciate that organization so much and our, our relationship with them. Um, alright, so in Alberta we’re starting to work on an issue there having to do with a specific type of an x-ray where the college is just deciding they don’t wanna register the equipment. So we’ve had a call with a couple, uh, doctors that this is affecting.

With our legal counsel, um, and we’re gonna be drafting a letter going to the college, pretty much demanding. Why are you not registering this piece of equipment? There’s zero reason that there should be any issue. It’s being used in the United States without any issue. It doesn’t require any additional education to do it.

It doesn’t require, it isn’t any more of an egregious, uh, impact to the patient. Um, so there’s really no reason. This again, just seems to be they don’t care or they’re not willing to put the energy into it or whatever the case may be. So we’re working on that case in Alberta. Um, and we’ll let you know how that pans out On Quebec, we’re really getting very active.

It looks like we found our legal team that we’re gonna be working with there. We’re putting together our fire team again to explain how we work when we go into a new area as we create what’s called a fire team. These are. The primary people that I communicate with on the ground in that particular province and everything we do goes to that group.

Uh, it’s very important for the Defense Council that we are not an organization that just butts in, that just pushes our agenda. Our goal is to be a resource, to be, uh, a protection, uh, an umbrella, if you will, for you for the issues you guys have in your province. We’re not pushing our own agenda. We’re putting that fire team together in Quebec.

Um, we, we we’re gonna be having a meeting this coming. , uh, next week actually. Um, and, and doing that and starting to work on some of the issues, very egregious behavior from the college in Quebec. Um, really putting providers, um, you know, blackmailing them almost, you know, threatening them with severe fines, trying to get them to settle, and then they’re publicly humiliating them by publishing the guilt, if you will.

So a lot of things outta balance there that we want to get a handle on. We wanna make sure that our, our doctors up in Quebec are protected and they’re not being targeted or abused. The college. And so, uh, great work being done there. Really appreciate those individuals that we’re working with up there.

Uh, lastly in Ontario, um, really just had a meeting with our legal team and, uh, our doctor there with the case. Uh, if you remember, we, we have a very draconian behavior from the Ontario College. Ridiculous fines, ridiculous accusations, um, you know, basically fraudulently putting claims against providers. Um, in this particular case, we found, In the operate operations rather of the college that they have a member that they had hired to come in and do the disciplinary action that actually was not done properly.

They actually violated their own organizational rules and we are, we’re confronting that. So we brought that to case that that happened in November 10th, but of course, uh, it went to the disciplinary council of the college. And surprise, surprise, they deemed that, that this individual is appropriately retained.

So we are actually excited to be taking this now outside of the college into the courts to really air the dirty laundry. Um, you know, they’re not gonna be happy about this. They’re gonna spend a lot of money to defend themselves. Um, but our team is very eager and ready to go. We just had our strategy meeting.

It was a phenomenal call. I get so excited when I meet with our team there in Canada, cuz they’re just phenomenal. Um, and we’re really going at this. So our doctor is, is, uh, just blown away with the representation that he has. Uh, we’ll be sharing more of the specifics of that as we get a little bit deeper in the case.

As you can understand, we don’t want to say too much and and hurt our chances as these videos are very public, but I’m telling you, we are not backing down. We are going to hold these organizations accountable to their behavior, um, and we are gonna stand for the rights of our doctors. So lots going on in Canada.

I’m very excited about our work there. But here’s my ask of you guys. We have got to grow a representation in Canada. We have to go kind of on a membership drive. We’re gonna be partnering with cac. I’m hoping to get up there early in the new year to do a meeting. Um, really getting people to understand, yes, there’s an economics.

We’re spending a lot of money in Canada more than we’re bringing. Um, which is okay for right now, but that’s just not sustainable. But aside from the financial resources, we have to show that we’re representing an appropriate number of people for them to take us seriously. When our legal team goes in and talks to a college or going after a school or going after a regulatory, uh, or a government agency like we did in British Columbia.

It’s very important that we’re representing a good percentage of the profession, um, when we’re only representing 50 people. That that doesn’t seem that impressive. Yes, we have the resources for the attorneys, but we, we also wanna show that we have the support of the profession when we’re doing that. So Canada, I’m telling you, I we are doing incredible work there.

Uh, I’m not patting myself on the back. I’m just telling you it’s, it’s a, it’s exactly what the defense counsel was created for us to do the work that we’re doing in Canada. But we need the profession to jump on board. We need the apathy to stop. I need you guys to be sharing this information with your colleagues so that we can continue to fight on your behalf.

We’ve got bigger issues we have to take on. We’ve got marketing issues. We’ve got other, uh, con, uh, restraints that you guys have. That have just been sitting there for decades, that we need to overturn. We need to create a better environment for the story of chiropractic to be told. And that’s just gonna require all of us coming together.

We’re asking for 33 US dollars a month. It’s a very, very small amount of money for you to join. One, have the protection that we’re gonna provide, but two, be a part of a movement that’s gonna create a completely different reality, um, for chiropractic in the country of Canada. So off my soapbox, that’s kind of where we’re at with Canada.

Um, but we would love, love, love, love for you guys to join us in growing our influence there throughout Canada. And again, I wanna call out cna. They’re a phenomenal organization. You should be belonging to them as well. That’s part of the reason our ask is so minimal, so that it doesn’t interfere with you joining other organizations.

But the CDC and cna, we are, we are combined, we are on the same page, and we’re doing the work that needs to be done for the profession. So if you’re not, you need to be connected to that organization as. Okay. Now, uh, for the United States. So I shared with you last week that I had a lot of great meetings when I was at the Chiro Congress event.

Uh, this week has been a lot of following up on those meetings, having conversations, continuing to build out, uh, had another conversation with our attorney. That we’re working with for, um, the ODOT issue. If you recall, we have employers that are no longer recognizing chiropractors as valid, um, exam sources.

Uh, we are, we have an attorney that we’ve done that’s gonna give an opinion letter on the government’s policy stating that these employers are, are not following that policy. So we’re trying to give resources to our doctors that wanna do that kind of work that you’re not, uh, there’s no prejudice against you in that process.

So hopefully we’ll be having that letter soon. Um, but I did just have a follow up call with our legal team for that. Um, also got some, it’s not great news, but it’s, I think as God’s timing is always perfect. I’m trusting in that. But we found out today that with the d a, we’ve been talking about our pilot project that we’re putting into the military spending bill.

United States Report [18:20]

Um, the NDAA is normally passed in July. Um, our government is anything but efficient these days. As all of you are aware, no matter what side of the aisle you seem to sit. It’s still just a broken mechanism here in the United States, but nonetheless, we have, um, we found out today that Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, has decided they’re gonna do a continuation bill.

Um, for the d a, just to continue what it is right now, no amendments, nothing new until March of 2023 when there’s a new Senate. Uh, so what’s gonna happen or new Congress as a whole. So what’s gonna happen is right now they’re gonna do a bill. The House and the Senate are gonna agree on that, and they’re just gonna continue everything as it is today in.

That will expire. And then the new Congress, so the, the bill is now gonna go back to the house. Our plan, um, right now was to have an amendment put on the floor in the Senate. And we had our senators lined up to do that. Um, but now that this is going back to the house and we’re kind of starting the process over.

We are actually gonna put the language in the bill. We we’re working with our, uh, representatives. We’ll put it in the bill in the house and then it will get, um, supported in the Senate. All of our, um, supporters are still there. No one was voted out of office, so we still have our team in place. Um, they’re just as motivated as ever to make this happen.

So we’ve been postponed a little bit, but this is actually probably gonna make it a little bit more solid and it give us a platform to be more educated as well. So we’re working with other organizations in the profession on this. Um, this is not just a, a single organization process. This is a very big deal because never in the history of our, our country has the military actually put this kind of.

Specifically in place to do a pilot project. So, um, we’re excited about this. Our lobbying team is still very adamant that this is going to get. We can’t help that government does operates the way that it does, but I wanted you to get an update on what’s going on with the military. Um, still great stuff happening.

I’m now putting together my team where we’re looking at actually how to build the pilot itself, right? Because we don’t, we don’t wanna do something and then the data not really tell the story we’re after. We’re not interested in explaining that we can help with back pain. We know that that evidence is more than evident all over the world.

What we wanna show is how we actually have an impact on the health of our men and women in uniform. So our pilot project is gonna be very specific, looking at health outcomes, looking how we prevented injury, those that were injured, how quickly they recovered, looking at the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance after adjustment.

So we’re comparing those that have chose chiropractic versus those that haven’t. Right. And we’re gonna. Enough chiropractors to make sure that people can get adjusted regularly, should they choose. We’re not gonna have this two month waiting list, cuz there’s one chiro working one day a week, right? The money is gonna be set there so that we can actually staff appropriately the number of chiropractors we need based on the number of individuals on the base.

We’re also gonna be doing education processes on the base, explaining to them why chiropractic is necessary, why they should choose that path, not only for the men and women in uniform, but for the rest of the medical staff as well. It, it’s at very big deal. Um, and then out of that study we are going to be able to show the, the military that there is an institutional need for chiropractic to be integrated throughout all of.

All the work we’ve been in over the last two years, all the conversations with the D o D have come back basically saying that they don’t see there’s an institutional need to bring chiropractors on. As an active part of the military, we know that’s not true. Now we’re gonna prove it with real time information, constructing a trial.

That proves exactly what I just went through. So this is a pretty big deal. It’s not just gonna be us. I’m pulling people from all over the profession, smarter people than I that be able to get this done working in conjunction with our lobbying team, um, and other organizations in the profession. And it’s pretty exciting, um, to be a part of this time in history and the work that’s being done.

So we’ll have more information for you on that as we get. Um, also gonna be talking again, we’re, we’re looking at doing a lot of com or combining data, creating resources, delivering information to you guys that support you in the work that you’re doing. So, all right guys. Lemme go for 23 minutes. Lots of information.

Um, there’s just so much going on within the Defense Council right now. Uh, the, the, what I’m very excited about is we’re at a. Where the profession is starting to understand where we fit. They’re, they’re no longer scared that we’re treading on other people’s territory cuz we’re not. We’re working in conjunction with a lot of these organizations.

We’re excited about that. Um, and we’re, but the growth factor needs to happen. So you’re gonna be seeing some things come out from us here soon, um, that we want you to be a part of. We need to continue to grow our influence. It’s 33 US dollars a month. Um, it’s not a huge ask, but the work that we’re doing is so big, um, that the profession itself needs to better understand it and we’re gonna do a better job of telling that story.

So, alright, there you go. Here’s our new model of giving you what’s going on in every single country you can watch by. Uh, just know we love you. We appreciate you. Thank you for loving what we love. We’re excited to be able to do this work. We’re excited to partner with you and, uh, we can’t wait to continue to love and serve alongside of you as we move forward.

So have an incredible remainder of your week for those of you in the United States. Happier, uh, uh, Merry, uh, happy Thanksgiving. Gosh, I don’t even know , how to say that. It’s not Merry Christmas, but happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have some great time, downtime this week with your families. Uh, you can love and, and serve re.

To be able to go back at it, uh, the last month of the year. All right guys. We love you. We’ll talk to you next week. God bless.

So we love you, we appreciate you, God bless your week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. Be well. (This is a computer-generated transcript. Please excuse any errors.)

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