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United States Update


It’s June 20th, 2022 and we have a PRESSING NEWS UPDATE. There are grumblings about legislation in Massachusetts which would take away the right for religious exemptions! The “shot pushers” are not going to let this narrative go any time soon. It’s time to grow our movement so we can stand our ground and STOP this injustice!

United States Update


It’s June 13th, 2022, thanks for tuning in for this week’s update! Legal news is brewing in the Homeland of the U.S.A. The mandates have been defeated in several states, but natural health providers are NOT in the clear. Watch and find out the latest. We need your help to GROW this movement. Please watch & share with your tribe!

United States Update


It’s June 6th, 2022 and we have a brand new update for The USA. Time is flying by quickly in a post C0vid world. Governments are trying to institute new oppressive regulations on health care. Natural health providers are being scrutinized on a level we haven’t seen since the birth of chiropractic. Will our rights be reinstated fully? Watch and see!

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