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Operation Free Speech

In this video Bharon Hoag introduces Operation Free Speech to Australia. The CDC is excited to defend and protect chiropractors when telling the story of chiropractic.


All right, operation Free speech is finally launched. We’re excited about this opportunity to really organize Australia to move in one clear direction. So I wanna shoot this short video. My goal is to stay under three minutes to be able to give you this information so it’s easy for you. To watch and move forward, but we’re providing you a number of resources, so obviously this video is one of them.

We have two flyers or one page documents that PDFs that we’re making available. One of them gives you an outline of what we’re trying to do. The next one lists out the phases of what’s happening, and then the third document is giving you the names of some resources that we vetted. When it comes to what we believe is the right thing to do in the first few phases of this operation.

Now here’s the objective. Again, we’ve got this written for you as well, if that’s a better way for you to understand. We are not asking you to break the law. We’re not asking for civil disobedience. What we’re trying to do is clarify language within the opera code that has really gone misinterpreted, we believe.

By opera for a number of years. Over the last probably 15 years, there’s been this kind of conditioning that’s happened with chiropractors where they don’t even know what they can and can’t advertise anymore. They don’t know what they can say on their social channels, what they can hang on the walls in their clinic, what they can put on their websites.

And so over time, it’s created this effect of what we call a halo effect that has caused people just really not to say much of anything, and therefore leaving it open to interpretation to the general public. Well, we’re not okay with that. The story of chiropractic needs to be told. We have so much support to stand behind when we’re telling this story that we wanna make sure that you have access to it as well.

So all of these resources we’re providing you are helping you to stay within. The confines of the code, but allowing us to give you freedom to speak the truth. So it’s probably gonna feel a little uncomfortable at first. You’ll see in the phases document is, you know, phase one, we’re just wanting you to start hitting this research information and we’re all kind of pulling from the same sources with that.

We we’re giving you three different entities that have great information that you can utilize. One of them is Dr. Heidi Hoick and the Havoc Research Institute. Another one is the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. That’s based in the us but they have just a ton of positive things for chiropractic, all of it, completely sourceful, if ever challenged, and another organization called the Smart Chiropractor that that has a lot of research based information and data, but they’ve organized it in a way.

That you can be able to use it both in your emails as well as websites, things of that nature. So these are three areas. Uh, we don’t care if you use any of them or all of them, but we want you to know that there’s resources out there. Those have been vetted. If you use any of the information from those organizations, then the defense counsel can defend you.

If opera reaches out now, we expect this is gonna draw some attention. Our goal is to get 4,000 chiropractors in Australia moving in one direction as it relates to this messaging. We want you to speak your truth. We’re not telling you what you should or shouldn’t say about chiropractic. We’re not a marketing organization.

What we’re trying to do is help you have some confidence to move forward to tell your story. Always happy. If you have something you want to send out, you’re welcome to send it to us. We’ll look at it, let you know if that’s gonna pass the smell test. But at the end of the day, as you’re going through the phases, we want you to stay in contact with us, watch the videos, watch the resources that we’re providing.

There’s gonna be resources coming from a c a as well. There’s gonna be information probably coming from Guild and other of the PI companies as we’re communicating with everybody about what we’re doing and why. Trying to make sure that everybody’s on the same page. This is a very detailed, massive, orchestrated movement across Australia to ensure the message of chiropractic is being conveyed appropriately.

Now, we know that this works well in a number of different ways. We tried it during Covid and it worked fantastically. We were able to defend everyone that reached out to us and keep them practicing Now, Our goal here is 4,000 chiropractors. Part of that is for economics, right? The, the 33 US dollars a month, I think that equates to $47 there in Australia a month, which is less than one patient visit a month.

Um, you know, that gives us the resources we need to keep our attorneys trained, regular, ready to go, able to respond quickly just like we did during covid. But the four thousands is very specific number as well, because it gives us about 80%. Of the chiropractic population that when we’re working with opera and communicating with them and explaining to them why what’s happening does fall within that regulatory language, we have weight behind it.

So this really only works when we’re organized. So my ask of you is we’re gonna defend you. If you’re connected to the chiropractic defense counsel, you’re contributing your 47 a month. You do not need to fear about the finances of protecting yourself, losing your license, being deregistered, any of that stuff.

We will guarantee to stand behind you and make sure that that doesn’t happen. But we need a bunch of people. So my ask of you is to forward this information maybe to people that are not currently connected to us. We have around 1100 Australians connected to us right now. And our goal, obviously is 4,000, as I stated.

So we need you to spread the word. This has to become a viral campaign. It works when we’re all moving in one direction. I understand this has never happened in the history of chiropractic. I get it, but we can do it if we move together. I. I promise you organizing it has is our strength. We already showed you a little bit of that during covid, which was some of the scariest times that you have ever faced in your professional career.

We’re telling you if we can amplify that even further. We only had a, a total of 1500 people connected to us. During Covid and we were able to successfully do what we did. Imagine what happens when we have 4,000. I’m not asking you to fly a flag. I’m not asking you to have an opinion about chiropractic, and nor am I pushing one way of thinking about chiropractic in these materials that we vetted.

I don’t care if you’re mechanistic or vitalistic, that is not our objective. Our objective is to protect the rights of practicing chiropractors and to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in Australia. We’re doing that by working with everyone, mostly by protecting you to take that stand and start communicating the truth.

So I want you to review the materials. I want you to ask questions. We’re also gonna be doing webinars around. Australia so that people can ask questions and they’re very clear on that. So be looking out for those dates in the biweekly update emails. But I’m telling you, we’re excited to make this a movement in Australia.

We’re excited to make Australia one of the most chiropractic friendly countries in the world, and we can only do that if we organize. So I’m excited that you’re gonna partner with us. I’m excited you’re gonna share this information and together we will make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in Australia.

God bless.